What To Do When Meeting A Match In Person

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What to Do When Meeting a Match In Person

Kara Pound
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Dating from the comfort of your couch, hidden behind a computer screen and mouse, is a lot less intimidating than putting on your best duds and meeting a woman out for dinner.

Here are a few tips to plan for a date after only meeting and talking online — the next step in pursuing a potential relationship.

1. Wait a week or two.

Once you’ve established a connection with a woman via an online dating site, it’s customary that the two of you would test physical attraction out in the real world.

Ideally, you should wait a week or two to invite her on a date. You don’t want to seem too eager (aka desperate), and you don’t want to seem standoffish (aka scared and/or lazy).

2. Remember the small details.

OK, so you’ve asked her out and she said yes. Now what? Pick a restaurant you love and that you think she will love. Then message her the details like the address, a link to the menu and the best place to park.

These small details will help put both of you at ease. Also, please keep in mind that I said restaurant meaning a nice restaurant, not a sports pub or dive bar.


“Ask her about her day and if

anything especially exciting happened.”

3. Confirm the date.

It’s the day of the date and you’ve called her to confirm that you’ll be at location A at time B. This confirmation will help ease both her and your nerves.

Since you chose the location, plan to get to the restaurant approximately five minutes early and wait in the lobby area for her. Once she gets there, give her a hug and kiss on the cheek. This validates that the two of you have a connection — albeit an electronic one.

4. Start off the conversation.

Try starting with, “Did you find the place OK? Where did you park? Have you been here before?” You know, mindless dribble to get things going. Then ask her about her day and if anything especially exciting happened.

Next, tell her what menu items you’ve had and offer to help her pick a dish. Order drinks from the waiter and voila! You’re on your way to a great first date.