The Attractive Man™ — Matt Artisan & His Coaching Team Have Trained 7,000+ Men to Become Irresistible to Women

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The Attractive Man™ — Matt Artisan & His Coaching Team Have Trained 7,000+ Men to Become Irresistible to Women

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: World-renowned dating expert Matt Artisan sympathizes with single men who feel tongue-tied before a beautiful woman — because he used to be one of them. However, after a decade of studying and practice, he developed simple strategies to woo women with confidence and authenticity. In 2010, he founded The Attractive Man to share his proven techniques with single men worldwide. The company’s advanced training sessions and boot camps teach men how to attract any woman anywhere. Now dozens of masterful instructors run boot camps and one-on-one coaching sessions in 40 countries, including the US, Australia, Spain, Thailand, and China. Under Matt’s leadership, The Attractive Man team has helped over 7,000 men develop the skills they need to up their dating game and find love.

In high school, Matt Artisan had zero game with women. Whenever he tried to flirt, he’d inevitably say the wrong thing, creep his crush out, and watch her run away from him (sometimes literally). He had no earthly idea how attraction worked, so he started researching the subject and figuring out the secrets to romantic success.

“It took over a decade for me to really understand women and become the guy I am today,” he told us. “I studied a lot of science about how the female brain worked.”

Photo of Matt Artisan, leading dating expert and Founder of The Attractive Man

Dating and attraction expert Matt Artison was voted the world’s best new dating coach at the Dating World Summit.

Matt also practiced different flirtation techniques, experimenting with tone, wording, and body language until he felt confident in his ability to woo the most beautiful single woman in any room. Today, Matt has approached over 2,000 women, and he estimates that he’s gotten around 1,200 phone numbers.

Once he had mastered the art of attraction, Matt wanted to help other single men enjoy the same life-changing success, so he founded a dating coaching company called The Attractive Man in 2010. Over the years, the company’s award-winning wingman services and boot camps have assisted over 7,000 men in 40 countries.

Matt’s positive coaching encourages and supports men who don’t know what to say or how to act to get a date. With concrete advice and personalized feedback, The Attractive Man team empowers clients to seduce women in person and over text, so any ordinary man can win himself an extraordinary date.

“Attraction can seem to happen instantly, not by the words that are said, but by the way you make her feel,” he noted. “And that is something any guy has the ability to do naturally.”

Boot Camps Provide Expert Dating Feedback in Real Time

The Attractive Man offers private coaching sessions as well as group boot camps for men looking to build confidence in the dating scene. The boot camps include a three-day Game Mastery program, a seven-day Advanced Seduction Super Camp, and a 17-day immersion trip through Asia and Europe. This international company oversees hundreds of trainings and boot camps all over the world. You can check out the training schedule to find out what programs are taking place in your part of the world.

Matt’s approach to dating is simple yet effective. He runs hands-on training seminars and boot camps wherein men learn the principles of attraction and then go out and apply them in the real world. The coaching team mics and films the students as they practice making approaches and flirting with women — that way, the savvy dating experts can provide real-time feedback on what can be improved.

According to The Attractive Man’s coaches, dating success isn’t about memorizing canned lines or manipulating women using gimmicks — it’s about behaving naturally and feeling confident because that, ultimately, is going to draw people to you in the long run.

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“All our trainers are top-notch and really care about the student’s success,” Matt said.

The Attractive Man’s streamlined programs give single men the opportunity to practice and develop their conversational skills under the watchful eye of a professional. The dating coaches combine NLP reprogramming and infield practice to empower single men around the world to overcome dating hurdles and improve their interactions with women.

“We mold the guys into their true, authentic, attractive self,” he said. “We help the guys become powerful and embrace their masculine nature. We help them become more grounded and confident so that women feel safe around them and connect with them quickly.”

The Attractive Man’s reasonable pricing structure ensures that men of all backgrounds and budgets can learn proven seduction techniques that will change their love lives. Anyone willing to learn is welcome at the boot camps and training sessions.

“I love the guys we work with,” he told us. “Our average client is a success-minded person who is willing to do what it takes to get this handled. We tend to turn away guys who just want to throw money at the problem to make it go away or guys who are unwilling to put in the effort.”

Big Plans For the Future: Developing Interactive Wingman Courses

The Attractive Man team is currently working hard to expand the company’s international reach. For example, the first month-long immersion program in Asia will take place in 2018. Matt will be one of the instructors traveling with the students and providing tips for picking up Asian women.

Another focus for the team is launching self-development programs for single men. Matt said the new seminars will be game changers because they will focus on ridding men of false beliefs and revealing the attractive power of the self-possessed man.

“We are working on putting together an inner game conference that we will eventually turn into a product,” he said, “because a lot of guys have deep-rooted issues and beliefs that are holding them back.”

Also in 2018, The Attractive Man team plans to launch a wingman app to help single guys network and actually work together to achieve romantic success. If you’re tired of being the lone wolf on your nights out, you can use the app to find a pack of new friends to join you in the dating scene.

The app will also include teaching tools and resources to prepare active daters and their wingmen to start and maintain flirtatious conversations.

“We want to give our students as much value as we can,” he said, “so 2018 will be very big for us.”

Testimonies From Men Who Got Dates or Met Their Wives

The Attractive Man boasts a high success rate and has grown largely through referrals from friends and family members. The coaches have seen many remarkable transformations — from inexperienced daters losing their virginity to recent divorcees gaining their confidence back. You can read client testimonials to get a sense of what the coaching can do for you.

“The three-day boot camp completely boosted my confidence and broke down the interaction from the second you meet the girl,” said Ross, a 35-year old client from Bangkok, Thailand. “Literally within minutes your game gets massively improved.”

Matt said men who master the art of attraction can typically get a phone number from about 50% of the women they approach, and 40% of those interactions lead to a date. “That’s not bad if you think about it. Just approach four or five girls to get a date,” the dating expert said. “Each interaction only takes two minutes on average, so it literally takes less than 10 minutes to get a date.”

“The advice I was given was golden and worked every time,” wrote Matthew Gies in a testimonial. “They not only gave me things to say to move things along with the woman, but [they also] taught me how to be my natural self without using any lines.”

A client named John Goodman invited The Attractive Man coaches out for drinks to thank them for giving him the tools to hook an attractive girlfriend who far exceeded his expectations. “The training I received and personal growth I achieved during your program are largely to thank for this relationship,” John said. “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you both for all of your patient and kind tutelage.”

Over the years, many former clients have sent Matt a wedding invitation along with a big thank you for his help. Empowering a genuine guy to court the love of his life is what it’s all about for The Attractive Man team, and it’s validating to see their seduction techniques working for thousands of men around the world.

“It really is a great feeling to get so many testimonies from our students and hear about their results,” Matt said. “The best is when the guy invites us to his wedding because he attributes his relationship to the training. But, really, it’s because he took action and applied the principles that we teach.”

The Attractive Man: A Preeminent Dating Academy on a Mission to Help Guys Be Authentic

As a teenager, Matt used to stumble over his words when talking to an attractive woman, but, after spending years honing his techniques, he has now mastered the art of attraction. Today, he’s among the world’s leading dating coaches for men as well as the President of The Attractive Man, an internationally renowned dating company.

Matt said he thoroughly enjoys the coaching process and loves to see his lessons and mantras click for single men. Over the past few years, he and his team have tutored thousands of active daters in the techniques they need to get a woman’s digits, plan a date, and keep the spark alive throughout the relationship.

Whether you’re attending a group training seminar or enlisting a private wingman, The Attractive Man offers a hands-on coaching process designed to get fast results.

“In the last boot camp I taught, I followed several of the students on instant dates while listening in on their conversations and telling them what to do at the same time,” Matt said. “They loved the feedback and step-by-step guidance in real time. I don’t think many other companies offer that.”