I Want to Meet a Nice Woman. Can You Help?

Mary Gorham Malia
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Reader Question:

I am so lonely. I just want to meet a nice woman to date. I am lesbian. I get this rush when I see a pretty woman – never with men, always women.

Please help. I can’t take it anymore. It’s eating me up.


Mary Gorham Malia’s Answer:

Dear Tracy,

It’s time for you to start asking yourself some questions to help you move forward.

How about starting with, “I wonder where the lesbians hang out around here?” Then how about adding, “I wonder if there are any lesbian meet-up groups in my area that I can join and find events to hang out at?”

We all get lonely at times, but when it becomes a lifestyle, that’s a choice you are making because you are afraid of something, perhaps rejection. Getting out and meeting people (of any persuasion) takes action.

You have to start doing things differently so you can start to change what’s happening in your life. If nothing changes, you’ll keep getting the same results.

I’m lesbian and definitely certain women spark my sense of attraction. But I’ve taken action. I’ve learned HOW to approach a woman, how to ask her out and how to be OK if she says no. These are skills anyone can learn.

Tracy, step up and live large in your life. Make your happiness happen. Life is waiting to open up for you. Do something today to move forward.

One step at a time is all it takes – one step every day. In a year, your life will be dramatically different!



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