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15 Benefits of Being Single (According to a Pro Matchmaker)

Lauren Sanders

Written by: Lauren Sanders

Lauren Sanders

Lauren is a professional matchmaker, dating expert, certified life/dating coach, multi-published self-help author, and founder of The Love Crush Agency™. She has 15+ years of experience as a therapist and a professional background working with the nation’s largest matchmaking agency. Lauren leads a mission based life to genuinely help others no matter the circumstance. Her relationship book "You Deserve the World" encourages women to never settle for anything less than they deserve. Other notable books by Lauren include "Lipstick Faith: A Collection of Inspirational Writings and Rainbows" and "Strawberries: 100 Devotions for the Brighter Side of Life."

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As a professional matchmaker and dating expert, I know the challenges of being single get a lot of attention, but I can also name many surprisingly wonderful benefits to being single. So many, in fact, it may make you think twice about rushing into a relationship. 

Living the solo life can be very satisfying and nourishing for the soul — not to mention stress-relieving. Here are 15 amazing benefits of being single.

1.  Peace and Quiet 

Absolutely nothing can take the place of a peaceful environment. When you’re single, you can guarantee more time for peace and relaxation. You’ll have more time to think, meditate, and focus on calming your nervous system (one of many health benefits).

2. Zero Accountability

When you’re in a relationship, you regularly inform your significant other about your whereabouts, decision-making, and the reasons behind everything you do.

Photo of single woman with arms outstretched
When you’re single, you don’t have to answer to a partner or consider their opinions or feelings.

However, when you’re alone, you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can come and go as you please without constantly checking in with another person. You can also make decisions without providing an explanation.

3. Lower Costs

Saving money is much easier when you’re single. Dinner for two is more costly than dinner for one, and you won’t have to worry about splurging on expensive gifts — unless you’re treating yourself, of course. We all deserve to splurge on ourselves occasionally.

4. Nobody Will Cheat on You

One of the best benefits of being single is you’ll never have to worry about unfaithfulness. Though being single can be lonely at times, one can find peace and comfort in knowing that no one is creeping around behind their backs.

5. Solo Decisions

When you are living the single life, you call all the shots. If you want something, you can get it for yourself without needing to talk anything out with anyone. You have the power to make major life changes unilaterally. Whether you want to move, switch careers, or change your look, that’s your decision, and no romantic partner will stand in the way of it.

Photo of woman happily dining alone
Singles can focus on their own desires when making decisions on everything from dinner to travel.

There are no deliberations, monthly couple’s meetings, shared budgets, or tough conversations required for single people making a decision. You are not required to consider the thoughts of another person. Your own opinions and thoughts are your only concern. What a relief!

6. Freedom to Date Casually

Casual dating is a significant benefit of being single. For those individuals who aren’t ready to settle down with one person, dating several people at once is a luxury. You’ll live guilt-free and can diversify your options.

7. More Sleep 

It’s no secret that when you’re actively dating, much of your time may be spent with another person. Often, that may require you to stay up later at night, especially on the weekends. However, when you are alone, you can spend those hours spent resting. One of the many benefits of being single.

8. Less Wandering Thoughts and Paranoia 

Let’s face it, many people have wandering thoughts when they are in a relationship. They may worry about their significant other’s faithfulness, safety, or even their decision-making.

Photo of woman relaxing by a window
Singles can breathe easier knowing they don’t have to worry about a partner’s compatibility or faithfulness.

In addition, they may doubt they are with the right person. When you’re single, you have less paranoia and can concern yourself with things pertaining to you.

9. Opportunities for Self-Reflection

Perhaps one of the best benefits of being single is that you can focus more on inner growth and healing. Time alone forces you to think about where you are in life and may help you focus on your goals. When the majority of your time is occupied with another person, you self-reflect less and focus more on the relationship.

10. More Time with Friends

Single individuals have more time to spend within their social circles. Last-minute functions and weekend getaways are more feasible when your schedule doesn’t need to align with your significant other.

Photo of friends talking at a table
You can spend more quality time with friends when you’re not in a relationship.

Additionally, you have more time to spend with friends who may need your love and support during difficult times.

11. More Time to Focus on Goals

Spending time in solitude really forces one to ponder on their life goals. Whether goals relate to finances, health, or some other aspiration, you’ll have more time to focus on goal setting and placing plans in action to achieve them.

12. Career Advancement 

When someone is single, they can concentrate more on their careers and the accomplishments they want to achieve. They may become laser-focused on excelling in their field and take the necessary steps, including educational opportunities, to make their dreams a reality.

13. Improved Overall Health

Being single can also lead to improved health as it may remove a significant stress factor from daily life.

Photo of woman doing yoga and holding a tea cup
Dealing with less stress is just one of the many health benefits of being single.

Maintaining a stress-free life has many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, improved digestion, and decreased risk of developing chronic illnesses. Perhaps the most important benefit of managing your stress level is reduced body inflammation.

14. Freedom to Embrace Hobbies

When you’re single, you have more time to do whatever you want. Whether it’s waking up later on the weekend, eating late at night, or walking around in your pajamas all day, you’ll have much more flexibility. 

Plans can be made at the last minute, or they can be totally disregarded. However, what’s best about having more free time is that nobody can influence where and how you spend your time. It’s all up to you.

15. Time to Prep Yourself for the Next Person

Finally, the biggest benefit of being single is that you can spend the time necessary to prepare yourself for the next relationship. That helps you ensure you are the best version of yourself when the opportunity for love presents itself again.

Photo of woman looking in the mirror
Once you’re ready to date again, you’ll likely be a better version of yourself.

While being single has many benefits, the ultimate benefit is that it allows you to become the best person for your future special person or life partner.

Singles Benefit When They Practice Gratitude & Stay Positive

The benefits of dating are vast. We live in a society that glorifies relationships and leads many singles to believe that living the solo life is not ideal. However, being alone leaves more room for personal growth, peace of mind, and freedom.