The Profile Where You Look Angry

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The Profile Where You Look Angry

Gina Stewart
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All right, in my “Don’t Write This Profile” series, we’ve moved on to #4: The Angry Profile. Let’s see if you can recognize this baby:

PLEASE READ MY PROFILE: I’m on here looking for someone who matches my description. Don’t contact me if you don’t first read my profile!

Please don’t send me a wink just for the sake of ‘winking.’ Let’s save each other’s time. I have plenty of friends and I’m on this site looking for a lasting relationship, not endless emails. If you’re interested in growing something special, then please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, move on and don’t waste each other’s time. I’m looking for something serious. I can’t tolerate wishy-washy, indecisive people.

Do not contact me if you’re under 6 feet tall, missing your hair and not in my age range! I’m not looking for Daddy here! What is up with all the creeper people who keep contacting me on here? No, I don’t need you to be my ‘real’ man. I’m looking for someone NORMAL! Don’t contact me if you don’t match what I say I am looking for in my profile! Can you not read?! Did I say I was looking for a creepster to date?? NO! BE NORMAL!!!”

Everyone has the same purpose.

Let’s keep in mind that no matter how annoying and frustrating online dating can be, everyone is online with the same purpose: They want to meet someone.

Some people are inherently going to ignore whatever you have to say in your profile. They are interested in you and that is their only guide.

Some daters are polite and read every word and won’t interact unless everything matches to the tee — for both you and them.

You’ll never know those folks exist because they don’t make their existence known.

The rub is people who ignore your dating profile to begin with are still going to ignore what you scream in your profile.

They are there to try to meet someone, and attempting to enforce your rules won’t inhibit them.

They take chances and adopt the mentality of “You never know.” Whether we like it or not, that is their nature.


“Is this something that really needs to be vented

about at the sake of deterring eligible daters?”

Yelling doesn’t achieve anything.

Unfortunately, this means yelling at people who don’t practice online dating the way you would like doesn’t actually achieve what you want it to.

In fact, of all the things that profile accomplishes, it makes even eligible daters afraid of you.

Unfortunately, this is because the overarching theme you’ve portrayed about your personality is anger.

Anger, even if valid, isn’t high on the list of traits people are looking for in a date.

The good online daters are the ones that seem friendly, approachable and fun.

Why? Because you make people feel good when you do that. They feel safe.

Would you approach more people you were interested in if you felt safe to do so, like they were going to welcome hearing from you, not going to yell at you? Yes, you would.

Creating a positive profile.

The best thing a dater can do is just show his or her great qualities in a positive profile, regardless of the inherent bizzarros that may approach.

Might you get some unwelcome advances? Yep. You’re going to get them anyway.

Take a step back and look at the overall situation.

Is it difficult to ignore a wink? Or delete an email? Is this something that really needs to be vented about at the sake of deterring eligible daters? The answer is no.

Good luck, daters!

What do you get angry about other online daters? Do you vent about it in your profile?

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