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The Social Is The Premiere Colorado Matchmaking Service for Modern Singles

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The Short Version: The Social is a Denver-based matchmaking service that’s been matching Colorado’s most eligible singles since 2020. Abby Rosenblum is the founder and lead matchmaker for The Social. She started the business after years of playing matchmaker for her friends. The Social offers traditional matchmaking for men, plus dating coaching and in-person singles events. With a hands-on touch and in-depth knowledge of the Denver area, Abby connects singles every day through The Social.

We all know that dating has changed in big ways over the last 15 years. The internet has changed everything about the way we meet and date. The internet offers so many avenues for singles to meet and make meaningful connections from personals sites to dating apps and everything in between.

Thousands of dating sites and apps operate worldwide, and millions of Americans use them every day. But beyond the world of dating apps and sites, the internet has changed another sector of the dating world: matchmaking.

The internet has only boosted matchmaking’s efficacy, allowing matchmakers to form larger client bases and networks than was possible before. Matchmaking’s hands-on and guided approach is attracting more singles than ever before as daters are increasingly left to their own devices on dating apps.

The Social, founded by lead matchmaker Abby Rosenblum, is one of those matchmaking services helping daters find success. The Social is a Denver-based premier matchmaking service for modern Colorado singles. The agency plans curated dates, organizes singles events in the Denver area, and offers coaching and courses for daters who want extra help.

Abby told us about her matchmaking service, why she started, and some advice she has for people playing the dating field. “I think you should use every resource at your fingertips when it comes to dating,” Abby said. “I don’t care how you meet someone, whether it’s through me or on a dating app or at a coffee shop. I help people date mindfully and really consider how they approach all aspects of dating.”

Lead Matchmaker Abby Is A Denver Dating Pro

Before there was The Social, Abby was her friends’ resident matchmaker. “It all started with me wanting to introduce friends or play wingwoman for friends while we were out at a bar or restaurant,” Abby said. “I didn’t just wake up one day and decide I wanted to do matchmaking.”

As Abby continued to match friends and get acquainted with the singles circles in her local Denver area, she realized that matchmaking could be a viable career option. In 2018, Abby launched her first matchmaking website. She still had a full-time job as a TV reporter and producer, so her matchmaking service remained a side gig for a couple of years.

Abby leads The Social using her knowledge of the Denver area.

Like most of us, everything changed for Abby in 2020. She said, “Then, in 2020, everything just went crazy with my business. Everyone was at home, wanting connection, and there were also tons of reality shows around matchmaking that I think piqued interest. I feel super lucky that The Social took off.”

Matchmaking is popular across the country, but Abby saw a viable niche in Denver. “I grew up in Colorado and Denver, so I have a huge sort of circle of people that I’m able to tap into when people reach out to me and want to meet someone. Plus, there are definitely not as many matchmakers in Colorado as on the East Coast. There’s just a handful of us.”

According to Abby, The Social stands out among other matchmaking services because of her hands-on approach and connections in the Denver area. She said singles should measure the options when choosing a matchmaking service. It’s important to have a matchmaker who not only understands your needs but has a large network they can tap into.

Abby founded The Social to give singles the support they need while they search for The One. She said that being single can feel lonely, and going through dating alone can be a challenging and confusing experience. Clients who choose The Social don’t have to face endless swiping, awkward messaging, and disappointing ghosting alone – Abby and her team are there every step of the way.

The Social Is Making Dating Fun Again

This may come as a surprise to some singles, but dating is supposed to be a fun experience. “Usually, people come to me from this place of being scared or stressed. They kind of have a scarcity mindset,” Abby said. “They’re worried there’s not someone out there for them, so the first step is to try to eliminate those limiting beliefs.”

Abby said limiting beliefs end up harming daters because they begin to internalize them. “When you start saying things like there’s no one out there for me, there won’t be anyone out there for you because you’re limiting yourself with that belief.” The Social helps singles see how exciting, enjoyable, and transformative dating can be, even if it doesn’t end with a relationship.

The typical client of The Social is someone who’s successful in their career, secure in who they are, and maybe hasn’t prioritized dating in the past. The Social offers traditional matchmaking services for men and a collection of other offerings for women, so every kind of dater can find a helpful service at The Social. The matchmaking service partners with Denver’s Cupid, which is a matchmaking service for LGBTQ+ folks.

couple holding hands
The Social helps singles navigate all things dating, from creating an online profile to planning first dates.

The Social follows the traditional matchmaking method of taking men on as clients and keeping a robust network of eligible women to match them with. “Guys come to me, and we figure out first what we need to start with. Are we ready to start going on dates right away? Do we need some help with confidence, new clothes, maybe a stylist? We figure all of things out in the first meeting.”

After a single man has met with Abby or her assistant matchmaker, they can decide which matchmaking package suits them best. The Gold Package includes two handpicked blind dates, a photoshoot, a dating app refresh, and dating feedback. With the Platinum Package, single men get unlimited dates for three to six months, date feedback and monthly one-on-one coaching from Abby, plus access to stylists, barbers, astrologists, and more.

The Elite Package is similar to the Platinum Package, but it also includes a custom-tailored first date outfit that will be sure to impress. Abby said the best way for a single guy to figure out which package is best for him is to book a call with a matchmaker at The Social.

Matchmaking For Successful & Established Singles

The Social heavily vets all of its singles, including its male clients and the single women in its database. Abby and her team take pride in making sure all of their singles are ready for a committed, long-term relationship. All clients have a solid career, are financially stable, and have undergone background checks and personality tests.

Since The Social follows a traditional matchmaking setup, the services offered to women look a little different than the services for men. The database is currently full, so The Social isn’t offering interviews for new single women. But women can still get a piece of The Social cake.

Abby has compiled plenty of resources for daters who need a little help. Singles who are struggling to find success on dating apps can choose one of The Social’s dating app refresh packages. These packages help singles revamp their online dating profiles so they can better express themselves and attract the kind of people they’re looking for.

Denver skyline
Abby and her team make high-quality connections across the Denver area.

The mini app refresh is a quick review of one online dating profile. A pro from The Social will meet one-on-one with a client to review a profile and give feedback. Singles who choose the mini app refresh also have access to The Social’s three-part Mindful Swiping course, which shows folks how they can approach online dating more authentically and intentionally.

The full refresh dives deeper into a dating profile. An expert from The Social will meet with a client for a whole hour to discuss where they’re getting stuck while online dating and new techniques they can use to avoid disappointment or burnout. This package also includes a one-hour photo shoot, plus access to the Mindful Swiping course.

The Social offers a wide array of services for daters who are ready to find a great partner. It’s easy to get burnout while dating, especially online, so it’s important for singles to have a good support system that can offer them reliable advice.

“One of the biggest parts of meeting someone is being happy and secure on your own,” Abby said. “I always encourage clients to work on themselves first. You know, try a hobby, join a gym, get involved in your interests. Spending time for yourself will only help in the dating journey, whether you have a matchmaker or not.”