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The LargeFriends App Helps Big, Beautiful Singles Find Romance and Friendship

Suzanne Wentley

Written by: Suzanne Wentley

Suzanne Wentley

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The Short Version: More than 2 billion adults worldwide are considered overweight or obese, but many singles who fall into that category still feel isolated. Online dating apps often focus too much on appearance, fostering the expectation that singles should adhere to unattainable beauty standards to get a date. LargeFriends is a modern dating app designed to be more inclusive. It caters to big, beautiful singles and their admirers, and the platform helps users find the dates, friendships, and lasting relationships they seek.

The concept of beauty has changed dramatically over the years, but many online dating platforms haven’t evolved with the times.

Nearly 2.1 billion people worldwide are considered overweight or obese, including more than 130 million adults in the United States alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 73.6% of Americans over 20 were overweight in 2018.

With so many people falling into that category, it would seem easy for daters to find fellow singles to connect to. Even with the prevalence of technology, that hasn’t proven the case.

The LargeFriends logo
LargeFriends offers singles a place to meet without judgment.

A common complaint among overweight users of popular dating apps is that they tend to be negatively judged. That can lead to feelings of isolation for singles on those platforms who still may have plenty of options.

LargeFriends is a platform designed for people who don’t subscribe to those unrealistic societal norms of body shape and size. The dating app focuses on those who are overweight or obese — and their admirers. Despite what most people see when swiping through traditional dating apps, millions of singles are interested in partners with big, beautiful bodies.

“LargeFriends is committed to helping plus-size people solve their dating problems,” a Spokesperson for the platform told us. “If plus-size people go to ordinary dating sites, they may be excluded. So we created a platform called LargeFriends to help them find true love.”

The LargeFriends app is only for the overweight and obese or singles who are looking for big, beautiful partners. And users feel comfortable on the site, knowing that no one will be judging their appearance.

According to the LargeFriends spokesperson, the platform has nearly 1.8 million members, which increases the odds of finding a compatible partner who recognizes inner and outer beauty.

There is no age range for people who use the site, and members-only need to be over 18. Anyone plus-sized man or woman — or someone who is looking for curvy singles — can sign up for the app.

Users create a profile with their picture and a short bio and then begin browsing for other singles on the app. Members can also create blog posts to provide more information and stand out to others. The blog feature also allows singles to raise awareness about specific issues and gain a following of those who enjoy what they have to say.

Screenshots from the LargeFriends app
LargeFriends app users can easily find matches and chat for free.

Members may share their personal experiences each day, interesting stories from their lives, or write about what sets them apart. Blog posts can build on profile information by explaining likes and dislikes or focus on subjects about which singles are passionate.

The feature makes it easier to get to know others beyond just their looks. After all, big-bodied singles understand there’s much more to learn about someone below the surface.

“All you have to do is join the bevy of beautiful people who are waiting for you to drop a note,” a post on the site reads. “Nobody knows when and where you can find the perfect match unless you start trying on something for size, right?”

Send Messages for Free or Subscribe for More Features

The LargeFriends spokesperson said users can create a profile and send messages on the forum for free. And they can unlock even more features when they purchase a paid subscription.

The dating platform’s paid subscribers can use the platform anywhere, including on PCs and Android devices. And LargeFriends makes more than 40 benefits available to its Premium members.

“You can improve your chances by up to 500%,” the spokesperson said.

Singles with paid subscriptions receive 20 times more views and contact requests than standard members. They can also start conversations by sending messages and chatting online.

Screenshot from LargeFriends website
Features include quick ways to connect and blogs filled with advice and dating tips.

Beyond messaging perks, paid membership offers additional security. Users can selectively hide their profile if they see people they’d rather not interact with on the platform. According to the spokesperson, they receive enhanced privacy protection, more than any other dating company offers.

If members encounter a problem, they can contact a LargeFriends representative at any time by sending an email or starting a live chat. And when users need a quick escape from prying eyes, that’s also built into the platform. They can instantly switch their screen to another site through the “Quick Exit” function.

Singles can view all of the extras and the platform’s guidelines through its service agreement on the website at any time.

While the platform is currently only available on PC and Android, the spokesperson said the development team is working on an iOS version for the App Store. The team expects to release it soon.

LargeFriends: An Established Community Offers Advice

LargeFriends members can also access a blog and forum focused on dating advice and safety tips. The section includes more than 1,400 different topics members can read and where they can share their thoughts.

One post says that an easy way to turn a potential new partner off is to talk about an ex. Bringing up a past relationship before four or five dates with someone new shows that a person may not be ready to move forward.

Heartbreak is real, no matter what size someone is. The forum includes plenty of discussion about how to end a relationship with kindness and grace and whether it’s possible to be friends after a breakup.

The blog also advises that it’s best to start a relationship as casual friends since daters should base any romantic relationship on friendship.

The forum includes plenty of dating tips, too. Members share their experiences and wisdom so other daters can avoid mistakes that can cost them heartache or financial pain like dating a married man or falling victim to dating scams, respectively.

“Be careful if your new Internet friend seems too good to be true,” one member wrote.

Meanwhile, the LargeFriends team is working to provide the best service so members can have more fun and find love.

“The goal is to serve users attentively and constantly update the version to give users a better experience,” they said.