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Stir’s Chief Dating Expert Rachel DeAlto Says Dating Can Help Single Parents Find Time For Themselves

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The Short Version: Parenthood changes a lot about life – including dating. Communications expert Rachel DeAlto says that while single parents may face a unique set of challenges while dating, they can find dating to be an empowering way of dedicating time to themselves. She encourages single parents to show up authentically from the get-go with romantic partners about what they want and their priorities. Single parents who want a dating app where users get what solo parenthood is like can create an account on Stir, a dating app for single parents to meet and connect.

The United States has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households, so it’s only natural that single parents would make up a healthy portion of the dating scene. Stir’s data shows that 70% of single dads and 50% of single moms have tried online dating. Data shows that single parenthood has long been on the rise, and the rapidly developing world of online dating is keeping up.

Online dating can be convenient for single parents for a lot of reasons. Singles dating in person and online should follow a certain etiquette to communicate more effectively and connect with others kindly. Being able to express one’s own thoughts, feelings, and preferences is essential – and so is the ability to listen to and understand another’s thoughts, feelings, and preferences.

Yet, we all struggle with this expression and understanding from time to time. When it comes to dating, it’s easy for feelings to be hurt and damage to be done due to poor communication. That’s why it’s so important that singles prioritize using healthy communication habits.

Rachel DeAlto is a communications expert with over a decade of experience as a communications and relatability speaker and author. Rachel told us about common misconceptions about single parent daters and what they can do to develop the best communication habits.

single mom and two kids
Single parents have a unique experience in parenting, working, and dating.

“I think that’s the biggest misconception is that when you become a parent, your whole life becomes your child,” Rachel said. “Of course the kids are important, but single parents are also just living this big life, and having companionship is a huge part of that.”

Single parents who are interested in online dating can make a profile on Stir, the dating app for single parents to meet, chat, and date. On Stir, users never have to apologize for having a busy schedule or worry about how having kids will complicate dating. It’s a supportive and inclusive community of fellow single parent-daters.

Rachel DeAlto Helps People Create Authentic Connections

Rachel is a relationship professional. She has been in the business for over 10 years as a communication and relatability expert, media personality, keynote speaker, and author. Not to mention, she has a Master’s in psychology and a law degree.

As a self-identifying “recovered lawyer,” Rachel used proficient communication habits long before she had the communications expert title. Her expertise includes strategies and tips for all kinds of relationships, whether professional or romantic.

Many single parents experience hardships, but it’s not all struggle. The negative stereotypes (one being that it’s all hard) around single parenthood definitely don’t make it easier. Single parents who are dating may encounter some of this sort of negativity while dating.

single parents going on romantic date
Dating single parents may struggle to find authentic and responsible partners with traditional dating apps.

Rachel told us about some common misconceptions about single parent daters. Along with single parents having lives outside of parenting, many also desire passionate and beautiful connections – whatever their pasts may be.

“I think one of the misconceptions is that a single parent isn’t a dater,” Rachel said. “You know, many people don’t think single parents are looking for this whole life experience and still want this big love.”

But single parents are dating and often look for shared experiences in the dating field. Rachel told us about her tips for single parents, including how to handle competing priorities, keep open lines of communication with children, and foster good communication in relationships.

Single Parents Balance Romance & Complicated Logistics

Dating while being a single parent comes with so many joys. Seeing families blend and personalities meld can be wonderful, not to mention the additional emotional support an extra adult can provide. That said, dating as a single parent comes with its struggles.

Rachel said a big one was making time for dating. Single parents tend to be busy between their duties at home, work, and in their communities. Free time is precious, and if dating isn’t yielding satisfying results, it can be easy to become discouraged.

Single parents should keep in mind that natural obstacles will arise while dating and planning dates, especially when they consider the situation of everybody involved. Rachel said there are a couple of things people tend to forget to consider.

“This kind of does go to the scheduling conflict that maybe you don’t think about when you’re a single parent dating another single parent,” Rachel said. “Making sure that you have similar custody schedules is important. Otherwise, you’re probably never going to see each other, or it’s going to be difficult to arrange.”

rachel de alto headshot
Communications expert Rachel DeAlto says dating can help single parents reclaim their personal lives.

Rachel said single parents are also dealing with bigger stakes. If a relationship becomes serious, that means that a romantic partner is now involved in the life of a parent’s child. That’s a big responsibility! She said that if single parents consider every involved person’s personality and preferences, they’ll find more fulfilling results.

Respect is important while dating as a parent. “Once you’re in a significant relationship and you’ve integrated families and blended things, you have to continually balance out how you show up with how your partner shows up,” Rachel told us. “It’s really important to identify what those boundaries are and make sure everyone feels respected.”

Single parents who are dating may struggle with how to handle the topic of a situation with an ex. Custody situations can exacerbate this struggle. Rachel said it’s important to be honest and transparent, but it’s best to steer away from negativity. Speaking poorly about an ex off the bat is not a great look while dating.

Dating App Stir Was Crafted With Single Parents In Mind

Newly single parents may feel they need some time before they get back into dating. But once they’re ready, online dating is a convenient place to start. With dating apps, busy single parents can meet other singles in their area without leaving their houses.

Stir is a dating app made specifically for single parents. The app was designed for users who understand what it’s like to be a single parent, and it’s a platform where having kids is never a dealbreaker. Single parents can meet, connect, chat, and plan dates on Stir. 

Most dating single parents would attest they’ve had mixed luck on traditional dating apps. Having kids can be a problem for other users, and many apps are time sucks that parents simply can’t budget for. Stir makes it easy by eliminating the common struggles single parents face on dating apps.

stir logo
The Match Group developed Stir, a dating app specifically for single parents.

With a free Stir membership, single parents can browse other user profiles. Stir is meant for single parents but is welcoming to interested singles who are not parents. The free membership also allows users to send likes and chat with their matches. 

Premium Stir membership allows single parents to chat with anyone and send super likes. With a premium membership, single parents don’t have to wait for a match. They can reach out with a message immediately when they see a profile they like. Premium users can also send super likes, which makes it easier to be noticed, and ultimately saves some precious time.

Single parents who are dating can take Rachel’s advice on how to navigate dating while parenting and put that advice to the test on Stir. With her solid advice of honest communication, authentic efforts to show up, and clear boundaries, they’ll find dating while parenting can be an absolute joy.