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Absolute Ability Teaches Men How to Build Confidence & Develop Charisma

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Flirting and talking to women isn’t always easy for single men. That’s why Absolute Ability, a coaching service for men, is on a mission to give male daters a push in the right direction to attract and talk to beautiful women. Absolute Ability was founded by Tony Depp and offers one-on-one coaching and master classes that can be life-changing! 

Men face a lot of pressure and unique challenges when it comes to dating. The heteronormative view of dating assumes that men should take the lead and initiate conversation, which can put a lot of strain on single guys –– especially if they’re not very sociable. But there are resources that can help men become skilled communicators and better overall daters. 

Absolute Ability is one of those resources that help men learn different techniques to not only talk to women but to maintain a strong relationship. Tony Depp created Absolute Ability in hopes of helping men like himself overcome shyness and the intimidation of having face-to-face conversations. 

As if it weren’t already hard for some people to be social, the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic made matters worse. Among other things, COVID put a dent in a lot of people’s social lives. Tony told us that COVID-imposed social restrictions forced a lot of men and women to turn to online dating. Although online dating has been on the rise, Tony said it still doesn’t solve the real issue at hand which is in-person communication. 

“Online dating has always been accessible to everyone. But the problem that men are having now is that they might get dates, but they go out to meet the women and they don’t know how to talk,” said Tony. 

Tony’s goal is to help men get dates and know how to keep the conversation flowing. Tony uses psychology and self-improvement techniques to empower men on their dating journeys.  

Tony Depp Is Not Your Ordinary Dating Coach

Absolute Ability didn’t happen overnight. In fact, Tony went through a series of events before the idea came about. Growing up, Tony had his fair share of challenges when talking with the ladies. He said he would be so nervous to talk to attractive girls that he would have panic attacks. That was until Tony took the bold step to seek help from the internet. 

“I studied the top dating experts, followed their advice, and approached thousands of strangers (mostly beautiful women) in every situation imaginable,” said Tony. 

tony depp dating coach
Tony helps men learn how to approach and find success pursuing women.

From that point on, Tony built up the courage to talk to attractive women and got the results that he wanted. Years later, he started helping other men (particularly in clubs and bars) talk to women and recognized that there was a larger population of men in other spaces who could use his assistance. 

Tony is able to share what he learned and help others achieve dating success. He told us that the number one thing men fail to realize when dating is that relying on looks alone will not get you very far. Women want men to talk to them in the manner they like and will look beyond just their physical attributes. Tony is focused on your inner rather than your outer qualities.

“What matters is that you apply psychology and self-improvement to learn to communicate,” Tony said.

From Coaching Sessions to Master Classes

One of the biggest mistakes people face in dating is trying to handle every problem or obstacle on their own. People often feel burnt out or stressed when they do so. That’s why people are advised to seek professional help when they need it. Absolute Ability offers different coaching sessions and master classes for men to explore based on their needs, finances, and comfort. 

Absolute Ability coaching sessions are private and intimate. If you’re looking for a one-on-one experience then this is the route to take. Coaching sessions include personal growth and customized weekly assignments to help you reach your overall goal. Thanks to advanced technology, Tony can host these sessions over the web and from the comfort of your home. 

absolute ability coaching model
Tony helps men stay motivated and accountable.

Meanwhile, the master classes provide training sessions with a group of men who are looking to improve themselves. The course includes two eight-hour live streams per week and a group call during which everyone discusses common issues and challenges. Tony also hosts Q&As every month. Master classes are great if you’re looking for a support group and don’t want to be put in the spotlight. Coaching sessions start at $1,000 a month;masterclasses are more affordable at $49 a month. 

“Tony is an absolute G,” said one of Absolute Ability’s clients in a testimonial on the website’s homepage. “He helped me work through a few of my problems that I think almost nobody I could ever have access to would have helped. His insights about doing night games in cubicles like “cafe clubs” or how to run a session with the right mentality in coffee shops were humongous benefits to my life in many ways.”

Absolute Ability Transforms Hundreds of Men’s Dating Lives

Learning how to win the ladies over is not rocket science, but it’s no walk in the park either. Developing the proper techniques to become a better communicator is a step in the right direction to achieve your romantic goals –– which is what Absolute Ability is all about. 

absolute ability
Tony has made a big positive impact on his clients’ love lives.

Once clients learn how to communicate, the job is not finished. Choosing the right location to meet women is just as important. Rather than spending their time in clubs or bars, Tony encourages men to participate in “daygame,” which refers to meeting women during daytime hours and engaging in direct conversations that are often more personal encounters. 

“Continue to practice talking to strangers as much as possible and then don’t be ashamed to ask them out to show sexual intent,” advised Tony. To hire Tony, you can request to work with him directly through his website. If you’re on the fence about the whole coaching process, you can still learn and grow from his wisdom by purchasing one of his latest books.