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Doc Love
Doc Love coached men for over 30 years after interviewing thousands of women to ask them why they chose one man versus another. What Doc learned directly from women he then taught to men. Doc was a prolific writer and created a lot of timeless dating content for his team to continue sharing his message with singles everywhere.

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Remember, You Only Need One Good Woman to Fall in Love

Doc Love Assesses Men's Dating Odds

By: Doc Love • 2/24/23

Dating statistics are kind of sad these days. I don't think I can turn on my computer or smartphone without seeing some...(read more)

Doc Love’s Advice on Why You Never Give Gifts Too Early To a Great Lady

Doc Love Advises Men Not to Give Gifts Too Early

By: Doc Love • 1/11/23

It’s date number one and you are flying high. Or maybe you just got her number and you're flying high. Or perhaps date...(read more)

Why Nice Guys Aren’t So Nice for Women

Why Nice Guys Aren't So Nice

By: Doc Love • 12/1/22

I bet you think that I'm going to back the bad boys or the players or other toxic type guys for women. Nope, I call them...(read more)

Don’t Fall Victim to Online Dating Scammers: Spot the Warning Signs

Don't Fall for Online Dating Scams

By: Doc Love • 11/7/22

You know the old saying: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I remember a story from years back when I was...(read more)

How to Approach a Girl — 10 Best Ways (In Person & Online)

How to Approach a Girl: An Expert’s 10 Best Ways

By: Doc Love • 11/15/16

I once had a coaching student who was fearless in approaching women, which was good, but he wasn't so hot at not coming...(read more)