Why Do I Never Get the Second Date?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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If you’ve recently been on more than one date that didn’t lead to a second date, something’s wrong. While there are a number of legitimate reasons a woman doesn’t follow up for a second date – reasons that have nothing to do with you  – it is usually an indication that you need a fresh approach.

Usually a woman doesn’t give you a second date because she identified a red flag on the first one. Remember, when women go on a first date, they are hypersensitive to your flaws, looking for any reason you might be a weirdo.

Here are a few reasons why a woman never goes out with you again:

1. Your appearance.

Are you clean-cut and wearing matching attire? Do you smell good?

2. Your conversation.

Are you telling off-color jokes? Do you bring up politics or religion?

3. Your personal life.

Are you unemployed? Do you have four baby mamas?

4. Your car and cash.

Is your car filled with garbage? Do you take her to Denny’s and bring a “buy one get one free” coupon?

Some quick advice: Get one of your platonic girlfriends to go on a date with you. Approach it as a kind of “date dry run.” Act how you normally would. Ask your friend to give you honest feedback and make changes accordingly.