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The Short Version: Some women go through trial and error when searching for the one. For some singles, it can take years to find someone worthy of dating or, better yet, marrying. But certain strategies can speed things up, according to Certified Dating and Relationship Coach Megan Weks. Megan offers a digital course called Manfunnel that coaches women on how they too can find their happy endings without waiting years for it.

Certified Dating and Relationship Coach Megan Weks is a woman who knows what she wants and deserves. She’s committed to making a conscious effort to reach her goals and live her best life. But she didn’t always have that clarity.

Growing up as a tomboy tagging along with her brother and his friends, love and romance weren’t on her mind much. Megan was never the sort of girl to dream about wedding dresses or getting married. As a young adult, she dated without intention and wound up experiencing a lot of heartache as a result.

Screenshot from website of Megan.
Megan Wek, founder of ManFunnel.

Megan decided to make love more of a priority in her 30s. After years of missteps, she felt like it was time to shake things up and get tactical with dating. Megan said she made a vow to herself that within a year she would be married to a man who truly loved and adored her. She implemented a strategy of dating multiple men to give herself plenty of choices, and ultimately Megan accomplished her goal and ended the year by saying “I do” to her Prince Charming. 

Megan’s happy ending was proof that her dating strategy worked, and she wanted to share what she’d learned with others so they could find their special someone just like she did. After watching her friends struggle with dating, Megan created the digital course Manfunnel to help women meet and marry the man they’ve always wanted – and find clarity along the way. 

“My goal is not for you to just find your perfect guy. My goal for you is to help you find yourself and then through self-discovery and self-love you will meet the love of your life,” Megan said. 

The inspiration for Megan’s dating philosophy came from her experience working in sales. She worked long hours canvassing and calling people, and she soon discovered that only 20% of prospects in her business-to-business sales funnel would close and get the result she wanted. By going through this process in her first job out of college, Megan learned the value of casting a wide net and being persistent – and she has translated those lessons to the dating world with the Manfunnel Method.

Megan created Manfunnel to encourage women to approach dating with a goal-oriented mentality. She told us that she believes women need to have options so they can find the person they’re looking for.

“Everybody has their own love story. I just provide guidelines to get you to a higher level to where you just start thriving in dating,” Megan said.

Empowering Women to Find Their Prince Charming

When looking for Mr. Right, some women don’t always know where to start. That is why Megan and the Manfunnel team are eager to help guide women through dating’s twists and turns. The process is amazingly encouraging as Manfunnel is all about building a safe and welcoming community. 

Manfunnel focuses on its members and building a support system for like-minded individuals on the same mission to find love. The Manfunnel offers two coaching circles per month and private one-on-one sessions with Megan to help single women learn the proper techniques and tools they need when dating. Members have praised Megan and her team of certified coaches for their productivity and support in creating a plan that works for all.

“I met my husband because of the Manfunnel Techniques. She made me realize that I was the one to make myself happy. After our work together, I met my husband and married him within a year… It has been the greatest experience!” a member said in a review. 

The ManFunnel method screenshot from website.
The Manfunnel Method has helped thousands of women.

Megan told us that there is so much to learn about dating, and there are so many resources available. Often people don’t realize how much power they have to make their dreams a reality. Megan advises singles to reach out and get the support they need because it’ll make all the difference when trying to get better results in the dating scene. 

The Manfunnel gives women the opportunity to learn and work on improving areas in their dating lives that they need to change. 

According to Megan, the first step in finding your Prince Charming is doing the inner work by understanding what you want and expressing your needs and desires in a relationship. This allows singles to expedite the dating process, filtering for those guys who are serious daters with good intentions and filtering out others who are incompatible. Megan told us that she believes taking things slow and staying true to what you want produces the best results. 

“I started to observe men and how they were showing up. I started really taking my time and putting boundaries and measures around my heart. You couldn’t just have my heart unless you were showing me that you wanted to be part of my life, and that changed everything for me,” Megan said. 

Having Another Chance at Love

Oftentimes singles begin to lose hope in love when they aren’t getting the results they want. Especially after a failed relationship, it almost seems impossible that love will come knocking on your door again. But where most people would view a failed relationship as a dead end, Megan sees it as a sign to find a different road to take.

As a strong advocate of love, Megan encourages singles to never give up their hope of finding true love and getting the happy ending they always wanted. 

“I just want people to know and women to know that there’s always another chance at love and not to give up. Reach out and get the support that you need. It can change everything just like it did for me,” Megan exclaimed. 

ManFunnel's logo
By doing the inner work, single women can prepare themselves for love.

Megan told us that finding love is always within reach; it’s just a matter of putting in the work to find it. Singles who go through the Manfunnel course follow a process of inner and outer work with Megan. She then offers the tools singles need to make more organic connections offline. Many members say they found this process to be impactful and rewarding. 

“After just five minutes of body language coaching with Megan, I became aware of myself and was able to make minor alterations to my presence, letting my inner-beauty shine,” Nicole, a Manfunnel member said in a review. “I walked away immediately feeling energized, reinvigorated, and confident!”

ManFunnel: How Filling Your Funnel Actually Works

Going by the motto “life is better with options,” the Manfunnel is all about dating with intent while keeping your options open until you meet The One. According to Megan, this is the shortcut to having the relationship you always wanted. 

The Manfunnel guide has produced substantial results over the years and has helped thousands of women along the way. Megan continues to change how women date for the better through her free Facebook group and coaching courses. By offering free workshops and live support, Megan has created a solid community of appreciative single women.

A bunch of testimonials describe how Manfunnel has been the secret to dating that many women needed. Megan told us that it’s a win-win situation regardless of whether the single finds marriage or not by the end of the program. 

“I’m very proud to say that we’ve been able to support women through this. If someone goes through the program and they take the work and internalize it and adopt the tools, they will succeed,” Megan told us. “That doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a marriage within a year. But it can still support them in every area of their lives.”

We can expect more from Megan and the Manfunnel team in the future. Megan told us that she’s working on building the Manfunnel Mastermind. This will be a high-level group environment where women can build a community and get access to support from Megan and their peers when tackling issues in their love lives.