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KinkD Review: Find Your Kink Community

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Finding others who share the same interests can be hard for kinky people. Whether they want partners or a larger social circle, sometimes, turning to the internet is the way to find others in the kink community. KinkD is a dating and social networking app for those interested in kink, BDSM, and fetishes. The app keeps its users safe and private with verification and private album features. 

As kinksters know all too well, the kink community in mainstream society carries a lot of harmful stereotypes. 

Making close friends with people outside of kink who know about their sexual interests can be challenging for kinky people. They may find that when they’re open with those around them, their morality is questioned. They struggle to express themselves without feeling judged.

But for many people, kink is a part of their identities that plays into their day-to-day lives. Their passion for sexual exploration and creativity may be as important to them as writing is for me or painting is for my partner (i.e., very). Kink can be an integral element of their self-expression.

Those peering into the kink world seldom understand how kink ties into the community, even outside of sexual practices. Kinksters’ exclusion from the mainstream encourages them to seek friendship, platonic relationships, and romantic relationships with those who are also interested in kink. They may not all be into the same sexual activities, but their shared open-mindedness and love of trying new things bring them together.

Those in the kink community can find sex, love, and fellowship on KinkD, a dating community and social network for anyone interested in bondage, BDSM, kink, and fetish. You can find singles, couples, and swingers of all genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds on the app. It’s the perfect place for anyone yearning to share their whole self with those around them but who find it difficult to be accepted in the mainstream world.

While there are fetish communities already online, KinkD stands out as one of the most sophisticated and effective kink apps you can use on a mobile device. Wherever you are, you can connect with friends, plan hookups, or even fall in love. With KinkD, you can explore whatever kinks interest you in any way that feels right.

Protect Your Safety and Your Privacy

Unfortunately, participating freely in kink can come with a few risks.

Kinksters — especially women and queer folks — run the risk of meeting someone with bad intentions. Sex is an incredibly vulnerable experience, and continual consent is essential. No one wants to get involved with someone who doesn’t understand boundaries and pressures you to do things you aren’t comfortable with. It can happen on any site, but those who are already involved in kink culture may be more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Another way people violate consent online is catfishing. You may think you’re talking to one person and then meet in real life just to realize their photos were of someone else entirely. It can be disappointing and even dangerous.

KinkD has an ID photo verification process to combat catfishing and keep users accountable on the site. When you choose to join, you have to submit a picture of your driver’s license or other government documentation to verify your profile photo before you can use the site. This process helps keep the community on KinkD safe and legitimate.

App view
Users have private albums to protect their images.

While your physical safety is the most important, your privacy matters, too. Many people involved in kink would prefer to keep their involvement private from their employers, family members, and other people in their lives. They may be concerned that involving themselves in a kink community online would put them at risk of having this component of their lives exposed publicly.

But KinkD had a solution for that as well. The KinkD community is closed to those who haven’t gone through the verification process. Additionally, KinkD offers users the option to keep their photos on the site private. If someone wants to view the photos in a private album, they can send a request to the album owner, who can either reject them or grant them access.

These safety and privacy measures help ensure that KinkD users feel comfortable online and can engage with kink however they choose.

Get Matched With Kinky People

While KinkD is a great option for kinky folks who just want some new friends, you can also use the site like a more traditional dating or hookup app.

You can allow KinkD access to your location to find potential partners in your local area and swipe left or right on them, depending on your interest. You’ll find KinkD users worldwide, with the majority in the United States. There are couples, swingers, and singles of all sexualities and gender identities on the app, so whatever your preferences, chances are, you’ll find someone who fits them.

Users have a wide variety of kinks and types of fetishes, so you’re likely to find someone near you who shares your interests. Users on KinkD are very open-minded, so you may show a match something new or learn something new yourself!

Portrait of gentle young Asian woman with clean healthy skin looks tenderly at camera has natural dark hair poses for magazine cover looks seductive isolated over vivid red studio background
People interested in finding partners can do so on KinkD.

While most people meeting partners on KinkD are primarily interested in sex, those looking for a more serious relationship may be able to find it on the app as well. Sexual compatibility is important for romantic relationships, too, especially for those who place a high importance on sex. Those who are more vanilla on that element of a relationship may not be interested in participating in kink, and kinksters will likely get bored of more ordinary sex.

If you’re a member of the kink community trying to find a serious partner, KinkD is likely a good place to look. You’ll find people willing to communicate openly and honestly about what they want sexually and romantically. As fellow kinksters, they understand what it’s like to feel judged in mainstream society and struggle to navigate sexual desire with a partner.

KinkD is a Safe Space for Fetish Culture

When exploring any type of sex, it’s vital that you feel safe. You need to be physically comfortable with what’s happening as well as emotionally comfortable. If you feel judged or shamed for anything you’re doing, you probably won’t enjoy it.

On KinkD, users find a mix of opportunities to sexually explore themselves and their partners  and to find a new facet of their identities and self-expression. It’s a safe space from which to learn more about kink and fetish or to explore preexisting interests. KinkD offers consenting adults a platform where they can safely and privately be themselves.

KinkD banner
KinkD helps many users find friends and community.

KinkD is also a sophisticated social networking tool for people in the kink community to find support, friendship, and advice. Its safety measures mean you can meet like-minded people online without needing to out yourself and your sexual interests to your network of friends and family. 

No matter how visible your interest in kink is in your reputation and public life, you can feel comfortable meeting other people on KinkD. And with a free and functional version of the app, there’s no downside to joining the KinkD network. You can find your people on the internet at no additional cost. 

If you go on the KinkD website, you can also find a variety of articles about different sexual acts and fetishes, as well as tips for effectively communicating with people online or finding new partners. KinkD is not only a tool for kinky people to connect with each other, but it’s also a resource for those who want to learn more about kink or who want to improve their online practices so they have a better time connecting with people online.

Wherever you are in your kink journey, KinkD is a great place to turn.