Senior Singles Stop Making These Profile Mistakes

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Senior Singles, Stop Making These Profile Mistakes

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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If you’re a midlife single looking for a modern relationship, do you have a profile up on one of the hip senior dating sites? Of course you do.

However, are you experiencing the results you were hoping to find? Or are you finding baby boomer online dating isn’t quite all it was cracked up to be?

The problem might not be that mature dating sites are the issue. The problem could reside in your profile.

1. Being so specific about your potential mate.

If you are new to Internet dating or haven’t been on a lot of dates in the past year, then aim for dates and not your mate in your dating profile.

The greatest benefit of online dating is the volume of people who see your profile and who you could possibly meet, so aim to meet several of the other midlife singles on the site.

Sure, major romance might happen with the very first date you go on. However, what is more likely to happen is your social circle could expand to incorporate more new people you meet, not all of whom were a match for you.


“Use positive statements that emphasize the

lifestyle you desire to share with a companion.”

You’ll never have the chance to meet if you scare them away with your choosey profile.

It’s better to leave a few openings for the romance and love to come into your life.

2. Using negative statements.

Instead, use positive statements that emphasize what you actively enjoy and want in a potential partner and the kind of lifestyle you desire to share with a companion.

Baby boomer men are turned off by your “I don’t want” profile statements. And almost every woman worries her midlife figure isn’t perfect enough to meet men’s “I’m not attracted to fat women” profile sentences.

It’s better to keep it light and use conversation that stresses the positive attributes about you and your potential mate. Then you’ll attract more responses and get out on more first dates.

Suddenly you’ll start feeling like online dating works for you!

Readers, what part of Internet dating do you find the most frustrating? How do you plan on fixing it?

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