Peekamoose Restaurant Is A Grand Date Spot

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The Peekamoose Restaurant Uses Simple Ingredients for a Grand Taste for Guests

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version:  Dinner dates create a fun space for couples to learn about each other and their tastes. But one of the hardest parts of dinner dates is deciding which restaurant to visit. While you’re in the mood for some pasta at your usual date spot, your partner may be craving something spontaneous and new. To switch things up, couples can visit Peekamoose restaurant which offers nothing but new and fun flavors. Peekamoose is far from your typical food joint and creates an ambiance of vintage fun in a farmhouse-style venue.

Located in New York, Peekamoose is a popular choice for couples wanting to experience a new style of dining that creates that home-away-from-home feeling. Devin and Marybeth Mills founded Peekamoose in 2003 and have created a venue that introduces guests to a historical trail and an authentic style of cooking that most don’t get to experience today. Couples can stop by and become regulars at Peekamoose, a restaurant known for building a strong community. 

Picture of Peekamoose's sign.
Since 2003, Peekamoose has been a number one go-to food spot.

“Along with employing 32 people, some of whom have been with Peekamoose for more than a decade, the Mills continue to support the local community through philanthropy and events,” said the Peekamoose team. 

If you’re looking to dine in an authentic farmhouse that has a rich history in agrarian culture then Peekamoose is a great choice. It’s easy when on a date to forget that the food is just as important as the venue itself. Some couples tend to get so caught up in hoping the food is good instead of the experience that awaits them. 

Peekamoose can offer couples not only a tasty meal for two, but a great view as well. One special thing about Peekamoose is how receptive the restaurant is to the guest’s needs. The staff creates a unique dining experience for visitors starting right at the door. Whether you want to dine in or just grab some takeout, Peekamoose ensures that guests receive A1 customer service. 

Making Date Night Tastier Than Ever

Before Peekamoose was founded, the venue was an old community restaurant that used a traditional style of farming and catering to serve visitors authentic food and feel like they had more than just a place to eat. Devin and Maybeth carried on this tradition and centered the restaurant around the people first and their experience.  

Screenshot from website.
Peekamoose offers a comfortable yet fun setting to be in on any date.

A tasty evening isn’t only the food you devour, but the customer service you receive as well. Peekamoose is known for being a restaurant that truly cares. Whether it’s your very first time at Peekamoose or your thousandth time there, you can always expect to be treated with the utmost care. 

“We were greeted by a wonderful gentleman, Joe, who went out of his way to seat us, even though this was not his job,” said Lisa, a Peekamoose customer in a review. “During our meal, the owner, Marybeth, greeted us and inquired about our meals, which were wonderful!” 

Peekamoose offers an array of dishes and drinks that leave visitors wanting seconds before they finish their first plate. You can find grass-fed juicy burgers, tender pork, and even octopus for those who have an adventurous spirit and want to try something fun and new. The options are never-ending and guests rave about them. 

“My wife and I had a weekend getaway to the area and we were told that if we HAD to eat at a restaurant, it had to be here,” shared Fernando Gomes, in a review. “Both I and my wife shared a grilled octopus appetizer, and we both got a steak dinner. Both of those were done perfectly.”

Peekamoose is also known for its diverse drink options. This entails a range of fine wines and beer that visitors can pair with their meals to complete their palate. Deanna Carr, Peekamoose’s bar manager is well-versed in her bartending skills. Among the drinks that guests favor are the Tattooed Genius, the Prickly Pear, and the El Vampiro.

Mixed with diverse syrups and shrubs, Peekamoose’s drink menu continues to alternate to accommodate the changing seasons. This makes even the most lightweight drinker ask for another round.

Providing Seriously Good Food for All

There’s no such thing as getting sick of your favorite dish at Peekamoose. The restaurant offers guests a rotating menu that will keep them coming back for more. With a motto of “seriously good food in an environment that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Peekamoose ensures that guests receive good food without having to stress over being in a fancy environment. 

Peekamoose workers are focused on detouring from the upper-scale expectations of dining. The restaurant’s primary goal is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible. As time passes in your relationship, you may feel drained from responsibilities and not so willing to get all dressed up for dinner.

Guests who go to Peekamoose don’t have to feel so uptight and can just enjoy good food together. Couples will be delighted to know that Peekamoose restaurant has a relaxed ambiance that encourages them to be more comfortable.

Screenshot of food from website.
Providing seriously good food is seriously what Peekamoose does.

“Our service style combines professional hospitality with approachable country charm. We hope that you feel welcomed, relaxed, and special,” said Maybeth. 

Guests also feel at ease knowing that Peekamoose’s food sources come from farms and growers who change their products as the seasons change. It’s comforting to know that what you eat is fresh and supports local businesses. Peekamoose’s sources are from farms built on strong trust from a gluten-free dining venue.

The restaurant has a rotating menu, and a variety of fresh meals stand out at Peekamoose. From housemade gnudi, 12 ingredients of chopped salad, and even pan-seared rainbow trout — every entree will leave your mouth exploding with flavors!

To end the night off right, Peekamoose offers desserts, including steamed pumpkin cake with salted caramel and whipped cream that you and your date will love to share.  

Peekamoose Restaurant Sees The Impact of Good Food

Peekamoose is more than just a place to eat. Its detail to create a welcoming space goes beyond typical indoor decorations. When visitors step inside they will see the history and culture that the building has, from the antique furniture to the stories that are shared. A mixture of vintage and modern themes gives the restaurant a spirit of fun that guests feel when they dine in. 

The workers at Peekamoose want guests to understand that dining is an experience that should be enjoyable and loving. The team practices this in all aspects of the restaurant. From the food to the hospitality, there is a sense of belonging that cannot be overlooked here. That makes people want to keep coming back.

The Peekamoose plans to continue to create great experiences for guests from all over. Luckily, reservations aren’t the only way to dine at Peekamoose. Guests have the option of making reservations in their main dining area or coming in on a first-come first served basis in the lounge. Whether it’s a planned or spontaneous visit, there will be dining options available inside and outside.

Picture of Maybeth Mills.
Co-founder and owner, Maybeth Mills.

Don’t fret about the waiting time, the workers offer accommodations so guests can still be comfortable while being patient for their upcoming meal. 

“If there is a brief wait for a table, we offer a nightly bonfire for snuggling up with some drinks,” Maybeth told us. 

Thanks to Peekamoose, date night doesn’t have to be complicated or boring anymore. Now you and your partner have access to a venue that has a passion for customer service and has the accolades to back it up.