Sexual Agreements Among Gay Couples May Help Prevent HIV

C. Price
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According to a University of Michigan study, when gay couples make, and stand by, sexual agreements, they are helping prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

However, the study found only 57 percent of gay couples acknowledge that they have a sexual agreement and nearly half of the couples break their agreement.

Researchers said many men are afraid to admit they broke their agreement, which may inadvertently increase their risk and their partner’s risk for HIV and other STDs.


“When gay couples make sexual agreements,

they are helping prevent the spread of HIV.”

The good news is of the couples who openly agree to the guidelines of a sexual agreement, 80 percent abide by their commitment.

While gay men account for only 2 percent of the population, they represent more than half of new and existing HIV cases.

“From a public health perspective, we need to encourage gay couples to have more honest and explicit discussions when establishing and honoring sexual agreements,” said Jason Mitchell, assistant professor at the University of Michigan. “Sexual agreements are not only advantageous from a prevention standpoint for couples, but the agreement can also help strengthen the relationship.”

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