The Dos And Donts For Impressing His Friends

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Impressing His Friends

Adrienne Longhurst
Adrienne Longhurst Updated:
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Making a good impression on your guy’s friends is a must if you want to keep the relationship going. What his friends think of you will ultimately impact how he feels about you and your relationship, so try these ideas to help you make a good impression when meeting his friends.

Take it easy.

Coming off as too eager, too involved or too overbearing will send immediate red flags to his friends, who will see you as the Yoko Ono to their John Lennon. Contribute to the conversation and interact with his friends without talking for him or cutting him off. Even the most easygoing girl can get a little overzealous when she’s nervous, so just be sure to take it easy and let things flow.

Don’t be a “we” girl.

Again, it’s the whole John and Yoko thing, but no guy wants to feel like some woman’s going to come down and scoop their friend away. Avoid constantly referring to him as “we” and putting an emphasis on your relationship with your guy. You need to remember even though you are the girl in his life, he had these guys in his life long before you ever came around. If they feel threatened or as if their guy nights are in danger of being extinct because he’s no longer a “he” but a “we,” they’ll do what they can to make sure you take your “we, we, we” all the way home!

Be the girl every guy wants to date.

You’re not out to pick up your boyfriend’s friends, but it only works in your favor to have them see you as a real catch. Treat your guy well, be easygoing and joke around. Oh, and looking your best doesn’t hurt either. Being the girl every guy wants to date is easy when you’re fun to be around, drama-free and genuinely interested in your man.

Overall, you want to show them you’re going to treat their friend well while also knowing your boundaries by not getting all possessive and, well, psycho-bitch on them when they want to hang out. Remember that and you’ll do just fine!