Style My Profile Helps Divorcees Date Confidently

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Style My Profile Helps Divorcees Step Into Modern Dating With Confidence

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Alyssa Dineen created Style My Profile to help divorced midlife daters have fun and find success in online dating. From creating an account to actually planning a date, the complexities of online dating can be overwhelming and confusing for people who aren’t familiar with navigating digital connections. Style My Profile is a dating concierge service tailored to the needs of divorced midlife daters, and helps singles create dating profiles, capture the perfect profile photo, and stay open-minded to all the possibilities that lie within online dating.

Getting back into dating is challenging, no matter how long you’ve been out of it. Whether it’s been a few months or a few decades, newly single daters who are fresh on the market often feel overwhelmed when they reenter the dating arena. It can be a rough transition between adjusting to the single life, getting over an ex, and making room for new connections. 

It’s even more challenging for singles who’ve never dated online. Now that online dating is firmly mainstream, most experts encourage people looking for relationships to give online dating a try. Older singles dating again after divorce often aren’t as familiar with the nuances of digital romance and can find the experience more troublesome than they think it’s worth. 

Alyssa Dineen created the dating concierge service Style My Profile to help divorcees enjoy – and get real results from – online dating. After going through a divorce and digital dating journey of her own, Alyssa created Style My Profile to offer resources for single people in a situation similar to hers.

Alyssa talked to us about the complexities of dating after divorce, why singles struggle with online dating, and how Style My Profile can help.

“I got divorced in my early 40s, and I dated online for several years,” Alyssa said. “I met my own partner online and really believe in it. It can work for anyone if they approach it in the right way, and I started Style My Profile to help other divorcees find the same benefits in dating as I did.”

Alyssa’s Online Dating Journey

After her divorce at 41, Alyssa was confronted by a wholly unfamiliar dating scene. Smartphones didn’t exist and online dating was in its infancy when she met her ex-husband nearly two decades prior, so she reentered dating with skewed expectations of what the experience would be like. At first, she said she didn’t want to pursue online dating.

That attitude quickly shifted when Alyssa realized online dating was no longer just one option for going about dating – it was pretty much the way to go about dating. Singles could choose from a variety of sites and apps depending on their needs, and it seemed that dating now required a certain level of digital literacy.

Alyssa educated herself on everything online dating, and eventually met the man who would become her partner online. She taught herself how to navigate, enjoy, and find true love through the internet. Alyssa created Style My Profile to give singles the support, resources, and guidance she could have desperately used when she was in their positions. 

alyssa dineen, style my profile
Alyssa created style my profile to guide and support midlife divorced daters.

“Most of the people I work with are over 45 and have been divorced,” Alyssa said. “And they’ve never online dated, so they really don’t know what they’re doing. They often come into it blindly and don’t have the same familiarity with the dating apps as younger generations do. It’s a whole new thing and new language to learn – it can be a lot.”

Even small aspects of online dating that younger singles find simple, like messaging, often feel foreign to older daters. “People need guidance with taking selfies, writing a good bio, and finding ways to sound personable online,” Alyssa said. “There are some unspoken rules of engagement with online dating that older singles need to be aware of.”

Alyssa said Style My Profile clients often need guidance on how to make a profile that expresses their unique personality. She helps clients with the technical aspects of online dating, along with the emotional ones.

Sometimes, just having someone in your corner can be all it takes to have a more enjoyable dating experience. Older singles often have less peer support while dating, despite being in need of it.

Dating Concierge Services Designed For Divorcees

Every person has different needs when they enter online dating, and Style My Profile has a wide range of services to fill those needs. Alyssa said online dating success begins with a great profile. “It all starts with a really strong profile. You need a good picture, a good bio, and compelling prompts on your profile,” she said.

Daters who want personalized and hands-on help from Alyssa can book her one-on-one date coaching service. Alyssa said this choice is best for single people who are disillusioned with online dating and struggling to land any in-person dates. One-on-one coaching is best for singles who need a full profile – and mindset – transformation.

If you’re struggling with the technical side of online dating, Alyssa’s Virtual Profile Makeover will help you master the art of creating an attractive and interesting dating profile.

The Virtual Profile Makeover includes six profile photos curated by Alyssa, two completely finished dating app profiles, and a personal image consultation. The virtual makeover also comes with a downloadable resource kit with even more online dating advice.

style my profile DIY dating profile kit
The DIY kit from Style My Profile covers the basics of online dating.

The One and Only DIY Profile Kit teaches daters everything they need to know about making a great dating app profile and then gives them the tools they need to create one. Alyssa said this kit shows singles that their dating profiles should be a showcase and expression of who they are and what they’re looking for in romance.

The DIY kit includes a quiz, profile templates, a mini-course on profile photoshoots, and information on which dating apps are worth the premium subscription. The best part of the DIY kit is that it’s available for instant download, meaning daters can begin improving their online dating experience right away. 

Alyssa’s materials and coaching style are tailored to divorced midlife daters. While there are plenty of places dating divorcees can seek advice and support, Alyssa stands out from the rest because she’s been exactly where many of her clients are. 

Style My Profile Takes The Drama Out Of Online Dating

Dating at any stage can have its challenges, but dating later in life can be an especially isolating experience. Alyssa offers group coaching sessions to help singles achieve their romance goals and build a community of supportive divorced daters.

“I think group coaching is helpful for a few reasons,” Alyssa said. “I think people really get in their own head about dating and think too much about it, and pass too many judgments that end up limiting them. It’s so helpful to be able to talk to other people and get different perspectives.”

meet your match group coaching testimonials
Testimonials for Meet Your Match praise the group’s supportive atmosphere.

Meet Your Match Group Coaching includes six bi-weekly live group calls with Alyssa. During these calls, the group explores dating experiences, hang-ups, victories, and questions and works together to support each other through the dating process. Alyssa’s group coaching attends to both the technical and emotional aspects of online dating.

“I urge my clients to get friends and family involved, especially in the beginning stages of making a profile,” Alyssa said. “Grab your friends, and have them help you take pictures, find the best ones, and express yourself in your profile. Collecting great photos for a profile is a good place to start.”

Online dating is a learned skill, and Alyssa said she understands why the process can be so exhausting for some. However, with the right mindset, any single can learn the skills necessary to have a blast online dating.

“I’m as positive as possible, because while online dating can get a bad rep here and there, couples have met on it, and it can be amazing,” Alyssa said. “I think it’s really worthwhile to push yourself to be positive and open to all the experiences dating can bring.”