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Finding Love with SimplyDating: The Story of Ukraine’s Best Dating Site

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: The internet has made international dating more accessible than ever before, and singles interested in dating people in other countries need trustworthy platforms. SimplyDating is a Ukrainian dating platform designed to connect men with women in Eastern Europe. Victoria is the site’s Founder and CEO, and she talked to us about its features and what users can expect from an online dating experience on SimplyDating.

The internet enables us to make connections in ways that would have been unheard of 50 years ago. Through the wonders of social media, we can meet and talk to people who live across the world and whom we otherwise would have never met. This has changed the way we build relationships, and it’s definitely changed the dating scene.

Singles today aren’t limited by their local area or even their state or country. Dating apps and sites make it easy to meet people who live everywhere, and international dating has flourished online. SimplyDating is an international dating site designed to connect Western men with women from Ukraine.

Victoria is the CEO of SimplyDating. She talked to us about the site, its app, and how users can make the most of its features. “SimplyDating was created to help men connect to Ukrainian women. We wanted to create a decent and safe site for all users,” Victoria said.

SimplyDating’s Story

SimplyDating was created in 2009 to connect men with Ukrainian women worldwide. Victoria said the site was initially designed to connect men with women from Eastern European countries, but the model has changed in the past few years since Russia invaded Ukraine.

“It originally started with Ukrainian and Russian ladies, but we’ve had to change with the aggression of Russia,” Victoria said. “We’ve had to change our operations, but we were surprised that men were still very interested.”

SimplyDating connects Ukrainian women with men across the globe.

In fact, Victoria said interest in SimplyDating rose in 2022. “When the war just started, there was huge interest from men, and then the communication went back to normal. Once chatting was reestablished and strong, we were worried that men wouldn’t want to visit anymore.”

To Victoria’s surprise, men are not only still interested in visiting, but finding ways to make it happen. “Ladies do the same,” she told us. “They are open to traveling to the closest countries where airports work. To make the trip easier and safer for men. A lot of couples still meet in Ukraine.”

Victoria continued, “Men are just not afraid to come, which is so interesting and brave. They’re traveling actively to different cities of Ukraine. Both men and women are traveling again. The war doesn’t stop them, and the war can’t stop life going on, which is great.”

Features That Make International Dating Simple

SimplyDating has plenty of features that simplify online dating across borders. From time difference-mitigating technology and automatic translators to free matchmaking services, SimplyDating has features international daters need. 

Simply Dating holds speed dating events weekly, and the virtual event is complimentary to full members. This is a great opportunity for singles to meet many new users at once. The event lasts 60 minutes, and each user gets five minutes of video chat with up to 12 women with whom they have never previously chatted. Victoria said it’s a great way to fast-track making connections on the site.

simply dating speed dating
Free speed dating gives users the opportunity to meet and mingle.

“Men just come online for an hour, and everyone can communicate and meet for free,” Victoria said. “And there’s this perfect chance. Sometimes it’s hard for people to connect because they’re on different schedules and the time difference is hard. But this gets everyone together in one place.”

Every worthwhile international dating site will have some sort of translation feature. Language barriers are a consideration in international relationships, and SimplyDating addresses it with their automatic translator. 

The platform’s unique text chat system allows users to type in any language, and then the user they are talking to will receive the text in Russian. Users can toggle between text and video chat without disrupting the chat, meaning they can see each other’s faces while continuing to use the translation feature.

Security Measures Keep the Platform Safe

User safety is a concern on every dating platform, but international daters have a unique set of security needs. SimplyDating verifies every woman who registers on the site, and the verification process includes collecting identification documents and conducting interviews. 

“Each person who considers starting dating online, especially international dating, has a thought in the back of his head about scams and safety,” Victoria told us. “SimplyDating works hard to educate and inform its users about scams while preventing them before they happen. Users are encouraged to report the signs of scams as soon as they see them and to practice common-sense online safety habits.”

simplydating ukrainian dating
SimplyDating makes international dating simple.

“Our support team works 24/7,” Victoria said. “If you call, you’re going to talk to a person who cares and wants to listen to you. We want our users to know they can reach out with problems, and we’ll be there to fix it.”

SimplyDating offers a simplified yet robust international dating experience. The platform boasts a dedicated support team available 24/7. SimplyDating offers the range of features and services daters need as they pursue the horizons of romance in international dating. SimplyDating guides users through every stage of the experience, from day one of registration on the site to getting conversations going in chat to traveling across the ocean to meet their special Ukrainian lady.