What is Christian Mingle? — (5 Must-Know Facts)

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What is Christian Mingle? — (5 Must-Know Facts)

Amber Brooks Amber Brooks

To me, “Christian Mingle” sounds like something my aunt in Georgia would say. “After church, everyone gathered at my house for some slaw and pie. It was a real Christian mingle.”

Or maybe it’s someone my mom’s trying to set me up with, as in: “Oh, give him a chance — his name’s Christian Mingle, and he’s such a nice boy.”

All kidding aside, Christian Mingle is simply a dating site for single Christians. To give you a full idea of what that entails, we’ve compiled five must-know facts about ChristanMingle.com. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to sign up and start dating on Christian Mingle.

1. Christian Mingle is a Popular Dating Site With 2.4M Monthly Users

Every month, millions of singles pour into Christian Mingle in search of a quality Christian date. The site has over 2.4 million monthly users, and the network is always growing as word about them gets around.

It’s easy to see why so many people love this site. Our experts have a lot of positive things to say about Christian Mingle as well — just take a look:


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Our Experts Say: “ChristianMingle is strictly for Christian singles, and it has a large user base that you can browse through by your individual preferences...” Full Review »

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When you join Christian Mingle, one thing’s for sure — you won’t be alone. Millions of dating prospects await Christians on this niche dating site.

2. It Costs $0 to Join & Premium Memberships Start at $14.99

So, now you know what Christian Mingle is, and you’re probably wondering how much the site costs. The answer is nothing! It’s free to register with Christian Mingle and browse through your matches for an unlimited period of time.

However, if you want to send and read messages, you’ll need to be a premium member. With the upgraded membership, you can join as many chat rooms or send out as many private messages as you like.

Here’s the price breakdown for Christian Mingle’s premium membership:

For a low monthly cost, subscribers with Christian Mingle can start a conversation with like-minded singles online.

3. You Can Use Helpful Features Like Secret Admirer to Find Matches

Christian Mingle comes with an array of features to make searching for a date much easier. The most popular matching tool is the Secret Admirer game.

What is Secret Admirer on Christian Mingle, you ask? It’s a risk-free feature to connect with members on the site. The game shows you profiles one at a time, and you can say either “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” to being their Secret Admirer.

When you choose to become someone’s Secret Admirer, it means your love interest will only find out you like them if the attraction is mutual. If he or she likes you, you’re in. If not, your secret is safe with Christian Mingle.

4. Thousands of Success Stories Prove Christian Mingle Works

You don’t have to take the success of the site on faith. Christian Mingle backs up their dating network with real-life success stories from happy couples. When people bond through shared faith, they often make deep and lasting connections on Christian Mingle.

Photo of a married couple who met on Christian Mingle

Mitchell and Kelly met on Christian Mingle and got married less than two years later.

“Our first date was amazing, and I knew there was chemistry between us from day one,” said Kelly, who met her husband through Christian Mingle. “I’m writing all of this to encourage people who are thinking about joining Christian Mingle that it can work, and so much happiness has come to me because of it.”

Kelly is just one of thousands of Christians who have found their special someone on this dating site. In fact, according to a survey conducted by an independent research group called Survata, among all the Christian marriages that started online, 29% began on ChristianMingle.com. Talk about success!

5. There’s Also a Movie About the Site

“Christian Mingle,” a short and romantic movie, came out in 2014. It follows Gwyneth Hayden (played by “Mean Girls” actress Lacey Chambert) as she searches for love on — you guessed it — Christian Mingle.

Photo of the Christian Mingle movie poster

“Christian Mingle: The Movie” was inspired by the dating site.

Her love interest, Paul, is a devout churchgoer, and she desperately tries to impress him by pretending to be more evangelical than she is.

Of course, Gwyneth can’t keep up the charade forever, and the audience is left wondering how Paul and his family will take the revelation of her faux faith.

This wholesome rom/com is a breath of fresh air for viewers tired of stories about hookups. Focused on a working woman’s search for Mr. Right, “Christian Mingle” tells a heartwarming story about the power of love to inspire personal transformation.

So, What is Christian Mingle Like? Really Easy & A Lot of Fun!

Christian Mingle has much more to offer than a potluck or a blind date — this popular dating site helps thousands of singles seeking friendship, dating, and marriage. Coming together through shared values, Christians find a welcoming community on the site.

Now that you know what it is, what are you waiting for? You can sign up for Christian Mingle for free and start browsing through profiles in the Secret Admirer game. It’s so easy to get started, and you can always upgrade your membership if you see someone you like.

You’ve got all the facts, so get out there and start flirting!