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How to Get a Girl to Ask for Your Number

Kara Pound
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Chances are, unless you studied magic under the great Harry Houdini, getting a girl to ask for your number is a difficult trick to master. It takes one part gusto, two parts bravado, two parts self-confidence and a little bit of reverse psychology.

Let’s take a look at an example of a guy succeeding at having a girl ask for his number.

A guy walks into a bar and is immediately drawn to one of those sexy librarian types. He assumes she’s a postgraduate student at the local university. He orders a drink — scotch on the rocks — and casually sits down at the table she’s sitting at with two girlfriends.

Approach her with confidence.

Him: “You ladies go to University X, don’t you?” he asks.

Her: “Yes, how did you know that?” sexy librarian wonders.

Him: “I could just tell. Do any of you happen to be studying psychology?”

Her: “No, we’re premed students, why?”

Give her a reason to ask for your number.

Him: “Oh, bummer. My friend and I were just discussing the psychological and sociological reasoning behind why it’s always a girl’s duty to give her number out and not vice versa.”

Take this situation as an example. When I walked into this bar, I was immediately drawn to you. But you’re a premed student and I bet you don’t have a ton of time for socializing, so it would just make sense for me to give you my number. That way you can call me when you have a free night rather than having me always calling and you having to tell me you’re studying. Make sense?”

Her: “That actually does make sense. Society has changed a lot over the past few decades. Why are we still so archaic about something as silly as a phone number?”

Him: “Exactly!”

Her: “Well, let’s do away with the insanity. May I have your number, so I can call you when I have a night off from studying?”

See what I mean? The guy gave the girl an honest and practical reason for why she should ask for his phone number. And because he was so self-confident and forward about his intentions of wanting to go out with her, he immediately became less of a threat.

She felt comfortable asking for his digits because the conversation was already on the table. It wasn’t a request out of left field.