Emma Patterson

Emma Patterson
Emma has a degree in English and Creative Writing from Fredonia State University. Her background in satirical journalism and human interest content helps her approach the dating world with humor and heart. She feels most at home in the lifestyle and human interest worlds, but she's also passionate about history, pop culture, and literature. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading, watching a movie, or losing at bar trivia.

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Signs That a Man Is Ready for a Relationship – Advice From Dating Coach Kelsey Wonderlin

How Women Can Find Relationship-Ready Men to Date

By: Emma Patterson • 6/18/24

The Short Version: Dating coach Kelsey Wonderlin helps women identify when a potential partner isn’t ready for a...(read more)

Dating App’s New AI Assistant Can Teach Singles How to Flirt

Flirtini’s AI Assistant Can Teach You How To Flirt

By: Emma Patterson • 6/13/24

The Short Version: Flirtini’s intuitive AI assistant may not be a living, breathing person, but it certainly has a...(read more)