Dating Boutique Provides A One Stop Matchmaking Shop To Help Singles Find Love

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Dating Boutique: How Amanda Rose’s One-Stop Matchmaking Shop is Giving Singles the Answers to Life, Dating, and Finding Love in the Modern World

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: According to experienced matchmaker Amanda Rose, when it comes to dating, the simpler you can make it, the better. That’s why she created Dating Boutique as a one-stop shop singles can turn to receive guidance on their love lives. Dating Boutique delivers life and date coaching, event information, online discussion groups, and makeovers to help clients become more at ease with themselves and the process of meeting new people. At Dating Boutique, it’s all about getting clients ready to meet their special someone, and the agency’s focus on people instead of profiles has made that a reality for so many.

Amanda Rose is no stranger to adversity. After a trying divorce that left her picking up the seemingly irreparable pieces of her life, she was faced with raising two kids on her own while building a career.

However, these obstacles proved no match for Amanda. Her experiences made her stronger and even more committed to succeeding both personally and professionally. As a dating and relationship expert, she knew she could make a positive difference in the lives of others, too. So she founded Dating Boutique with the goal to provide turnkey matchmaking and relationship services for singles everywhere.

“My goal is to create the foundation to attract the quality matches clients are looking for and help them date successfully,” she said. “We work on this in the beginning, so they’re ready to thrive when we send them out there.”

Dating Boutique is now one of the industry’s top matchmaking agencies, a status earned, in large part, by the comprehensive services it delivers to clients. Amanda and her team have built a one-stop shop covering all the bases a dater needs to attract a match and develop a relationship.

The company offers a complete dating makeover, from accessories to makeup and wardrobe, and its personalized coaching sessions are designed to build up the confidence clients need to gracefully navigate the modern dating landscape.

Helping Singles Meet Their Soul Mates with Hands-On Matchmaking

What makes Dating Boutique unique is its array of services under the same roof. The agency specializes in matchmaking, personal coaching, live coaching, educational courses, dating style, online dating makeovers, meditations, and a blog chock-full of great advice.

This gives singles the opportunity to experience the consistency of one matchmaker’s best practices instead of running to various sites and resources with often conflicting information and protocols that only make the process more stressful.

“My style is very personalized,” Amanda said. “When I sit down and talk to people, many tell me I feel like a best friend.”

Dating Boutique first meets with potential clients to get to know them and determine whether they’re looking for a serious relationship. From there, matchmakers discuss clients’ lifestyles and what they’re looking for in a partner. If a client wants to move forward, he or she graduates to a more detailed interview wherein Amanda and her team get to the in-depth questions.

These questions can delve into, among other areas, old relationships to gain a deeper understanding of what a client has been through and what they’ll need to move forward. Amanda then begins the process of finding a good match for the client and sets up the date. Once the date is finished, she circles back to gather feedback and adjust her strategy accordingly. The experience is entirely customized to the client.

“I really want to get to know someone well on that platonic level,” she said. “I also go on intuition — it’s how I meet people. I do stress to my clients that they need to foster self-love and heal past hurts.”

Attract Quality Matches With Personalized Coaching

Amanda and the Dating Boutique team understand the process can entail trial and error. However, they convey to clients that it’s all part of helping them navigate the best path to love. By applying years of experience and actionable tools, Dating Boutique has been able to help thousands of singles transform their lives.

Every coaching session is one on one and tailored specifically to the individual. For Amanda, it’s all about giving clients what they need to meet their goals.

“We can work with a client on anything they are going through, self-esteem or past relationship issues,” she said. “We want to work through that with them, so when they go on a date, it can be successful.”

Amanda told us her coaching can be the guiding force to help clients achieve greater clarity and inspiration in their love lives, and provides the support and direction they need in the process.

In addition to scheduled coaching sessions, Dating Boutique offers live coaching, which makes an on-demand coach available to answer time-sensitive dating questions as they arise.

For example, if you’ve just met someone amazing while ordering coffee and want to see them again but don’t want to appear desperate or creepy — log in to the chat and ask your coach what to do. In no time, you’ll have the answer you need without having missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because you weren’t sure how to proceed.

Dating Boutique also offers a few signature online courses to help singles with common issues. “People can take them at home in their pajamas at their own pace,” Amanda said.

In the Manifest a Man course, single women learn how to attract a quality partner and get clarity on what they truly desire in a man. The Breakup Breakthroughs and Bliss course is designed to help you overcome the hurt and frustrations of a breakup, identify your limiting beliefs about love, and transform your mindset so you can attract love. No matter the topic, all of Amanda’s courses were designed to enlighten people on how to better approach their romantic lives.

Meditations That Foster Positive Outlooks on Bonding With Others

Dating can be stressful, which is why Dating Boutique developed a Meditation page to give singles tools to clear their minds of painful past relationships and prepare the way for new love. The meditations are short videos meant to be both informative and relaxing.

In the video Meditation for Love, Amanda greets viewers at a beach and encourages them to come to a place of openness. She guides her audience throughout the meditation — both with physical instructions and emotional cues — to encourage clients to widen the space in their environments and hearts to receive love.

Dating Boutique’s blog is another resource to help expand a client’s inner wisdom. In “A Simple Mindset Shift to Make Your Date Amazing,” Amanda challenges singles to shake off their negative mindset in favor of one that’s in the moment.

One simple but powerful exercise involves looking at the person across from you on a date and recognizing something amazing about him or her. This forces practitioners to be in the moment with someone new rather than living in a past moment with a person who may have hurt them.

In “Six Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life,” Amanda gives people real and relevant tips to rev up a ho-hum bedroom life. These tips include adding a little yoga to your exercise routine to increase circulation to your pelvic area, finding a new locale for your sex romps, or popping open a copy of the Kama Sutra to try out the Tripadam or Sammukha.

Dating Boutique Can Put You on the Path to a Fulfilling Relationship

No matter where you’re at in your love live, Dating Boutique has many ways to improve your dating acumen.

If you’re still dancing around the idea of being ready for love, try a Dating Boutique educational course, workshop, or meditation video. If you need a more individualized touch, several coaching packages are available to empower you to put past behaviors behind you and embrace new, authentic habits.

And, once you’re ready to commit to Dating Boutique’s matchmaking process, its experts are there to help make your relationship dreams come true.