Wearex Is A Dating App For Open Minded Folks

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WeAreX is the New Dating App for Experimental, Open-Minded Folks

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: WeAreX is a newly released dating app inclusive of those in alternative relationships. The app combines aspects of dating and social media apps to create a hybrid platform centered around community. Users will find the standard swiping and matchmaking tools along with blogs, expert-led workshops, and event listings. WeAreX is sex-positive and queer-affirming, and its team is dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive environment.

When my best friend from college told me she and her long-term boyfriend wanted to do a little experimenting, it was no surprise. They had been together since freshman year of high school and gone through nearly every milestone together since then. They were close to perfect, and it was apparent to me and all our mutual friends how great they were for each other.

we are x logo
WeAreX is for singles and couples looking for an open-minded and sex-positive community.

It also wasn’t lost on either of them that they had never had any romantic experience outside their relationship. Despite their love for each other, they both wanted to experience something new, emotionally and physically. So they opened up their relationship and started searching for a third person who wanted in on all the fun.

They struggled to find a third on traditional dating apps. They got removed from some apps for creating a profile as a couple, and on apps where they weren’t removed, the pickings were slim. They felt like they weren’t finding people open to being a third and in alignment with their values and desires for that sort of relationship.

WeAreX was created to be a solution to this problem. WeAreX is a social dating app designed for open-minded dating. The team is actively working to revolutionize how people explore and experience connections. By combining aspects of traditional dating apps and social media networks, the app is building a global community where open-minded people can meet.

graphic that reads "social dating for the open minded"
Unlike other apps, WeAreX combines online dating, social media, and events for a global community.

WeAreX is an inclusive community of people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds, and was founded to serve the diverse needs of the queer, polyamorous, and ethical non-monogamy communities. Charlotte Fleming is a spokesperson for the app and talked to us about the app’s features and vision for the future. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing need for a dating app that enables more open-minded people to connect,” Charlotte told us.

Dating App and Social Network Meet

WeAreX was born out of the exact need my best friend and her boyfriend felt. Untraditional dating habits, such as adding a third, opening a relationship, and sexually experimenting are often considered taboo. While it’s possible to find a connection using other dating apps, there are many obstacles that can stand in the way.

screen grab of wearex dating profile
Couples can make an account together on WeAreX.

Sometimes it’s against an app’s policy for users to create joint profiles. Most dating apps set policies around single-person profiles, so couples making an account together often have their profiles removed. Beyond the policies of the apps, other users can be judgmental. In some circumstances, people can feel like boundaries are crossed when couples create joint profiles, and other users aren’t aligned with what they’re looking for from the relationship.

WeAreX’s main mission is to revolutionize how its users explore and experience sex, dating, and relationships. Meeting people and dating is an important aspect of this, but the app moves beyond just a dating app. It offers resources crafted by sex and relationship experts, blogs, live events, workshops, and other content.

couple embracing on the beach looking at their cellphones
WeAreX encourages users to be authentic and honest on the app.

The app recognizes that community is essential for single people. LGBTQIA+ folks find strength and relief in their communities. People participating in ethical non-monogamy or alternative relationship dynamics often feel out of place in traditional dating scenes. This focus on community translates clearly within the app, where users can make group chats and find social events for like-minded people worldwide.

Sex-positivity is a guiding principle for the app. All of the material created by experts is queer-affirming and sex-positive. It’s honest, engaging, and isn’t afraid of the nitty-gritty of sexual and romantic relationships. Additionally, a lot of this material is designed to be interactive. WeAreX features live conversations with these experts, where users can ask questions and become part of the conversation.

Xpress, Xperience, Xplore

WeAreX is a global community, meaning users worldwide can download and use the app. Registration is simple, as users can create a profile and begin interacting with the app content. Users have over 40 sexuality and gender options to choose from. “This ensures everyone is represented on our platform,” Charlotte said. “We regularly review and update our systems and policies to make them as inclusive as possible.”

promo material for wearex, people lounging back of car
The possibilities for self-identification and expression are nearly endless on WeAreX.

Users can sign up as a single or as a couple. In terms of self-identifying on the app, the possibilities are nearly endless. People in relationship dynamics that are considered alternative should have no problem creating a profile that reflects their authentic selves. Users can also express their sexual side, including their kink interests and sexual desires.

Couples joining WeAreX can choose to date as a couple or individually. The app has eight relationship options for users to add to their profile, including dating terms like friends with benefits, polyamory, and open relationships. Eventually, the team at WeAreX hopes to add more self-identifying terms, like polycules and throuples.

WeAreX’s social media features give users access to live events across the world.

Beyond sexual desires, users can also add the standard dating app information, including the hobbies they enjoy or their favorite TV show. WeAreX made their user profiles customizable so people could express their truest sexual self, free of shame.

WeAreX deploys an algorithm designed to help connect people who share similar interests and desires and are seeking the same kind of relationship. “We consider many different elements of someone’s account to make sure the people they’re seeing are suitable, whether that’s location or what they express in their profile,” Charlotte said.

Users can browse profiles and make matches, as they would on other dating apps. WeAreX takes it to the next level with its additional features that look more like social media than a dating app. These social media features include marketing for sex-positive events, group chats for shared interests, and expert resources.

WeAreX Promotes Inclusivity and Positivity

What differentiates WeAreX from other dating apps is its inclusive environment and the additional resources it offers users. Chats available to users include a non-binary chat group and even a tattoo lovers chat group. Users can share info about events and join pre-event chat parties. 

WeAreX has developed a guide to help users interact on their app authentically, responsibly, and respectfully. The guide is part of the aptly titled “Don’t Be a Dick” campaign and covers topics related to relationships and dating. Because the app is designed to form an inclusive and safe community, the Don’t Be a Dick campaign reminds users of the basics of good dating etiquette and how to interact in sex-positive spaces.

bill board for don't be a dick
WeAreX is helping users avoid being a ‘bellend’ with a comprehensive guide to sex-positive and equitable dating.

“Don’t Be a Dick” covers consent in-depth, reminding users of its utmost importance. The guide re-emphasizes that consent is a broad and complicated topic. Issues of consent include being honest about relationship status and being in tune with a romantic partner’s body language. “Don’t Be a Dick” also gives tips for clearer communication, avoiding toxic behaviors, and maintaining a sex-positive outlook.

The team at WeAreX is constantly at work improving the app. Their customer care team is very responsive and highly engaged with the community, meaning users who contact them get a response for a sympathetic human who is ready to help.

graphic with person holding phone reacting to unsolicited nudes
The “Don’t Be a Dick” campaign gives users a guidebook for appropriate dating interactions.

All WeAreX profiles are moderated by actual people, meaning toxic or hateful users and activities are shut down quickly. The team also works hard to find the most qualified experts to host workshops and live video events. Hence, the advice and information their users receive is accurate.

WeAreX is a great choice for folks who don’t feel at home on other dating apps. By integrating features that promote an app-wide community, the app hopes to be a safe place for all kinds of people to safely and healthily explore their desires. “We encourage our users to be their true, authentic selves on WeAreX,” Charlotte told us. “When you express all facets of yourself and what you’re into, it helps you connect with the people best suited for you.”