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Lisa Concepcion Shares How Couples Can Overcome Codependent Relationships

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The Short Version: Codependent relationships are often misunderstood and difficult to process. Couples in a codependent relationship should take the proper precautions to avoid being hurt.Couples don’t have to worry about figuring it out alone thanks to Lisa Concepcion, a certified life coach and founder of LoveQuest Coaching. Lisa offers tangible advice on how couples can shift from codependency to interdependence so that they can have a healthy relationship. Lisa also helps people recover from codependency and toxic relationships.

Codependency in a relationship is the excessive emotional or psychological dependence on a partner and is usually toxic and dysfunctional. According to the U.S. Army, somewhere around 90% of the American population have exhibited codependent behavior. This behavior is learned over the years and, without the proper skills, can lead to an unhealthy relationship. 

Codependent relationships are known as a one-sided partnership where one partner has a severe imbalance of power. Codependency leads to people depending on external validations and conditions from their partner that leads to an unhealthy relationship. 

LoveQuest Coaching helps people reach their relationship goals.

Lisa Concepcion is on a mission to help people discover healthier relationship patterns and uses her practice LoveQuest Coaching to empower those around her. Today, people are becoming more fluid with their relationships and how they obtain love.  Lisa aims to help people define the relationship they want and how to adopt a healthy mindset and the actions necessary to succeed. 

“It’s my mission to help you get to the root cause for all of your relationship patterns and finally heal and transform,” said Lisa. 

Lisa offers one-on-one dating and relationship programs for singles and couples in need of a helping hand. Her workshops are known for being effective and supportive all throughout. Lisa’s V.I.P style coaching offers clients a more intimate coaching session in which sensitive topics, such as divorce, healing from codependency and reinvention, are discussed. 

Certified Professional Life Coach to the Rescue 

Lisa earned certification as a life coach in 2015 through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. After years of professional and personal experience, Lisa learned the toxicity of codependency and how it’s hard to overcome alone. As someone who depended on her (ex) husband for stability and worth, Lisa discovered the importance of self-identity in a relationship. 

Through her self-love mastery program, Lisa tends to those who live an anxious lifestyle attached to their partners. The self-love mastery program saves people from falling into a hole of codependency and gives them the proper tools on how to regain their self-confidence. 

“My life was out of control, a constant fight. If it wasn’t family problems, it was my toxic workplace. Lisa empowered me and reminded me of my worth. I stopped complaining and trying to force other people and situations to change to suit me and instead I changed myself! I made my well-being and peace my TOP Priority. I was stagnant in my life — not anymore — and never again,” said Rebecca, a Love Quest Coaching client in a testimonial

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Lisa teaches singles and couples how to get the relationship they want and deserve.

There’s no room for codependency when your mind is in check. Lisa told us that mindset is everything and that often people are caught up in a societal matrix that they can’t be free of. Through her coaching sessions, Lisa aims to help people recognize that they are in control of their minds and that by thinking more positively about themselves, their relationships will flourish as well.

“After one session with Lisa, I clearly understood how my negative thinking was holding me back with dating and other areas of my life. Lisa helped me shift my focus from the past I already lived to the future I have the power to create, while appreciating the present. The quality of the women I started to attract significantly improved and fast,” said Richie, a LoveQuest Coaching client in a testimonial

Understanding How Codependency Works

Understanding the results of codependency is the first step in reclaiming one’s self-love. Most of the time couples don’t realize that they are heading into a codependent relationship — it almost feels too natural. Certain factors, such as childhood wounds and life-changing events, can result in someone being codependent. Without recognizing the patterns of codependency, people are unable to break free from it. 

“Work on healing past childhood wounds which contribute to an external existence,” said Lisa. “Turn the focus inward and commit to self care, self advocacy and seeing and feeling the truth of who you truly are and what you need.

Lisa didn’t recognize that she was being codependent with her husband until after going through a hard divorce. It was then that she identified that her desire to impress her divorced parents and stepparents as a child led to her codependency. After going through much-needed therapy sessions, Lisa found a spark to help other couples avoid going down the divorce road. 

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LoveQuest Coaching encourages couples to stray away from codependent behaviors.

Have you ever felt scared of being alone or hated when your partner left you even after spending the whole week together? Trust me we’ve all been there! One of the number one signs of codependency is having a deep fear and discomfort of being alone. Lisa told us that codependents often need validation, approval and some may even need to feel needed by others to feel important. These are all signs that people can consider when reflecting on their relationship

Couples on the verge of divorce can consider these signs and determine whether this is the result of their problems. If so, lucky for them it’s not too late to recover. 

“Learn to nurture yourself. Definitely establish and hold boundaries. This is so necessary and very difficult for codepents to do. This is why working with a coach who specializes in codependency recovery is key,” said Lisa. 

Lisa Concepcion offers Helpful Programs for Couples & Singles

Lisa is a well-rounded life coach who coaches singles and couples on all topics. Whether you’re dealing with divorce recovery or want to learn how to better communicate with your spouse, Lisa has a program just for you. The best coaching programs in the world are those that truly pay attention to clients. Lisa makes it a priority to understand her clients to better help them along the way. 

It’s amazing to be in a relationship with someone you can depend on. Having a faithful partner who can cater and tend to your needs is something that’s on everyone’s wish list. But it starts to become unhealthy when you find yourself lost in someone else. Through Lisa’s programs, couples learn how to regain control from codependent behaviors. 

Certain things such as how to establish healthy and impactful boundaries are just a few of the many things that couples take away from the programs. Lisa is a firm believer that you can heal codependency, it’s just a matter of guidance and more of self-love. 

“The more we nurture, love and value ourselves, the better our relationships will be and the stronger and more sovereign we’ll be. We are good within ourselves and all of our relationships will thrive,” said Lisa. 

To work with Lisa, you can sign up for a one-on-one consultation session that will provide you with answers to your questions and clarity about what to do next to achieve the peace you are seeking. Lisa encourages the people who find her online to take the Free LoveLife assessment. The assessment allows you to express yourself and share your experiences. Lisa then reads over the form submission and offers a detailed assessment to provide clarity and empower you to care deeply for yourself so that you can thrive in all of your relationships, especially the one with yourself.