The Maclynn International Matchmaking Team Gets Results

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Editor’s Choice Award: The Maclynn International Matchmaking Team Gets Results

Suzanne Wentley

Written by: Suzanne Wentley

Suzanne Wentley

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The Short Version: An experienced matchmaker is a worthwhile investment for singles who are short on time, ready for love, and understand the value of working with a professional. The experts at the Maclynn International matchmaking firm understand the importance of their role. They focus on creating a strong team and cultivating an extensive network to find compatible matches for their clients. The firm’s in-depth matchmaking has helped people from age 20 to 70 find their ideal partners. For its commitment to helping clients find love efficiently, Maclynn International has earned our Editor’s Choice Award.

Anyone who has tried online dating understands that it can take a long time to find a truly compatible partner. Many singles decide to work with a matchmaking specialist that offers a network of potential partners. Professionals who have high standards and value their time often choose to work with the team at Maclynn International.

Gina Yannotta, the Chief Operating Officer for the United States Division of Maclynn International, has worked in the matchmaking industry for years. She told us that people need to invest effort in finding the perfect partner — but how they invest is up to them.

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Maclynn International matchmaking aims to help clients find lasting love.

“Online dating benefits from high volume and a low price point. If you choose the right app or site, dedicate significant time and adopt the right strategy of approaching people who are potentially compatible with you, eventually you’ll find someone,” she said. “The investment of money is low, but the investment of time and energy is high. Offline matchmaking sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. The financial investment is higher, but the time investment is lower.”

With online dating, singles can only judge another person’s compatibility based on their photos and perhaps a sentence or two in a profile. That can lead to many dead ends, and it takes a healthy amount of patience not to get frustrated or feel dejected.

Gina said Maclynn International’s matchmaking experts meet with each client in person. That gives them a sense of the person and allows the matchmaker to search on the client’s behalf. They also guide singles through the dating journey and pick up on nuances an algorithm could never capture. The matchmakers aim to find someone with similar values, attitudes, humor, dress sense, body language, and manners, among other traits.

For its commitment to helping singles find love effectively and enjoyably, Maclynn International has earned our Editor’s Choice Award.

An Award-Winning International Agency That Uses Psychology

Gina had experience working as a matchmaker in a boutique firm in New York before she was introduced to Rachel Maclynn in 2017. As the agency’s founder, Rachel worked for a decade to make her clients’ romantic lives more fulfilling.

The two experts met and quickly realized they shared similar values and goals. They agreed to combine forces with a handshake just before Gina was due to get married and enjoy her honeymoon in South Africa. She opened the agency’s first office in New York when she returned. Today, the firm also has offices in California and New Jersey, and it caters to clients throughout the United States.

“We are committed to providing our members with the utmost quality of professional advice, coaching, guidance, and feedback,” Gina said. We elevate their experience of the dating process to a life-changing journey of self-discovery and growth,” she said.

Screenshot from Maclynn International website
Maclynn International has offices around the globe to serve singles anywhere.

The team creates an empowering and inclusive environment tailored to each client’s needs to accomplish that goal. Matchmakers work to introduce compatible and attractive singles to those who share values and life goals to make meaningful connections.

The firm caters to all nationalities and includes members from around the world. Its clients range in age from their 20s to their 70s, and Gina is quick to add that every love story is unique.

“The clients we work with seek the best, often using experts in all areas of their life, including business mentors or personal trainers,” Gina said. “As relationship experts and matchmakers, we provide the utmost quality of professional advice, coaching, guidance, and feedback to help find a perfect match.”

The Team of Experts Create Smart Matches in Their Network

Maclynn International has three pillars of success for matchmaking, starting with a team that shares the vision of wanting the best for their members, Gina said.

More than half of its team members have degrees, Master’s degree or Ph.D. in psychology, which means clients benefit from the second pillar: expertise. Matchmakers work one-on-one with clients, hold training workshops, and deliver master classes to help prepare singles for fulfilling relationships.

Photo of COO for the US Division of Maclynn International Gina Yannotta
Gina Yannotta, the COO for the US Division of Maclynn International, talked about the firm.

“We employ the best matchmaking, coaching, and psychological talents on the market, meaning every connection we make is tailored to each client’s needs,” Gina said. “With every interaction, our clients are one step closer to reaching their ultimate goal thanks to our expert coaching experience.”

The third pillar of success is its international network of compatible, driven professionals who are also serious about finding their perfect match. Gina said the approach to matchmaking is quality over quantity. The team heavily vets its exclusive singles network and only makes meaningful connections.

The firm has more than 100 ambassadors throughout Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, who all search for the most eligible singles. And Maclynn International clients see the results of all that work.

“All our success stories share something in common: They are all couples with complementary values. They live and breathe life the same way as their partner,” Gina said. “This is why we are investing so much into the way we assess values among our members. At the same time, we educate our members on the importance of recognizing their own values and the values they want in their future partner.”

Maclynn Is Focused on Values-Based Connections

Gina said the Maclynn International matchmaking process is different from that of other agencies. That’s because in-house team of experts have developed a proprietary method of assessing compatibility based on core values.

Every client is assigned a matchmaker who works to understand their personality. Together, they discuss the profiles of potential matches that have been hand-picked by the matchmaker. The clients always have the final say on who they meet.

“The process is incredibly effective because there are many reasons why someone hasn’t met a partner. Once we define their ideal partner accurately, their chances of meeting someone successfully massively increase,” Gina said. “Ultimately, we steer our clients toward achieving one goal: finding their ultimate match. Everything we do has that goal in mind.”

And it’s proven to work. Gina told us the story of one client who had a successful career in finance but also had a humble, family-oriented side. She wanted to have children, but she was having trouble finding a man who was both driven and gentle.

The woman’s match was a man she described as “salt of the Earth.” He recently left a career in corporate finance to start a philanthropic organization. They both loved to read, stay fit, and travel.

“My client and her match hit it off as if they’d known one another all their lives,” Gina said. “They fell head over heels in love, have been introduced to each other’s families, and are building a beautiful life together.”

The Maclynn International team is working toward even more success in the future. Gina said the firm plans additional expansion to help more singles find true love with genuinely compatible partners.