Is Zoosk Legit? — (6 Quick Facts)

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Is Zoosk Legit? — (6 Quick Facts)

Brittney Mayer Brittney Mayer

Anyone new to the world of online dating might wonder if Zoosk is legit and if online dating actually work in real life. If you’ve never heard of Zoosk, some questions naturally arise. We’ve heard many readers ask: Is Zoosk worth paying for? How good is Zoosk at finding matches? Should you upgrade your membership?

Let’s be clear: Our reviews about Zoosk are very positive. We’ve checked the site out and have concluded it is absolutely a legit place to meet people and date online. We’ve got six facts to support this assertion, so read on to find out more about Zoosk’s reputation.

1. Yes, Zoosk is a Legit Dating Site With 38 Million Users

A dating site is only as good as its membership, and Zoosk boasts having millions of singles in a worldwide dating network. This highly respected dating platform has more than 38 million members flirting online. You can mingle with them, sending winks, virtual gifts, and messages, without leaving home.

Here’s our breakdown of the site’s membership demographics and various perks:


Relationships: Fun Dates, Serious Relationships

Match System: Search and get match recommendations

Our Experts Say: “Zoosk is integrated with social media sites, like Facebook and Google+, so it's very popular with singles on the go...” Full Review »

Browse Free: View Photos Now

Overall, it’s worth subscribing to Zoosk so you can check out millions of profiles and possibly meet that special someone. Whether you’re in search of love or a casual date, the site has a diverse membership to tempt singles everywhere.

2. They Were Also One of the First Dating Apps in the Industry

Zoosk has been around the dating industry a long time — since 2007, in fact. Back in those days, there was no Tinder, Bumble, or Grindr — because there were no apps! I know, it was a simpler time. When Zoosk launch, online dating was still viewed with skepticism, but now it is one of the most popular ways to meet someone.

Zoosk pioneered the dating space and grew its membership base to reach over 80 countries in 25 languages. That’s super legit.

3. A Free Account Allows You to Test Everything Out

Look, I’m just a person on the Internet, so you don’t have to take my word (or these stats) as proof that Zoosk is legit: you can try it for yourself for free! Signing up for this dating service takes mere minutes and doesn’t cost you anything. Free members can create a profile, browse their matches, and send virtual winks for an unlimited period of time.

With a free Zoosk account, you can see for yourself what the site has to offer before you upgrade. You can learn more about Zoosk’s free trial period here.

4. Zooskers Exchange Over 3 Million Messages a Day

Not only does Zoosk foster a community of millions of singles, many of their members are actively looking for love and romance every single day. On this leading dating site, more than 3 million messages are exchanged each day. That’s a lot.

I’m telling you, Zoosk legit supports millions of opportunities to connect with people online, and more people are signing up all the time.

5. The Site Receives Positive Reviews From Consumers & Businesses

If Zoosk were a scam site, it wouldn’t receive quite so many positive reviews from users. Just take look at their success stories to find heartwarming testimonials of users who wound up in long-term relationships because of Zoosk. Experts in the dating industry also praise Zoosk for their Behavioral Matchmaking algorithm and longstanding commitment to providing singles innovative dating features.

6. Numerous Safety & Anti-Scamming Features Protect Members

How safe is Zoosk? So safe they’ve got 24/7 email support available to all members. If you have a concern, you can either contact the Zoosk team directly or visit their FAQs page to get a quick answer. Furthermore, the site keeps members safe from scammers and spammers by allowing you to report or block any profile that seems sketchy to you.

Screenshot of

Zoosk offers match recommendations, search features, and other high-tech tools to help you connect.

The Photo Verification feature is a paid perk to verify that members do indeed look like their picture. A badge reading “Photo Verified” lets you know that person has nothing to hide.

Zoosk also has an online dating safety guide that advises all members to take common-sense precautions to protect private information and meet people safely.

Is Zoosk Worth It? We Think So — Now It’s Time for You to Decide!

So, for anyone still asking yourself “Is Zoosk fake?” our answer is a resounding “No!” Zoosk is indeed a legit dating site used by millions of singles around the world. It’s not a miracle worker, but, if you put in the time, you’ll soon find yourself chatting with eligible singles from all walks of life.

Our dating experts firmly believe it’s worth subscribing to Zoosk to communicate more easily with singles near you. Good luck!