Pure Invites Singles To Explore Their Sexual Desires

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The Kink-Friendly Dating App Pure Invites Singles to Explore Their Sexual Desires

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: Singles have become more open to trying new dating apps and sites that will help lead them to loving connections. And the dating app Pure proves that not all singles desire a serious commitment and forever love. Pure is a kink-friendly dating app that encourages authenticity and building connections that can last a lifetime — or just one night. No matter what turns you on, Pure is a safe space where users can date honestly without having to feel shame. Singles can date as their true selves on the Pure app and find a match who is down to date casually.

Part of the fun of dating is exploring the many dating apps and sites available. Though it may take some trial and error, singles don’t have to settle for just any one way of dating. They can date how they please whether that’s by going out and going through different introductions or using an app and searching through different profiles

It’s comforting to know that people can now choose how they want to date in a setting that matches their vibe. Back in the day, most single people dated for one common reason — to get married! Now people are dating to help fulfill their social needs, to find a romantic partner, or to just have a good time. 

Screenshot of Pure
Pure was created in 2013 to help singles meet anonymously.

The dating app Pure continues to promote honest dating without shame to help singles spice up their dating life. Pure was created by entrepreneurs, Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko. In October 2013, Pure was launched in the United States and later introduced to the Russian market in January 2014. 

Roman and Alexander started Pure with the intent to remove all strings attached to dating. Pure is a fun and safe space for singles who are DTF (Down to F*ck). You don’t have to be on a mission to tie the knot to join Pure. 

“We thought it would be cool to use an approach like Uber,” Roman said in a New York Intelligencer article in 2013. “Where you create the request, and you get a car pretty soon. We thought it would be cool to have something like that to find a sex buddy.”

Despite the controversy that came with it being a sex-positive dating app, Pure remains a go-to app for singles to find adult love. Pure is endorsed by the well-known author and sociologist, Carol Queen. Anna Hintsyak, Pure Marketing Manager, told us that after releasing the Android version of Pure in 2015, the app grew exponentially. ;That same year, Pure generated over 1 million meeting requests over 12 months.  

Upgrading Casual Dating Lives

Pure isn’t just about dating, it’s about creating an experience that people will always remember. A lot of singles use Pure to escape their daily routines. People can find themselves caught up with work and doing the same thing every day that they don’t ever squeeze in time for fun and adventure. 

Pure is on a mission to shake things up. As opposed to the traditional way of dating, Pure is a location-based app that mainly focuses on finding singles their next sex partner. Unlike other dating services, Pure is a place where singles can let loose and play the role of whoever they choose to be. 

Although Pure welcomes everyone, members must abide by the community guidelines. Pure’s core values are openness and mutual respect. Members are expected to treat one another with respect and to enter the app with no judgment. Singles who join the app are often exploring their sexuality and learning what they’re into or not into. For their journey to be successful, everyone on the app must adhere to Pure’s core values.

Screenshot from website.
Pure is a safe space for singles to explore their sexuality.

“The app gives so much anonymity and in combination with the audience, you just get a spicy, genuine experience with motivated, open-minded girls. I have met some girls on the app who immediately wanted my number,” said Lon Ortiz, a Pure member in a testimonial

Members praise the app for allowing them to explore the possibilities of being open to intriguing connections — something they would have never done if not for the app. To make dating easier on the app, Pure allows members to post ads on their profiles that mention whatever experience they’re looking for at the moment.

Members can share that they’re looking for just a casual encounter one day, and if they change their mind and want a serious relationship, they can quickly change it. This helps everyone on the app to practice honest dating and know everyone’s expectations.

Letting Your Imagination Enhance Your Relationship 

When we were kids, we often heard our teachers or parents telling us to let our imaginations run wild. It’s been said that you will reach your dreams by allowing your imagination to run wild and the Pure team believes this to be true too. Pure members are given the space to explore their desires and live out their wildest relationship dreams. 

Some singles always dreamt of being in a unicorn relationship or expressing their kinky side. Pure is the right dating app for turning imagined sexual exploits into reality. The Pure team actively works toward making Pure as sexy, safe, and user-friendly as possible so members of the app can just enjoy dating. 

Screenshot from website.
Pure encourages members to let their imaginations run wild.

Sometimes when you’re dating or even when you’re in a relationship, you’re afraid to explore your sexual desires. Pure helps those individuals feel safe and seen on the app. What happens on Pure stays on Pure and members feel more at ease knowing so. 

But how does Pure work? Anna told us that Pure is mainly an online ad board where people share the different kinds of experiences they’re looking for. Once they match with another user based on their preferences, a chat is automatically created for the two to chat and see if they want to move further. 

The best part of it all is that it’s anonymous at first, making it even more comfortable for users to share their wildest interests and desires. 

“Out of all the dating apps I’ve tried over the years, PURE is not only the easiest to use but also the most pleasant. I love how easy it is to upload photos and all profiles are verified,” said Evan Pullman, a Pure member in a testimonial

Pure: Where Dating Is Anything But Boring

Pure likes to be known as anything but boring. The team dedicates significant time to ensuring that members enjoy their time on the app and don’t have to stress. 

Anna told us that it’s Pure’s mission to maintain a pure dating experience — meaning that members’ safety is a number one priority on the app. The team is constantly scanning the site for scammers and spam accounts that can affect members’ experience. Pure also sends out automatic alerts on certain trigger words that might be used by scammers. This helps members detect whether they are talking to a scammer or a legitimate app member. 

Screenshot from website.
Pure is changing the way singles date.

“I feel comfortable exchanging messages with people. The app has everything you want from a dating app,” said an anonymous user in a testimonial. “You can put a profile there that includes the information you want others to know, you can browse through other profiles and pictures to find your potential matches, you can chat with people you care about privately and freely.”

To make things interesting, Pure has cool features that allow members to interact with one another. Certain features, such as sending gifts, instant chats, and video chats, help make the Pure experience more engaging. 

Photos shared on the app will self-destruct right after being seen. Any audio or photos shared in a conversation can not be saved in a gallery. This helps members feel safe in exchanging pictures or audio messages with one another. Similar to Snapchat, Pure alerts members when someone screenshots their picture. 

“Since the launch of Pure, we have been rewriting the conventional rules and norms of sexuality. We play our own game within the dating industry and are currently developing Pure 3.0 which will focus on video chats and AR technology,” said the Pure team.