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Perfect12 Introductions Founder and CEO Simona Fusco Shares Her Expert Dating Advice

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: It’s common to see singles nowadays using matchmaking services to find love. Dating is becoming more complicated and having someone right beside you throughout the process can make all the difference. Simona Fusco created the elite matchmaking company, Perfect12 Introductions, to do just that — help singles with their dating lives. Since 2011, Perfect12 Introductions has grown into an award-winning matchmaking service that many singles find trustworthy and worth the investment. Simona and her team have the perfect tools to assist singles in their quest to find their happily ever after.

Online dating is a convenient way for singles to date and meet new people. However, it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming sometimes. Putting yourself out there and initiating conversations isn’t always easy for introverts. That’s why matchmaking services are in demand.

An estimated 5.2 million people will use matchmaking services by the year 2026, according to Statista. As the need for matchmakers continues to grow, singles can expect their dating lives to change for the better. As someone who turned to a matchmaker to find love herself, Simona Fusco created her matchmaking service called Perfect12 Introductions for busy singles who need assistance in their dating lives.

Photo of Simona Fusco.
Founder of Perfect12 Introductions, Simona Fusco gives practical advice.

Perfect12 Introductions was founded in 2011 when Simona realized online dating wasn’t the best option for her and going out to bars just didn’t pique her interest. So she turned to matchmakers for aid.

When Simona started using matchmakers to help her find love, she noticed some matchmakers prioritized quantity over quality. She told us she loved matchmaking services but didn’t like that aspect of it. So she decided to change things up.

“You would be shoved off to some junior matchmaker and get lost in the shuffle. As a former client of matchmakers myself, I would often be severely disappointed that the men they matched me with had absolutely nothing in common with me,” Simona said.

Perfect12 Introductions sets itself apart from the rest because it operates under the quality over quantity concept. The company focuses on the client’s needs and how to better serve them. Now it has blossomed into an elite and award-winning matchmaking service in Los Angeles. Simona takes pride in being recognized as not only a leading matchmaker in the country but of establishing the only matchmaking service to be presented with the Global Excellence Award by the Los Angeles mayor just two years after launching Perfect12 Introductions.

Wing Woman to the Rescue

Matchmakers can have a strong influence on how people meet and how they develop serious relationships. Simona told us that Perfect12 Introductions grew in numbers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This isn’t surprising considering that COVID changed the way people date. A lot of singles turned to matchmakers to resuscitate their dating lives when social connections were limited.

Most clients are successful entrepreneurs who don’t have that much time on their hands to find a partner. Simona and the team understand that, when life becomes busy, the opportunity to meet new people and date becomes less feasible — especially when the COVID-19 pandemic took place.

Screenshot of Perfect12 billboard.
Perfect12 Introductions is a premier matchmaking firm.

Simona said she’s committed to the important role that she plays in her clients’ lives and prioritizes the connection she shares with all of them. She told us that she views her role as more than just a matchmaker. “I get to know each and every one of my clients which is why they often refer to me as their confidante, friend, and lovingly wing-woman,” Simona said.

In doing so, Perfect12 Introductions has gained success in making clients more comfortable to trust the process. Simona has experience working with an array of people, including celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, sports figures, entrepreneurs, and single professionals.

“As a public figure, I am not able to go out as often as I’d like because my time and my privacy are of importance to me. Bars are certainly not an option and not my thing, to begin with. Perfect12 is like a guide through the jungle of the dating world. I like the fact that they send me profiles of people that have been verified according to my choice, values, and lifestyle,” said former NFL wide receiver, Terrell Owens in a testimonial.

Preparing Clients for First Dates & I Do’s

It’s important that clients and their matchmakers establish trust. To get the best results, clients have to be open and willing to believe that they’re in good hands. Simona told us that trust is a key component, and it has helped her and her team better prepare singles for the dating world.

Clients trust Perfect12 Introductions with their personal lives, and the team works diligently to handpick matches rather than relying on computer-generated prospects. Every match must go through a vetted and verified process so the client gets to know the person behind the profile. Simona shared that the singles she works with rarely have pre-date jitters because they trust in their matchmaker’s expertise.

“I am here to guide you through the ‘jungle of dating’ every step of the way and I have your best interest at heart. It is important to remember to have fun! We are introducing you to the love of your life and what can be more exciting than that?!” Simona exclaimed.

Perfect12 logo

Since COVID, Simona has encouraged her clients not only to prioritize their health but to invest in finding a partner who can face the ups and downs of life with them too. Her advice to clients is to enjoy the simpler things in life. Some engaging experiences and outdoor activities have helped singles go from first dates to saying “I do” at the altar.

“After my recent divorce, I didn’t think I would ever feel about a woman the way I feel about Bee. On top of that, with my busy schedule, I thought I would just have to rely on friend’s introductions or running into her at a bar,” said Brad in a testimonial. “Going on two years now and I love her more every day! She’s amazing. I am proposing on our trip to Venice, Italy… Thank you Perfect 12 for helping me find love once again”

Perfect12 Introductions Can Give Singles a Dating Advantage

Perfect12 Introductions has achieved a 90% success rate in helping people find companionship. Simona and the team operate under the belief that the difference between wanting and finding love starts with them. By having the right tools and convictions, Perfect12 is a support system for any client from the very beginning.

Simona told us that the advantage that the matchmakers give clients is trustworthy advice and quick results. Throughout the process, Simona encourages her clients to never settle and go after what they want in a partner. Although she advises singles to be open-minded to explore partners they may have never dated before, she said she ultimately believes that clients should stay true to their values and morals.

“Have standards and be patient. Be confident and don’t forget to work on yourself to be your best possible version. Don’t waste time trying to make something work that won’t, seek wise counsel, and most importantly be yourself!” Simona said.

Today Perfect12 Introductions is recognized in many magazines across the globe, and its media presence is growing. Simona has shared her experience and insights as a relationship expert on TV shows, including the Dr. Phil show, and we can expect more coverage of Simona and her team in the future.

Simona told us that, apart from working on her charity The Maria Gruber Foundation, she is currently working on another foundation, Ask Simi, that will focus on empowering and mentoring young women.