Sameera Sullivan Brings Matchmaking Services To Arizona

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Sameera Sullivan Offers Her Hands-On Matchmaking Services to Arizona Singles

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Singles turn to matchmaking services to add a personal touch to their dating experiences. They want a guiding hand to help them find compatible dates. Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers excels at assisting singles through every step of the dating and relationship process. Sameera and her team of matchmakers have expanded their services to the Scottsdale and Phoenix area where they are actively improving the romantic lives of Arizona singles.

Sameera Sullivan told us she has always been skilled at advising others. In high school and college, she was the friend who peers would call when they needed tips on relationships, dating, or anything else. So when Sameera started working for a matchmaking agency, it was the perfect fit for her. She wanted to help people find love, and she was good at it.

But after working at the agency for a while, Sameera realized that the process wasn’t as effective as she would have hoped. Sameera was dissatisfied with the way the matchmaking service functioned. “I didn’t think there were a lot of good matchmaking services that catered to people’s needs,” she said. “The heart to help people wasn’t there. It was super commercialized.”

She created Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers — then called Lasting Connections — to deliver comprehensive, high-quality matchmaking services to a high-end clientele.

Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers
Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers can help singles find a good match.

Sameera’s matchmaking company offers selective, efficient, and personalized matchmaking to its clients. While Sameera has a team of matchmakers to arrange the dates, her clients all still get personal access to her advice and support.

Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers has established services in New York City, Houston, Dallas, and Portland, bringing love and connection to singles in each area. In recent years, Sameera has also expanded her business into the Scottsdale and Phoenix area in Arizona. 

Sameea told us it was a colleague in the matchmaking business who urged her to enter the Arizona area. “Joann Cohen actually invited me to the Arizona market as she had a high demand from male clients but didn’t have the capacity to take more than a handful of clients,” Sameera explained. “Soon after, she realized we had similar styles, and the clients were raving about us!”

With operations in five metropolitan areas, Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers is a major force in the American matchmaking industry. 

“Sameera has set the bar in matchmaking for high net-worth individuals,” one D.C.-based client said. “She won’t settle until you have found a lasting connection. In the matchmaking game, she is simply unmatched.”

A Comprehensive Matchmaking Experience

Clients who work with Sameera’s team get a lot more than a list of potential matches out of the matchmaking experience. Sameera’s clients each get a bio written for them, a personality test, three weeks of coaching, a photo shoot, and wardrobe consultations, all in addition to traditional matchmaking services. Sameera and her team work hard to ensure that all of their clients are able to put their best foot forward in finding a match.

Sameera is selective in the clients she takes on. She works primarily with single men who have established careers and successful lives. These men tend to be older and have experience with long-term relationships or marriages, and now they’re serious about finding that special person for their next chapter in life. Single women can join Sameera’s matchmaking network for free, or they can choose to pay a one-time fee to be considered as a match first, but the matchmaking team does not guarantee dates for these women. Sameera and her team only arrange matches and dates for their male clientele.

Sameera Sullivan
Sameera ensures all of her clients get holistic help in their matchmaking experience.

Of course, a good matchmaking experience isn’t just about a positive first date. Sameera’s team is thorough in its coaching to make sure clients have the tools they need to enter a real relationship.

“Being a good matchmaker, you have to have a good intuition and a good understanding of psychology,” Sameera said. “You have to understand different personality types and use those tools for your clients.” 

That’s why clients who work with Sameera receive help with their communication and soft skills, in addition to getting a comprehensive revamping of their external appearances and first impressions.

Sameera’s coaching sessions dig deep into the client’s personalities, their interests, and what they want from a relationship. Many clients learn a great deal about themselves, in addition to what they can expect and aim for in relationships. “We cover your patterns, your attachment styles, and your love languages,” Sameera said. “We’re actually able to help people go into their patterns based on their assessments. And we’re able to help people really understand why they attract a particular type of person.”

The Team Offers a Personal Touch

Sameera created her company to offer a matchmaking service that cares about client success, as opposed to one that’s just concerned with the bottom line. Even though Sameera has several matchmakers working for her, she said she always makes herself available for all of her clients. “I trust my team; they’re great,” Sameera said. “But I do follow up with clients — I’ll text to see how it’s going, even if other matchmakers are managing. I’ll call every other week just to see how they’re doing.”

Once clients match with each other, Sameera’s team still takes an active role in facilitating their first few dates and the early stages of their relationship. “We arrange the dates, book the restaurant, and get numbers before the date,” Sameera told us. “Then I get feedback after the first date; once they’re in a relationship, we’re still there, making sure it’s all good.”

Personal life coach talking to her client during a session
The entire team of matchmakers takes an active role in helping their clients find love.

That signature individualized care pays off for clients. Sameera told us about one client — an 85-year-old man — who has found love through Sameera’s service after becoming frustrated with online dating. “He wrote me the nicest review of how hands-on we are,” Sameera said. “We introduced him to a woman, and they’ve literally been talking every day. He’s in Arizona, and she’s in Oakland, and now she wants to move to be with him.”

Sameera is dedicated to her clients and to getting to know each of them so she can set them up for the best possible relationship. She makes sure to hire matchmakers with the same mentality so all her clients get the service they deserve. “All my matchmakers are the same way: we get on the phone, and we discuss each person,” she said. “We’re very thorough. We get on the call and explain why this person is a good fit.”

Find a Lasting Connection With Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers

Successful people often find dating tricky. They struggle to meet partners who are on par with their level of ambition, passion, and energy. They sometimes get caught up in dating people who see their wealth or prestige before seeing them as a person. They may have a difficult time judging when people actually love them or just love the lifestyle and opportunities they can provide.

Sameera Sullivan is the go-to matchmaker for high-caliber singles looking to find a lasting love connection. “Most of my clients are extremely successful and very busy,” Sameera said. “They’re very socially savvy; they just don’t have time to find someone on their own. They’re not going to do the apps because they’re well known in their communities.” 

Portrait of multiethnic couple embracing and looking at camera sitting on sofa. Smiling african american woman hugging mid adult man sitting on couch from behind at home. Happy mixed race couple laugh
Singles find that working with Sameera’s team sets them on the right path to find lasting love.

When you work with Sameera, you can get paired with people who are genuinely good matches for you and who share the same values, hopes, and lifestyle as you. You can be confident that your partner is going to be there for you.

Dating after the end of a long-term relationship — especially one that has lasted many years or even decades — can be an extremely stressful experience in the beginning. After years with a partner, you may have no idea where to start. Dating applications may be totally foreign to you. The thought of asking someone out on a date may be scary enough to prevent you from doing it entirely. Many of Sameera’s clients have been divorced or have had a significant long-term relationship that ended. They’re ready to get back out there and find love again. 

Whether you’re looking to get married or just find a person who gets you, Sameera and her talented team are ready to help.