The Smash Dating App Takes Casual Dating To The Next Level

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The Smash Dating App Takes Casual Dating to the Next Level

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Not everyone is looking to settle down –– and that’s OK! Online dating apps such as Smash make it possible for daters to experience casual dating without all the pressure. Smash is a straightforward, no-nonsense dating app. The app focuses on helping expedite the dating process so members make instant connections through chats and profiles that self-destruct within just over an hour. 

Finding a partner who is looking for the same things you are is one of the biggest challenges that daters face nowadays. Luckily, niche dating apps offer communities of people who have the same interests and dating motives as you. Daters who are interested in casual dating will find the dating app Smash useful. Smash is a hardcore casual dating app that promotes instant responses so no one gets left on read. 

“We created Smash so that people could have an app where the person on the other end of the phone is active in real-time,” said Andrew Ronald, co-founder of Smash. 

Smash was introduced to the world in 2018.

In short, Smash was created so people can experience casual dating without all the awkwardness. Andrew told us that singles often feel pressure to hop into committed relationships but that’s not how Smash works. Members on the app have the opportunity to explore unorthodox connections such as wild flings and long-term open relationships. 

Smash was launched in 2018 and currently has over 20 million active users from all around the world. The app is most popular in the UK, U.S., and Canada. Smash can be downloaded on the Google Play or Apple App Store. 

“I finally found a hookup and casual sex app that actually works. There are plenty of people in and around London and I didn’t have much trouble getting a few numbers,” said a Smash user in a review. “Face verification is pretty smart for making sure there are only genuine people using it, and I haven’t seen any bots like other apps.”

Getting Straight to the Point From the Jump

People who are looking for hookups aren’t usually interested in playing a game of 20 questions to get to know someone. Instead, they would rather get straight to the fun! And that’s what Smash is here for. Everyone is encouraged to be upfront and honest about what they’re looking for. 

Screenshot from website.
Smash is available on Google Play or Apple App Store.

The Smash team has found a way for people to find casual dates by getting straight to the point and making plans to meet outside of the app. There’s no need for members to beat around the bush and sugarcoat their expectations. Not everyone is comfortable being that bold –– and that’s OK. Smash members remain anonymous so everyone feels comfortable with first introductions. 

Smash uses an AI system to ensure that members are always protected from scammers and catfish users. The AI system sorts through profiles and catches suspect behavior such as people trying to sell services. Andrew said the app is effective at removing profiles immediately, but members also play a big part in keeping the community safe.  

“We educate users every time they use the app on how to use it safely, what they should do and what they shouldn’t do,” Andrew told us. 

Using Limited-Time Selfies to Find the Perfect Match

The unique Smash matchmaking process literally lets your looks do all the talking. Instead of using the typical bios and descriptive profiles to get to know one another, Smash grants members only 69 minutes to post a selfie that will attract nearby people with whom to flirt and connect. Members only have a limited time to chat with each other, and after 69 minutes the chats and the selfie all self-destruct. 

Screenshot from website.
Smash users can upload temporary selfies to connect with each other.

While this may sound like a scary time bomb, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. The Smash team said that the time limit is enforced so people don’t encounter stale profiles and receive instant replies. When people have a time limit, they are more inclined to respond faster and determine whether they’re a match with someone early on rather than waiting for weeks. 

“I think that every investment we put into matching with real people has a time-limited nature to it,” said Andrew. “Smash is safe, fun, and simple. There are no long bios to fill in. There’s no need to post a picture and then leave the app. Which I think people really appreciate –– they appreciate the simplicity of it.”

A lot of people ask, “Well what happens after your profile vanishes?” It gets recreated and you start over again meeting other people who are nearby. It’s an easy and fast process that has helped thousands of people find hookups within the same night. 

Beat the Clock & Enjoy your SMASH

Smash creates a new path on how singles can meet interesting people and find local hookups. It’s the ultimate speed dating hookup dating app that offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Hookup culture is growing, and thanks to online dating apps like Smash singles don’t have to work so hard to have some fun. What once took weeks can take only a few hours to find on Smash. 

Screenshot from website.
Singles can find dates nearby within seconds.

Smash is free for anyone to join. But if you’re looking for an enhanced experience, you can pay for a premium subscription. With a premium subscription, you are prioritized among the crowd of people in your area and receive longer sessions, more conversations, and more flexibility within the system. Whether you’re trying the free or subscription model, Smash is worth the download.

Whether you’re looking for love or a one-night stand, online dating can be filled with different trials and errors. To help singles on their quest, Smash offers blogs filled with tips and advice on what to expect with casual dating. Smash articles share the experiences of others and offer encouragement when singles need it. Andrew told us he encourages members to remain persistent. 

“If you approach online dating with low expectations and wanting to have it, you won’t go wrong. So, focus on the fun and enjoy the process. Looking the part is very important for Smash, given how it works, so show up persistently and it will soon pay off,” said Andrew.