Gay Men And Commitment Being Monogamous Isnt Monotonous

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Gay Men and Commitment: Being Monogamous Isn’t Monotonous

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You know that feeling of love at first sight? You see him. He sees you. And, in that moment, your whole world slows down.
He smiles and you feel a jolt of lightning surge through your bones. You have never felt so alive in your life!
People say that’s love and I agree.
Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized in the U.S., many people are now seeing love and commitment is present in gay couples and we aren’t just some sex-crazed animals the media sometimes portrays us to be.

Make your own rules.

Although there are gay men who do value monogamy, there are those that believe in open relationships.
Commitment seems to be such a hot topic in the gay community because it is one stereotype that has definitely been scrutinized and amplified.
I’m not saying straight couples are all loyal to one another and gay men can’t commit. I’m saying every couple makes their own rules.
If being in an open relationship works for one couple, regardless if they’re straight or gay, then they should do as they please.
There isn’t one thing I absolutely hate more than society thinking gay men can’t commit.
Well, there is one thing I hate more, but let’s leave cargo pants out of this.
Even though I haven’t been in love, I don’t write it off completely. I do believe if I find the right man, I will not only stay faithful, but I will want to stay faithful.
I have also had my share of experiences with cheating. I’ve cheated and been cheated on.
“If being in an open relationship works for
one couple, then they should do as they please.”

Do gay men have trouble with commitment?

Yes! Do heterosexual men and women have trouble with commitment? Yes!
No one particular sexual orientation group is guaranteed to be safe from dating a cheater, whether it be their boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner.
It has and can happen to any one of us, but that doesn’t mean we should be afraid to date.
If you’re the type that is loyal and monogamous, then great! Find a person who has the same values and commitment as you do.
If you’re the type that’s not, make sure you are vocal about that to your date or whomever you are seeing.
I’m not telling you to be ashamed of your open relationship stance as long as you’re open and honest about it. Oh, and always wear a condom.
Readers, in what ways do you keep monogamy from becoming monotonous?