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Dating App’s New AI Assistant Can Teach Singles How to Flirt

Emma Patterson

Written by: Emma Patterson

Emma Patterson

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The Short Version: Flirtini’s intuitive AI assistant may not be a living, breathing person, but it certainly has a romantic side. The AI assistant helps the user to liven up conversation, refine flirting skills, concoct icebreakers, and put up healthy boundaries with potential dates.

Most of us spend the early days of a relationship sending increasingly flirty texts to our crushes. When done well, each person leaves the conversation with a stomach full of butterflies. But when the conversation is stilted and awkward, those butterflies can feel more like wasps. 

The “talking stage” of dating is essential, as you’re not only checking the other person’s vibe, but trying to learn more about who they are, what they enjoy, and how compatible you could be as a couple. 

Flirtini is a dating app that further romanticizes the talking stage of an early relationship, and it uses an intuitive AI assistant to turn those pesky wasps back into butterflies. 

The AI assistant and other AI tools help to liven up conversations, refine flirting skills, concoct icebreakers, and establish healthy boundaries with potential dates. 

Screenshot of AI-generated text
Flirt using witty AI-generated icebreakers.

Flirtini’s dating expert and Product Marketing Manager, Anastasiya Pochotna (Анастасія Почотна), may have said it best when she told us, “We want to teach our users how to flirt.” 

Flirtini takes improving one’s communication skills a step further by focusing on the ins and outs of flirting. If you’re shy, or insecure about your ability to hold a lively conversation, Flirtini’s AI tools can remove some of this pressure. After all, a relaxed conversation is much more conducive to flirting  —  and potential first dates  — than a tense, stilted conversation. 

Meet Fliry: The New Online Dating Wingman 

Flirtini’s intuitive AI assistant may not be a living, breathing person, but it certainly has a romantic side. Fliry isn’t only a tool, but a teacher that specializes in flirting from the very first text. 

“The most popular thing to our users is that very first message,” Anastasiya told us. After all, your introductory message is the only thing standing between you and the potential love of your life. You don’t want to put your foot in your mouth right off the bat. 

Fliry comes to the user’s rescue in one of two forms: as an adorable little robot, or as a woman with bunny ears. Both characters are surprisingly intuitive, as they analyze everything from your profile to your photos to get a clear picture of who you are and what kind of flirting style you prefer. 

There’s truly something special about crafting a flirty text alongside your closest girlfriends, and Fliry simulates this experience for some women. 

Screenshot of AI assistant from Flirtini's website
Flirtini’s AI assistant offers dating advice 24/7.

“Sometimes it’s night, all your friends are asleep, but you have Fliry, your AI friend who can help you, show you how to answer a flirty text, how to communicate, what to say. It’s very cool for somebody who really needs some help during that first conversation,” Anastasiya told us. 

Men may feel especially intimidated by the imposing first message. “[Men] have a bigger amount of unanswered messages … and they have the biggest stress during the start of communication,” Anastasiya explained. 

This is why Fliry’s AI icebreakers are so handy. “[Icebreakers] are unique and depend on your hobbies and interests from your profile,” Anastasiya added. Of course, Fliry also takes your love interest’s profile into account. 

The AI “voice” can be more romantic or more humorous depending on your preference. If you don’t want to come on too strong, you can simply instruct Fliry to generate more light-hearted, humorous responses and icebreakers.  

According to Anastasiya, Flirtini’s AI tool can make lackluster profiles more compelling, and therefore more popular. “Thirty-eight percent of profiles who prefer [AI] functions have more likes [and] more first messages from other profiles,” she told us. And Fliry is only one of Flirtini’s AI offerings. 

You Can Boost Your Profile With AI Filters and “Hooks” 

If you’re a natural born flirt, you may not need an AI assistant to pile on the charm. You could, however, benefit from one of Flirtini’s other AI developments. Flirtini is like a toolbox for AI features: It keeps all of the essentials in one convenient place. 

“We understand how important it is for women to have good photos,” Anastasiya told us. “But you need to download ten other apps.” Flirtini introduced an AI-enhanced photo editing feature so that users can avoid switching back and forth between different apps. 

The Beauty Filters can cover blemishes, apply lipstick, and even contour your cheekbones. “In harmony with Flirtini’s commitment to inclusivity, users of all genders can delight in this feature to improve their profile pictures,” Flirtini’s website claims. 

Flirtini also has an AI tool that polishes your profile. The profile description generator can make your profile short and sweet or long and romantic, depending on your personal style. It takes your demographic and your interests into account to craft the most eye-catching profile possible. 

Screenshot of beauty filter from Flirtini's website
Give yourself a makeover with Flirtini’s AI filters.

There’s nothing more aggravating than being left on read, so using another Flirtini feature called a “hook” — which is similar to a superlike — could help you stand out from the crowd. “Usually people communicate with ten other people at one time,” Anastasiya told us. “So you will have a lot of chats. And if you really loved this person, you just want to be answered.” 

When you use a hook, Flirtini moves your message to the top of your match’s chats. 

You can also share photos as stories to give prospective dates a glimpse into your life. Anastasiya told us about a nifty way you can make your story stand out. “You can boost your story or some other person’s story to show it to more people. For example, 2,000 people. When you boost, a lot of people will see you.” 

This feature is called Gift Story Boost because you can boost other people’s stories in addition to your own, which increases their popularity. By boosting someone’s story, you give them the gift of visibility. 

And when it comes to finally making a match, the first step is to be noticeable. 

Flirtini’s AI Tools Can Identify Fake Profiles

If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually be able to test out your newfound flirting skills on a date. But meeting a stranger you’ve met on a dating app comes with its risks, something Anastasiya emphasized.

“[We have] very common tips to protect your digital safety communication. It is important when you continue chatting in real life,” she said. As Anastasiya explained, it’s important to keep safety in mind as early as the first message. 

“We use AI not only to improve communication with people,” Anastasiya told us. “For us, it’s very important to make this communication safe. And for all dating apps, it’s a priority. We have additional functions that help the user cope with people and with fake profiles, for example.” 

When a potential connection turns out to be a catfish, the disappointment can be crushing. Flirtini’s anti-scam feedback loop aims to eliminate as many catfish as possible, and it relies on users to report potential scams. What Flirtini describes as “AI moderation tools” also helps to identify fake profiles. 

And if you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of receiving unsolicited pictures or texts, there’s an AI tool for that, too. Anastasiya said that the AI feature “understands that the message has some information that is not useful to the person … you’ll receive a notification that the message is not good for you.” You can decide for yourself whether you want to report the message. 

Unwanted photos will automatically blur thanks to Flirtini’s AI blurring feature. A manual review team works 24/7 to check user reports and profile photos. 

“We really appreciate when people want to see each other, to flirt to the point of being sexual,” Anastasiya told us. “But if you don’t agree to it, you will just see a blurred photo.” 

With these safeguards in place, flirting with a potential match should be smooth sailing — exactly as it should be.