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Samantha’s Table Offers Personalized Matchmaking for Busy, Successful & Commitment-Minded Singles

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: Apart from your mom and friends who try to find dates for you without your permission, matchmakers do a great job of matching people up. Matchmakers assist singles in their dating lives from the very beginning advising them on everything from who to date to how to date. As one of the top matchmaking services in the New York and Los Angeles area, Samantha’s Table offers people personalized matches that have the potential to turn into a fairytale dream. Samantha Daniels invites all singles to her table, and she is committed to helping them find true love. 

People meet the love of their life in different ways. Some may meet them online, while others may meet through a mutual friend. Regardless of how they meet, couples usually rave about how they first met and express their gratitude for it. Singles from all over the world need help in finding their perfect match, and they can seek professional help from matchmakers. 

Picture of Samantha Daniels.
CEO and founder of Samantha’s Table, Samantha Daniels.

Although ambitious people go far in their careers, sometimes they fall short in their love lives. Some may not have the time to go to a neighborhood event to meet people or to create a profile on an online dating app. That’s where having a matchmaker can come in handy. Matchmakers help singles who have busy schedules but still want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

With a ton of experience working with busy and successful singles, Samantha Daniels set the standard for quality matchmaking as the CEO and Founder of Samantha’s Table. Interestingly, Samantha started her career as a divorce attorney. While practicing law full time in the early 2000s, Samantha would host parties for her single friends and her introductions often led to them finding a partner. Using her knowledge from helping people navigate divorce along with experience as well as her vast social connections, Samantha started playing the role of a matchmaker to her friends early on. 

At that time, matchmaking was not as established a business path as it is today. Samantha said she knew of few companies out there, and they mostly catered to inexperienced and desperate singles. Samantha wanted to change that tone and offer her assistance to attractive single professionals who are ready for love.

Clients now praise Samantha for her cheerful personality and good intuition. Samantha’s Table thrives thanks to Samantha’s natural ability to introduce and connect people. 

“I started thinking this could be a really interesting business,” said Samantha. “Eventually I decided to start the business and put it out there as something for people who are busy, successful, selective, and wanted someone to help.”

High-End Matchmaking Service for the Ultra-Successful

Clients of Samantha’s Table usually consist of individuals who are successful and are recognized for excellence in their field. Samantha has worked with CEOs of companies, people from the entertainment industry, and even pro athletes. A lot of Samantha’s clients prefer to keep their personal life under the radar so dating apps are out of the question for them. 

Samantha told us that she finds her clients usually have to travel a lot for work or have homes in multiple cities such as LA, NY, San Francisco and Aspen. This makes the matching process different from the usual matchmaking that takes place with other companies. With this in mind, Samantha sometimes has to ensure that potential matches are flexible and willing to travel, though she tends to localize her search to within the client’s home city. 

“I would recommend Samantha’s Table to anyone. Samantha is very accessible and personable and she just ‘gets it!'” — Debbie, a client

“My clients feel comfortable joining Samantha’s Table because they know me and fully appreciate my commitment to introducing them to the people they want to meet. They know that I have been in the networking and introduction business for many years and have an uncanny sense of knowing who interacts well with whom,” said Samantha.

To provide the best service, Samantha said she takes it upon herself to connect with her clients on a personal level. As an Ivy League-educated woman and an attorney by trade, Samantha relates to her clients in more ways than one. She uses her experience of trying to balance her own family life and work to better understand her clients — which ultimately helps the whole matchmaking process.

Samantha personally handles all the matches for her clients, and she takes the time in her intake interview and follow-ups to get to know clients not just as a matchmaker, but as a friend who wants to help. 

“I want to find out about their lifestyle, their personality, what they do for fun,” she told us. “And I spend a good chunk of time on what they’re attracted to physically because that’s always the first thing.”

Taking The Right Steps to Find the One

Meeting the right partner is just a matter of taking the right steps to find them. Cheering her clients on along the way, Samantha never leaves her clients high and dry after hand-picking their matches. Instead, she cheers them on along the way. 

Picture of Matchbook.
Samantha shares a ton of dating advice in her book, Matchbook.

In her book, “Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern-Day Matchmaker,” Samantha offers the kind of real dating advice she would give to her clients if they were face to face. The book is a story about finding love but it also dishes out advice such as first-date mistakes and the inside scoop on why September is the best month for matchmaking. 

Just like athletes who must train before a big game, singles looking to jump into a serious relationship need to be equipped because love is a battlefield. Before the first date, people often find themselves dealing with a lot of anxiety and pre-date jitters. That can sometimes mess with the vibe of the first meeting. That’s why Samantha told us many times, she encourages people to go on a second date. By going on a second date, couples have a chance to have a more well-rounded experience, and things may end differently. 

“Making matches is great, but when I can put my two cents in to help my clients get to the finish line and actually get married, that’s the best,” said Samantha. 

To find the one, you have to remain optimistic and proactive. Samantha said she notices that a lot of single people get discouraged and give up when they experience a failed date. This kind of behavior only hinders them from the possibility of meeting their perfect match. 

Whether you find a partner on the first match or the fifth or the 38th, you have to remain hopeful throughout the process. By being proactive and having a positive attitude toward dating, singles can enjoy quicker results and a much more enjoyable dating experience. 

“I would recommend Samantha’s Table to anyone. Samantha is very accessible and personable and she just “gets it”! I met my husband on my third date that Samantha set me up on. We dated for 10 months and then got married,” said Debbie in a testimonial

Matchmaker Samantha Daniels Knows What She’s Doing

Trusting someone with your love life can certainly sound intimidating. In fact, many of Samantha’s Table clients say they felt hesitant at first. But shortly after putting their trust in the matchmaking process, many discovered that it was worth the risk. Samantha’s Table ensures that clients know that they are always in good hands. 

“I was skeptical when I first hired Samantha, I wasn’t sure why and how she would find better dates for me than I could myself. But, she does and she did on every single date,” said Robert, CEO, Entertainment and media company in a testimonial.

Screenshot of show from website.
Samantha was the real life inspiration of the 2003-2004 hit NBC dramedy, Miss Match.

For most of her matchmaking career Samantha remained single and quickly became known for her TV show Miss. Match on NBC which highlighted some of her experiences as a single matchmaker. As one of the most experienced matchmakers in the field, Samantha took her uniqueness and turned it into her strength. Through her own dating journey and her work with highly driven clients, she has learned key elements that make a relationship work. 

One important piece of advice she gives to her clients is to be selective when deciding to go on a first date. As strange as that may sound, Samantha told us that she doesn’t advise her clients to go on every date that is offered to them. Instead she recommends knowing oneself and being comfortable turning down a date once in awhile so as to not sour their dating process and lose excitement about other good matches.

“You want to make sure you can have positive energy all the time when you’re dating. Too often people go on bad dates after bad dates, and then they end up hating dating – and dating should be fun,” Samantha told us. 

In the future, Samantha said that she hopes to reach even more people outside of New York and Los Angeles through the entertainment industry. She said that she is always looking to do fun collaborations with different brands that are connected to dating and relationships.

Singles can always stay updated with Samantha’s dating and relationship advice through her social media platforms such as Instagram. She said she may even start a TikTok channel and a podcast for dating advice sometime soon.