Narayana Montufar Shares Relationship Insight Through Astrology

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Astrologer Narayana Montúfar Shares How Singles & Couples Can Understand Their Relationships Through the Stars

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The Short Version: Reading your daily horoscope is plenty of fun, but it’s only a drop in the ocean that is astrology. Astrologer and writer Narayana Montúfar shared how understanding your birth chart can help you find the right partner and better your relationship. By learning more about astrology, singles can learn more about themselves and their love lives.

Narayana Montúfar has always been curious about astrology, but when she started her career, she didn’t plan to be a professional astrologer. She worked on the editorial side of spirituality as a managing editor at and where she learned about the ancient study of astrology and how it can influence lives and help people. 

After years as an editor, Narayana realized she could make a bigger impact by practicing astrology herself. She began taking classes, reading books on the practice, and working to better her skills. As she explored a new profession as an astrologer, she continued to write and paint to get in touch with her creativity.

Now Narayana has jumped into an incredibly successful astrology practice with her business, Naramon. She has received accolades from Vogue,, and other media outlets. She has a natural ability to connect with her clients on the first meeting and get to the root of their problems, questions, and goals. “It’s pretty interesting because I don’t know these people when they come in; I just have an ability to understand them,” Narayana said. “This has always been part of me. People feel really comfortable with me because I set the stage right away.”

astrological signs on moon
Learning more about astrology and your birth chart can help guide you in life.

Narayana’s clients come to her for a wide variety of reasons. Many want to learn more about themselves and their identities; others want to unpack a trauma or process something from their childhoods. No matter who they are, Narayana takes pride in her ability to provide insights and perspective into her clients’ lives that they may not have found otherwise. “People have pretty emotional moments with me and really enlightened moments,” Narayana said. “My goal is to instigate change or create awareness about something.”

Some clients come to Narayana to discuss individual issues in their careers, and others come to her for guidance in their search for a partner or for perspective in their relationships. Astrology can be a great tool for understanding interpersonal connections, and Narayana is skilled at helping people use it to this end. 

“I’ve seen romantic partners, business partners, come to me for readings; that’s quite interesting,” Narayana said. “Two people at the same time — it takes guts to do that since you don’t know what you’ll hear.”

Your Chart and Timeline are Unique

If you feel pressure to fit into a socially acceptable path of getting married, buying a house, having kids, and moving to the suburbs, you’re not alone. Plenty of people face an internal struggle between the life that feels appealing and realistic to them and the one expected by their friends and family. They may feel like they need to find a partner immediately or that they only have so long to find a serious relationship. But according to Narayana, that just isn’t true for many people.

“The first thing I would say when it comes to relationships and astrology is society tells us relationships need to be a certain way, that we have to be married at a certain age, have to have kids, etc.,” Narayana said. “But it doesn’t work like that at all. Not everyone is going to find the perfect person at the same time and get married at the same time because we are all on our own very specific journey.”

Narayana doing a crystal reiki
Astrology can shed light on what’s important to you in your life’s journey.

Astrologers like Narayana can help you figure out what you want to focus on in each chapter of your life. They can help validate where you feel drawn to spend your energy or help you realize if you’re putting too much effort into some aspect of life.

You can also seek out astrology to learn more about what you want in a potential partner. “What astrology can help with is figuring out what type of partner you need,” Narayana told us. “What are your non-negotiables? Maybe things really important in some partnerships are not important for you.” 

Many people struggle to find the right partners because they’re unsure what they need from a relationship. But with astrology, you can clearly define what matters for you in a partner and seek it out.

Gain Trust and Intimacy With Your Partner

Seeing an astrologer can help you understand what you want before you get into a relationship, and it can also give you clarity about the relationship you’re already in. You can learn how your chart and your partner’s chart fit together so you can better communicate, show love, and be there for each other.

painting of moon
Your compatibility with your partner is not only determined by your sun sign.

Once couples have been together for over a year, their relationship gets its own unique birth chart in addition to the individual charts of both partners. “Everything that has been conceived or exists has a chart,” Narayana said. “That can really help couples figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are together and create conscious awareness about how to navigate those and make the strengths stronger.” 

Narayana finds that over the course of a couple’s relationship, they tend to grow in ways that fit their chart. When she and her husband got together, she was confused by their chart. “I slowly have seen the relationship become that chart,” she told us. “It’s really trippy. We’ve had time to study it and look at it, and it has become that.”

Some couples may hesitate to see an astrologer out of fear that they’ll learn of incompatibility. But according to Narayana, this isn’t an issue. Some people will find that it’s easier to connect and communicate with some people than with others, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

“There isn’t such a thing as incompatibility,” she said. “There are certain people who will challenge you the most. A lot of times you see incompatible people work — there’s so much more to see in a person than just their sun sign.” 

Learn About Yourself and Your Love Life With Naramon

Narayana believes that learning about your birth chart and astrology can help you live your ideal life. She knows her work helps her clients be their best selves in their love lives and beyond. But if she comes across people who don’t believe in astrology, she doesn’t try to convert them. She believes that most of their skepticism comes from ignorance about astrology, and if they’re open to it, they just might change their minds.

“Whenever I run into people saying I don’t believe, I ask, have you gotten a birth chart reading? And they say no,” she said. “Astrology exists whether you believe in it or not. I would say I have never seen a person at a chart reading say they don’t believe after that.”

There is a lot of misinformation about astrology on the internet, and Narayana wants to help change that. She constantly encounters people whose knowledge of astrology ends at their star sign. She wants to teach them how much more there is to understanding your birth chart and astrology.

In addition to Narayana’s book, “Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power,” she hopes to create an online course in astrology based on her research, knowledge, and experience as a professional astrologer. “I really want to create an astrology course because people ask me if I could teach astrology to them, and I’m sad that I haven’t been able to yet,” she told us. “We’re in the Age of Aquarius, so it will be virtual, and I will make it so everyone can study at any time. I’ve taught this before, and even though it’s intense and takes a lot of energy, I love spreading this knowledge.”
To learn more about Narayana’s work as an astrologer, her book, and her paintings, check out her website, Naramon.