Americas Perception Of Casual Hookups


America’s Perception of Casual Hookups

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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Casual relationships and hookup culture are no longer whispers in the shadows — they’re becoming mainstream topics in America. With shifting societal norms, more people are openly embracing casual encounters and redefining what modern romance looks like. 

As we move through 2024, casual hookups have become a prominent part of the dating landscape. They offer spontaneity, freedom, and a break from the conventional relationship mold.

But with this rise comes a slew of questions: Are casual flings truly satisfying, or do they leave people craving deeper connections? How do societal pressures impact our choices?

To get a clearer picture, we surveyed over 3,000 individuals nationwide, uncovering fresh insights into the frequency of casual hookups, the motivations behind them, and the sentiments they stir. 

A Deep Dive into America’s Modern Dating Scene

Casual hookups are a significant part of the modern dating scene, with about 7 in 10 adults (72%) surveyed having engaged in a casual hookup, leaving nearly 3 in 10 (28%) who have not ventured into this territory.

Interestingly, older individuals are more likely to have said they have experienced a casual hookup:

  • 54% of Gen Z
  • 74% of Millennials
  • 75% of Gen X
  • 81% of Baby Boomers

The average age for one’s first casual hookup is 20, and this milestone has been occurring at increasingly younger ages. For Generation Z, it typically happens at age 19, whereas baby boomers surveyed said they experienced their first casual hookup at an average age of 24. Notably, the average age for the first casual hookup is nearly identical for both men and women, standing at 20.

When it comes to motivations, the reasons people engage in hookups are diverse:

  • 54% cite physical pleasure as their primary reason.
  • 17% are driven by curiosity.
  • 16% seek an emotional connection.
  • 10% find convenience as their main motivation.
  • 3% attribute it to peer influence.

For Generation Z, curiosity plays a significant role, with 28% citing it as their primary reason for engaging in hookups. Among women, 12% said they engage in hookups primarily due to convenience, compared to 7% of men who said the same.

“The data here confirms what recent academic research has identified. Younger people are having less casual sex, and women are more likely to have a negative experience with casual sex,” said Dr. Wendy Walsh, clinical psychologist and relationship expert.

She continued, “There has been previous data to support the notion that younger people are having less sex overall, and this study also adds the idea that they are having less casual sex. This might be attributed to a number of things: Access to pornography, which may replace a real world sexual encounter, and also the proliferation of online social connections, which may satisfy a relational need.”

What Drives Hookups? Exploring Motivations & Influences

When it comes to motivations for engaging in casual hookups, the landscape is shaped by a mix of personal desires and societal influences.

Here’s what our survey revealed: 

  • About two-thirds of adults (65%) feel no societal pressure to engage in or avoid hookups.
  • 20% experience some or strong pressure to engage in casual hookups.
  • 15% feel some or strong pressure to avoid casual hookups.

Notably, 1 in 4 Gen Zers (25%) feel societal or peer pressure to engage in hookups.

Physical attraction plays a crucial role in the decision to engage in a hookup:

  • 46% of adults consider physical attraction very important.
  • 33% find it extremely important.
  • 19% deem it somewhat important.
  • Only 2% said it is not important at all.

Social settings and alcohol also influence the likelihood of engaging in a hookup:

  • 65% of adults report that alcohol and social settings somewhat or greatly increase their likelihood of engaging in a hookup.
  • Conversely, 31% said it has no influence.
  • 4% said it somewhat or greatly decreases the likelihood.

Mixed Feelings on Casual Hookups

Sentiments toward casual hookups are varied, reflecting a range of personal experiences and attitudes.

Here’s what our survey found:

  • 45% of adults have a somewhat positive sentiment towards casual hookups.
  • 14% have a very positive view.
  • In contrast, 29% feel somewhat negative.
  • 12% have a very negative sentiment.

Younger Americans view casual hookups more negatively than older generations:

  • The majority of Gen Z views them as negative (51%).
  • In contrast, the majority of other generations view them positively:
    • 59% of Millennials
    • 61% of Gen X
    • 60% of Baby Boomers

Gender differences are also notable:

  • An overwhelming majority of men view casual hookups as positive (69%), compared to the majority of women who view them negatively (52%).

Feelings after a casual hookup are mixed:

  • 64% of adults generally feel somewhat or very positive.
  • 36% feel somewhat or very negative.

Younger individuals and women tend to have more negative feelings after a hookup:

  • The majority of Gen Z said they generally feel negative after a hookup (53%).
  • Over half of women said they generally feel negative after a hookup (51%), compared to 78% of men who said they generally feel positive. 

Regrets and Secrecy in Hookup Culture

The emotional aftermath and secrecy surrounding casual hookups are important aspects to consider. 

In terms of regrets: 

  • 41% of adults surveyed said they sometimes regret a hookup.
  • 34% said they rarely regret it.
  • 15% said they never regret it.
  • 10% said they always regret a hookup.

Younger individuals, particularly Gen Z, report higher levels of regret; 17% of Gen Z say they always regret a hookup.

Gender differences are also evident: 

  • The majority of men surveyed said they rarely regret a hookup (40%), compared to the majority of women who said they sometimes do (49%).
  • 16% of women said they always regret a hookup, compared to only 4% of men.

When it comes to privacy about casual hookup experiences, 6 in 10 Americans keep their encounters private:

  • 30% of adults said they are somewhat private.
  • 29% said they are somewhat open.
  • 30% said they are very private.
  • 11% said they are very open.

Regarding ongoing hookups, over a third of adults have never kept one a secret:

  • 35% said they have never kept an ongoing hookup a secret.
  • 33% said they have done so many times.
  • 32% said they have done so once.

How Casual Relationships Vary by State

To capture the diverse attitudes toward casual hookups across the U.S., we surveyed individuals from different states to discover any regional nuances. Here’s what we found:

  • 55% of adults rate the hookup scene in their state as average.
  • 21% rate it as good or excellent 
  • Conversely, 24% rate it as poor or terrible.

Louisiana residents top the charts in sexual satisfaction, boasting an impressive average rating of 7/10, compared to the national average satisfaction rating of 5/10 across all states.

When it comes to the acceptance of casual hookups:

  • 45% of adults think casual hookups are somewhat accepted in their state.
  • 27% believe they are widely accepted.
  • 21% said they are somewhat frowned upon.
  • 6% think they are strongly frowned upon.

Casual hookups are the most accepted in Nevada, with 98% of residents surveyed saying they are somewhat to widely accepted. In contrast, Utah is the least accepting, with 74% of residents in the state saying casual hookups are somewhat to strongly frowned upon.

Emotional reactions after hookups also vary by state:

  • 44% of adults said they sometimes leave hookups feeling disappointed.
  • 27% said they rarely or never feel this way.
  • 29% said they often or always feel disappointed.

Over half of the residents in Oklahoma said they often or always leave hookups feeling disappointed (54%).

The duration of a casual hookup also differs:

  • 38% of adults said their casual hookups typically last less than a month.
  • 38% said they last 1-3 months.
  • 24% report them as one-time encounters.

Nevada has the highest percentage of one-night stands, with 43% of residents saying their hookups are normally a one-time encounter.

The most common ways adults meet partners for hookups in their state are:

  • 44% through dating apps.
  • 28% at social events like bars and parties.
  • 12% through friends.
  • 8% through online communities.
  • 4% through work.
  • 3% through other means.

Interestingly, 12% of residents in Washington said they meet their hookups through work, the highest percentage of all states surveyed.

These state-by-state insights show just how different the casual hookup scene can be across the country. Local cultures and social norms play a big role in shaping people’s attitudes and experiences, making the landscape of casual hookups as varied as the states themselves.

Closing Thoughts

Our survey highlights just how diverse and dynamic the landscape of hookup culture is across America. From the generational divide to regional differences, it’s evident that local cultures and personal experiences play a significant role in shaping how people view and engage in casual hookups.

Whether it’s the quest for physical pleasure, the curiosity of new experiences, or the influence of social environments, the motivations behind casual relationships are varied and complex. While some feel regret and others find satisfaction, these connections remain a significant part of today’s dating scene.

For more fascinating articles and in-depth research on all things dating, be sure to explore our site. The world of romance is always changing, and we’re here to help you keep up with the latest trends and findings. 


We surveyed 3,208 respondents across 44 states from April 30 to May 15, asking questions about their engagement in hookups, feelings toward them, reasons for engaging, and more. Our goal was to uncover the current state of hookup culture in today’s world. By exploring a wide range of demographics and regional nuances, we aimed to provide a comprehensive view of how casual hookups and relationships are perceived and experienced across the United States.