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Expert Opinion: Does International Dating Really Work Out?

Julia Saurina

Written by: Julia Saurina

Julia Saurina

Julia Saurina is a founder and leading matchmaker at Princess Date Matchmaking. She established the company in 2010 to introduce Slavic women to single men from different countries. Many of her clients have gone on to have loving relationships and happy marriages. In fact, her company boasts 150 success stories from former clients matched through the agency.

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What is international dating really? It’s become more common now with the internet connecting people from different countries, and international dating services have sprung up all over the world.

International dating is a bit of a mystery to some singles who have never tried it. They may wonder, “Is it all complications and difficulties, or is it something that works?” 

I’m a professional matchmaker who established Princess Date to connect marriage-minded singles. My agency specializes in international dating, so I’ve seen these love matches work time and time again. And I’ll tell you why.

Closer Isn’t Always Better

Imagine yourself living in a small village. Maybe for some of you, there’s no need to imagine.

In a small village, you need to buy milk, fruit, eggs, and some other stuff for your home. You have a very small grocery store close to your house, just few blocks away, where you can buy low-quality products for a high price. OR you can drive 40 minutes by car to a big supermarket in a more populated area, and there you will find great organic products for a lower price. 

Definitely if you need just a small bottle of olive oil for a salad, the closer grocery store may be more convenient. But if you need a lot of groceries to last for a few weeks and you care about your long-term health, what will you do?

I’m sure the answer is obvious! You make the drive for the better food!

International dating is something similar. Yes, for many people who don’t care too much about healthy relationships, it’s unnecessary to make such an effort to find someone.

Casual local daters will be able to find a partner close to their neighborhood. Perhaps this person won’t be a perfect match, perhaps it won’t be a happy relationship. You won’t have chemistry, and you will live completely different lives as you are too different. BUT this person lives so close — why make any effort to meet someone better?

The Perfect Match Is Worth the Journey

As a matchmaker with 13 years experience, I can say with confidence that every single one of us has a perfect match! Everyone! And you definitely would have to be very lucky to find this person in your city or country. What if that person lives in another country, or another continent? Will you go out of your way to find him or her?

When some of my couples met each other, the chemistry was immediate. Many of these happy matches confirmed that they were waiting for this person all their lives! Can you imagine? And some of our couples met at 40, 50, or 60 years old.

Of course, I cannot tell you that it’s always easy to be successful with international dating.

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Princess Date Matchmaking can help international matches blossom into relationships.

You need to be in a long-distance relationship for some time, for one thing. Couples need to keep this love alive, keep this loving energy. But what if after that, if you “pass the test” you will get the best friend, lover, partner, and never want to be separated from each other.

You need to have a plan to move together. After you meet each other, and after you feel that you want to be with each other, don’t take it for too long. This is a mistake some people make: They start to date and don’t have any future plans. 

For long-distance dating and especially international dating, all couples need to have a plan. Otherwise, what is the use? You can get into the common online dating trap where you will consider online relationships as real, but they are not. Don’t put yourself into the delusion of thinking that an online connection is the same as a real-life relationship. 

If you don’t feel that you can live together in the future in your country or your partner’s country, then you’d better finish everything. 

Professional Advice Can Help You Along the Way

In my matchmaking agency, Princess Date Matchmaking, we support our couples from the very beginning. When people are introduced to each other, we are there for them. When they start dating, we continue to advise them until they get in a marriage… and sometimes even longer than that. 

This process of building up international relationships online and then in person can be really tough. Inexperienced singles often find it difficult to manage it without a professional matchmaker who supports the match and gives international dating partners the understanding about cultural differences and romantic expectations, and so on. 

But if you met the person by yourself, this will be my advice about how to keep the relationship strong and get to a happy family point:

  • Try to have a video call every day; you feel closer when you see each other’s faces.
  • Share pictures with each other 
  • Share your feelings 
  • Listen to your partner. If they’re having a bad day, try to call or text and give support. That’s very important for a long-distance relationship. 
  • Plan your next meeting after you meet each other for the first time. 
  • Make a life plan together 

Be romantic by sending flowers or gifts to each other or expressing in words how you feel for each other.

These dating and relationship tips can help couples who want to make international dating work and are ready to put in the effort it takes to turn an online match into a real life love story.

International Dating Can Work If You Make It Work!

In the end, it’s all about your attitude and the mentality you bring to new relationships. Be honest with your partner to grow your connection and be grateful to the universe that sent you this special person. 

Trust me, it’s not that easy to find a perfect match in the world, so try your best to hold onto it. Best of luck!