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South Carolina Matchmakers Connects Singles With Their Special Someone

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: Finding a partner nowadays is not always easy on your own. To expedite the search process, singles can seek help from matchmakers who know a thing or two about finding true love. The South Carolina Matchmakers is a company of professional matchmakers whose mission is to find that special someone for their clients. South Carolina Matchmakers has been recognized as a leading company in the matchmaking industry. The company’s streamlined process helps singles comfortably work one-on-one with South Carolina Matchmakers to find compatible hand-picked matches. 

Dating is a process that can burn people out if they don’t have the right amount of patience and faith. There is no telling when you’ll find someone worthy to take home to your parents. For some singles, it’s not until they run into a bunch of failed dates that they start to realize something isn’t working. Sometimes people don’t know what to look for in a partner or how to go about finding one — that’s where calling in a matchmaker can come in handy. 

Headshot of Jennifer J. Hayes.
Jennifer J. Hayes, Director of Operations for South Carolina Matchmakers.

Matchmakers are a key resource for expediting single people’s love lives. As one of the best matchmaking companies in the country, South Carolina Matchmakers continues to play Cupid for singles who want to find their special someone.

As a team full of professional matchmakers, South Carolina Matchmakers believe that everyone deserves a happy ending in their search for true love.

Jennifer J. Hayes, Director of Operations for South Carolina Matchmakers, started her journey in the matchmaking industry in 1998. After completing her degree in clinical psychology at the University of Houston, she jumped into the industry with high hopes of helping people with their love life. 

“As a matchmaker, it is super rewarding to see two people that were matched together become successful as a couple and an even bigger reward is being a relationship practitioner because I help people overcome those things that might be hindering them from moving forward with the right person,” said Jennifer. 

South Carolina Matchmakers will pair couples based on core values. Jennifer told us that with a combined 50 years of experience, clients are in good hands as they are assured quality matches. 

An Alternative to Online Dating

South Carolina Matchmakers is a valuable alternative to online dating. Singles who are tired of the whole online dating scene can benefit from taking a seat and allowing the matchmakers to work their magic. 

“For those who are frustrated with always attracting the same types of unsuccessful relationships and never having their standards met, South Carolina Matchmakers Coaches are here to change the way you date, and help you find someone who meets all of your goals,” said Jennifer. 

Screenshot from website.
With the help from matchmakers, couples don’t have to rely on online dating to find a quality match.

Jennifer told us that what sets the matchmakers apart from the rest is that they make it a priority to get to know who their clients are as individuals. By going this route, they can identify certain patterns and find better solutions on how to break those bad habits that prevent singles from forming their ideal relationship. From commitment issues to dealing with the pain from a divorce, the South Carolina Matchmakers work one-on-one with their clients to set them up for relationship success. 

“The best compliment I can give your company is that you truly made me believe in love again. After my husband passed I thought I would never love again. You held my hand and guided me through the process. For that I am thankful. You never gave up on me even when I almost gave up on myself,” said Brenda, a South Carolina Matchmaker in a testimonial

South Carolina Matchmakers believes that investing in its clients is the key to success. The company understands that life can get pretty busy and not everyone has the same amount of time to invest in looking for a partner. To make it easy for clients, the coaches make themselves available via phone, online, and Skype — making it possible for even the busiest singles to stay in contact. 

Coaching Sessions Prepare Singles for Relationship Success

South Carolina Matchmakers was created to change the way singles date and help them find someone to be a partner who meets their needs and goals. Those people who took a step back from the dating scene can easily jump back into it with the help of matchmakers.  

Clients don’t have to stress about going through a difficult process. All clients have to do is sign up to work with South Carolina Matchmakers. Once they fill out their information on the site, a matchmaker contacts the clients shortly afterward and guides them on the next steps. 

Before hand selecting matches for clients, South Carolina Matchmakers offers coaching sessions to better prepare them for dating. All of the matchmakers are certified relationship and dating coaches that help clients get that intimate relationship they always wanted. 

Screenshot from website.
Matchmakers prepare singles for dating success through coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions focus on four topics: clarity, personal branding, moving things forward, and connection. Sessions start by trying to create an effective plan that requires clarity on what the client is looking for in a relationship. From there, matchmakers indentify  which qualities make their clients desirable, and they help clients determine the things they do that may turn people off. 

Moving forward requires you to be willing to practice healthy dating tactics. Teaching singles how to showcase their best selves is a goal the company shares. South Carolina Matchmakers shows clients how to date with power, confidence, and intention. As a result, clients relearn how to connect with people organically and how to be better partners. 

“South Carolina Matchmakers took the time to find out what I wanted in a mate. I always knew I was picky but they took the time to listen and got it right. Jan and I will be married two years this Christmas and we both wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said Greg, a South Carolina Matchmakers client in a testimonial

South Carolina Matchmakers Discovers Better Matches

Anyone can help set a friend up for a blind date, but it takes someone with a little bit more skill to find someone that fits all their needs. South Carolina Matchmakers matches have been classified as the best of the best. Clients express their appreciation for getting matched with people who they would consider their ideal dream guy or girl. 

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Rich – he is such a patient man and is totally my type! We are now planning for our future and I know marriage is our next step. Thanks for all your help,” said Lisa, a South Carolina Matchmakers client in a testimonial

Screenshot from website.
South Carolina Matchmakers produces better matcher which leads to the best results.

Jennifer told us that the best success stories are those of singles who never expected to find love. One client they worked with was a gentleman who lost his wife during the COVID-19 pandemic. After she passed away, he never thought he would be able to love again. It wasn’t until he sought help from South Carolina Matchmakers that he was introduced to a woman who wasn’t having the best of luck with finding love on her own. 

Now married, the couple expressed to South Carolina Matchmakers that they would have never looked at each other if they had met outside of the service. Jennifer said that she is happy South Carolina Matchmakers had the knowledge and expertise to see something different in the couple. Stories such as this one remind the team why they do what they do. 

“One thing I have learned in my 25 years of doing this is no matter what someone has gone through when it comes to relationships and love. If they are reaching out to us, their desire to find a lasting relationship outweighs any fears they might have,” said Jennifer.