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Evan Marc Katz Helps Strong, Successful Women Find High-Quality Men With Dating Coaching and Love U Program

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The Short Version: Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach who has been helping strong, successful, and intelligent women find the quality men they deserve since 2003. Evan’s dating coaching focuses on identifying the important standards in relationships, brainstorming where and how to meet good men, and helping women understand how men behave. Through his acclaimed Love U program, single women can regain confidence, develop higher standards, and find the man of their dreams.

While waiting tables in college, I met this girl through friends I worked with. She would come into the restaurant every once in a while, enjoy a drink, and we would chat while she waited for her friends. She was in her 30s, gorgeous, and had a management position in corporate America.

She was funny and well-educated, had plenty of friends, and a good taste in wine (at least, in my opinion). She was easy to talk to, and I always enjoyed waiting on her when she came into the restaurant. Then, one night, she came in with her boyfriend.

I tend to believe that how a person treats restaurant staff is telling of who they are, and that indeed rang true for the guy she brought in that day. He barely made eye contact with me as he offhandedly ordered the “cheapest beer,” his eyes locked on his phone screen. He never thanked me despite my friend’s enthusiastic thank yous and ditched out early for a reason I’ll never know.

evan marc katz logo
Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach who has dedicated his career to helping successful women find love.

Needless to say, they didn’t stay together. While being a successful, strong, and kind woman can get you many places in life, it doesn’t necessarily land you a great boyfriend. Evan Marc Katz, dating coach and relationship expert, knows this all too well. He’s been helping amazing women a lot like my friend find the men they deserve since 2003.

Evan sat down to tell us about his coaching successes, experience, and Love U program. “I tell women to evaluate their standards and elevate the things that have to do with how a man treats them,” Evan said. “Kindness, consistency, communication, commitment, character– it starts with that.”

Evan Marc Katz Expertise, Since 2003

Evan has over 10,000 hours of dating coaching experience under his belt, but before he was a big name in the dating coaching world, he was a kid from New York. Raised in what he describes as a quintessentially New York household, he remembers his parents’ love for each other and his mother’s fierce and unconditional love.

After graduating from Duke University, Evan worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter. His path led him to a role with the Jewish dating service JDate, and Evan’s work in the field of dating and relationships began from there. Evan went on to write dating books, create the world’s first online dating profile company, and then he decided to coach full time.

dating coach evan marc katz headshot
Evan has been in the business of finding women love since 2003.

Evan’s dating coaching services focus on women often described as “a catch.” Many of Evan’s clients have found success in nearly every other area of their lives – except romance. Maybe they had experienced a heartbreaking split, felt like they had played through the entire field, or were self-conscious about a single status at their age.

Evan’s dating coaching helps women regain their confidence and determine how to attract the kind of guy they want. Evan helps his clients develop their standards so they can make decisions on potential partners before the heartbreak. His dating coaching goal is to help women find a man who always puts them first and never lets them down.

Dating is a skill, and it must be practiced. Evan helps his clients step into dating with confidence and clarity. “Surprisingly, women tend to sweep their feelings under the rug in relationships,” Evan said. “So I encourage women to really listen to their feelings. Are you anxious? Do you feel unsafe? Then it’s not right.”

Helping Women Find Unconditional Love

Evan has an abundance of resources for women looking for love. Interested singles can start with Evan’s quick and simple quiz. This quiz will help women identify which of Evan’s resources would fit their needs. The quiz considers factors such as previous relationships or marriages, current age, and future dating goals.

Women who want to learn from Evan’s expertise can get plenty of quick tips on his blog. His blog library is extensive and tackles various dating and relationship problems that a woman might face. The blog posts are categorized by the six modules that Evan focuses on in his coaching and Love U program.

Evan provides step-by-step modules on the following topics: confidence, meeting men, dating, understanding men, relationships, and commitment. Blog posts in the dating category include “How To Know If You’re Wasting Time on the Wrong Men” and “How to Make a Guy Call Instead of Texting You.” Evan’s blog puts invaluable dating advice all in one place.

the love u podcast logo
Evan brings his expertise to the masses with The Love U podcast.

The Love U Podcast is the podcast element of Evan’s Love U program. Evan shares bits and pieces from his program on this podcast, often connecting them with relevant cultural happenings. Just like his blog, the podcasts are categorized by the Love U module. Podcast episodes include “My Thoughts on Barbie” and “You’re Probably Passing Up Your Soulmate.”

Evan also offers ebooks, books, and online programs. His audio series “Finding the One Online” helps women navigate online dating and understand how it works. Evan’s book “Believe in Love” is a guidebook for breakups, letting go of the past, and rediscovering the excitement of dating. 

Why He Disappeared” is one of Evan’s most successful books. It’s a guide for helping women understand men and the way that men navigate relationships. It helps women answer the lingering questions of why a previous romantic interest pulled away or why they can’t get a particular guy off their mind.

Discovering Mr. Right

Among all of the services and resources that Evan offers, the most effective in helping women find the high-quality guy they want is Love U. Love U is both a coaching course and a community of incredible women who are taking control of their futures. The program has over 13,000 graduates.

“Love U is a six-month course designed to help women understand men, gain confidence, and fix their broken man-picker,” Evan explained. Each month is dedicated to a different module that delves into a topic, including confidence, meeting men, dating, understanding men, relationships, and commitment.

Through Love U, women will learn to carry themselves confidently and identify the kind of men who would be compatible with them. The program helps women overcome the pain of their past relationships and become empowered in relationships. One of Love U’s best features is the community of women built around it.

steps of Love U
Evan has helped countless women from all walks of life find unconditional love from outstanding men through his six-step Love U program.

Women no longer have to navigate the dating scene alone. Love U’s network offers successful single women camaraderie, empathy, and support from women who understand their journey. 

Evan is a master at what he does. Just ask one of the thousands of women who have found dating success under his tutelage. Sahaja is a Love U graduate who attested to Evan’s expertise, noting, “Blake and I are now engaged! Thanks for all your help and support in finding myself, and because of that, him.”

When we asked Evan if he had any advice for dating women, he answered: “There is no magic bullet or one piece of advice that’s going to weed out all the terrible guys on Tinder. Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, there aren’t really any shortcuts.” Women who have decided to buck down and find the love of their lives should take their journey with Evan – he knows what he’s talking about.