Does Your Online Dating Profile Need A Digital Facelift This Spring

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Does Your Online Dating Profile Need a Digital Facelift This Spring?

Julie Spira

Written by: Julie Spira

Julie Spira

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It’s springtime and love is in the air, as well as on your computers and mobile phones.

On March 20th, along with the arrival of the spring equinox, several singles I’ve been working with in my Online Dating BootCamp changed their relationship status to “In a Relationship” and retired their online dating profiles since the first day of spring.

What’s their secret in just one week? Preparation and careful planning for the change of seasons, because there’s no better place to look than on your existing online dating site.

Each couple I worked with took the steps to create a personality that would shine along with a fresh start.

Get a digital facelift.

Singles already online need a digital facelift of their profiles at least once every season.

Just like you change your wardrobe and rearrange the clothes in your closet to wear lighter and brighter clothing for the new season, your dating profile should reflect a brighter and refreshed version of you.

To do this, I recommend the following:

1. Take new photos. 

Wear outfits with pinks, reds and colors that will pop. Ditch the little black dress, as it’s too common and will get lost on the computer screen.

You don’t have to go to an expensive photographer, but grab some of your friends and a digital camera and start shooting away.

Take 100 photos in five different outfits. Let your friends help you select the best five photos. Choosing the right photo can make a great impression on your next hot date.

2. Change your screen name.

Drop the winter blues and find a catchy screen name for your dating profile. Or if there isn’t a screen name, then update your bio to include little details about yourself.

Love art? Terrific. Use the name “ArtLover” and possibly your first name or the state you reside in, such as “ArtLoverJill” or “ArtLoverNY.”

Ski season over? Change your headline from “Loves to Ski” to another activity, such as “Looking for hiking partner.”

“All singles looking for love online could use a 

digital facelift to attract their dream date.”

3. List upcoming events.

Your dating profile doesn’t have to be stagnant like a magazine ad. Make it more active like your Facebook profile.

If you’ve snagged great concert tickets and are looking for a date, say so in your profile.

Who knows? Your dream date might just share the same passion for music you do.

4. Head over to Facebook.

Online dating has really become social dating. Make sure your Facebook page lists your status as “Single.”

You can do this in your “About” section. Let the world know you’re ready to start dating.

See an old friend? Strike up a private chat on Facebook. Or try Facebook Dating.

Looking for person to go to the latest museum exhibit? Post it on your page.

Who knows? A secret admirer might just “like” that page and suggest going together.

5. Cast a wider net.

Don’t limit your search to 10 miles within your hometown, unless you have your heart set on being with the boy next door.

If you’d be willing to drive an hour to see a date, then change your range to 60 miles from where you live.

Expand your age range to a few years older and a few years younger to be open to the possibilities.

Going on a business trip or vacation? Write to someone in the city you’ll be visiting. When they hear you’ll be in town for a limited time, they won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to meet you.

At the end of the day, all singles looking for love online could use a little digital facelift on their online dating profile to attract their dream date.