Where 540,000+ Active Singles in the Philippines & Abroad Search For Love Online

Online Dating Where 540,000+ Active Singles in the Philippines & Abroad Search For Love Online

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The Short Version: On, distance doesn’t stand in the way of love and friendship. If you want to date someone in the Philippines, this niche dating site can hook you up. The video chat and real-time messaging system attracts a host of men, women, and ladyboys around the world. Currently, the website boasts a membership of over 549,000 singles actively using the chat features and search functions to make a real connection online. With simple translation features and unlimited communication tools, you can flirt freely with Filipino men and women who are looking for someone like you. It’s free to sign up to FilipinoKisses and browse through member profiles, so you can dip a toe into the dating pool before diving in with an upgraded Gold Membership. All in all, FilipinoKisses offers serious daters thousands of available and attractive date prospects worldwide.

My older brother’s best friend has lived across the street from us for as long as I can remember. He’s an only child, so he came right to our door the day we moved in, looking very serious for a seven-year-old, and asked if there was a boy his age to play with. There was. And they’ve been inseparable ever since.

My mom worried that one day a girl would drive a wedge between them, but I didn’t think anyone could hope to compete with their bromance. They made it to their mid-20s without dating anyone seriously. Then one day my brother’s best friend showed up to a family gathering with a soft-spoken girl on his arm.

She had grown up in the Philippines before coming to the US to go to nursing school, which is where they’d met. She fell for him and accepted his quirks, his work schedule, and his unofficial family across the street. She fit into his life seamlessly, so no one was surprised when this cute couple got engaged. They planned a small wedding in the Philippines and, of course, asked my brother to be the best man.

From what I’ve seen, Filipino women are loving and committed partners with gentle hearts, so it’s no wonder there’s a dating site dedicated to connecting singles in the Philippines with daters abroad. Founded in 2006, FilipinoKisses provides an international dating platform where you can start a fun conversation that could lead to something more serious.

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FilipinoKisses maintains a community of over 549,000 users active within the last three months.

You can register for free within minutes using a valid email address or Facebook account. The website allows men, women, and ladyboys from around the world to create a profile and seek out new friends, dates, and serious partners online. On your profile, you can also put down if you’re willing to relocate for your love interest or if you speak any foreign languages. FilipinoKisses unites an international dating community around the idea that Filipino daters are uniquely desirable companions.

Currently, the dating site has an active membership of nearly 550,000 people chatting and getting acquainted online. Whether you’re looking for a new friend or a committed relationship, FilipinoKisses can help with interactive online tools established by the same team that built ThaiKisses and LadyboyKisses.

“The reason I started creating dating websites like FilipinoKisses is I was having problems finding somebody for myself,” said Stefan Fröhlingnes, Founder of FilipinoKisses. “I think Filipinas are the easiest women to date, at the moment, because a lot of them are very keen to get in a relationship.”

User-Friendly Features Help Foreign Men Meet Filipino Women

FilipinoKisses helps users get into the dating scene and meet exotic and friendly people living around the world. Founded in 2006, the dating site has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in an international singles network — from in-depth profiles to premium membership plans.

When filling out your profile, you can rank your relationship priorities and life goals so your potential partners know what you’re looking for right off the bat. You can also expand upon your dating expectations and desires in an open-ended section about your ideal match. Note that all user-generated comments will be thoroughly checked by the site’s admins, and any personal information (including email addresses and telephone numbers) will be removed. This keeps daters safe from potential scams.

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Unlike many dating sites, FilipinoKisses lets members continue messaging their contacts even after the one-month subscription expires.

With a generous membership plan, doesn’t make online communication overly costly or difficult. Instead of limiting users to only communicating during a short one-month subscription period, FilipinoKisses promises that Gold Members can keep sending messages to their contacts for life. The Lifetime Chat feature allows members to always stay in touch with one another on the site for a reasonable, one-time payment. During their one-month membership, users can message up to 300 people on FilipinoKisses and keep those conversations going for an unlimited period of time.

Other useful features on the site include private video chat and online translation of all communications. Both of these features help daters build a relationship with someone across the world. Hundreds of thousands of singles use the dating site’s reliable services to chat up Filipino men and women every day of the week.

Proactively Protecting Users From Scammers

A lot of dating site administrators don’t like admitting that scammers exist on the web — and certainly not on their platforms. Sweeping the shady reality of online dating under the rug, some dating websites can leave users unaware and unprepared to deal with potential threats online. Stefan did not shy away from this important subject; instead, he took responsibility for what goes on on his site and underscored the proactive measures taken to combat online scams.

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The FilipinoKisses team recommends best practices for singles to stay safe from scams online.

Stefan is transparent about how FilipinoKisses deals with scammers — by vetting profile content, notifying users about blocked members, and dedicating an entire section on the Help page to scams. The website offers tips on recognizing scammers, taking precautions with your contact information, and taking action against someone bothering you on FilipinoKisses. The Block function effectively shuts down all communication, and users can also report potential scammers directly to the website.

“We look into it and inform the customer about the scammer,” Stephan said. “We send an email saying that we removed them from the site. We’re not trying to hide it like other dating websites are.”

Another way FilipinoKisses looks out for its users is by limiting the number of contacts any one user can send out in a month. Members have a 300-person cap on their contact lists, so they cannot spam thousands of people with the same phony message. This leads to more authentic conversations online.

“When you contact 2,000 people in one month, you’re not serious,” Stefen said. “I want to have serious people on my sites.”

Stefan advised online daters on FilipinoKisses to take common-sense precautions when chatting with a stranger online. That means guarding personal information, asking to chat via webcam to verify the person matches his or her photos, and keeping an eye out for any phony or suspicious behavior. Most importantly, you should never send money to someone you met online and have not met in person.

“Some single men think dating websites are like a supermarket — the more you spend, the better the result,” Stefan said. “And they end up having a bad experience because they send money to someone they don’t know. We want to prevent that any way we can.”

Since 2006, FilipinoKisses Has Connected Thousands of International Daters

When my brother’s best friend showed up with a Filipino girlfriend, we were all a bit nervous that it meant the end of 20 years of friendship. Thankfully, she didn’t take my brother’s buddy away from him. Instead, she turned the duo into a trio!

Every day, thousands of men come to FilipinoKisses looking for an attractive, kind, and single Filipina to befriend, date, and marry. Whether you want a flirtatious chat or a long-term commitment, the dating platform encourages serious daters to put themselves out there and meet authentic international singles with the click of a button. In the words of the website, “Finding that perfect date and forming a lasting relationship just got easier.”

“Many people don’t like being lonely, and they need some help,” Stefan said. “I hope I can help people find their lifetime partner or girlfriend or whatever they’re looking for.”