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Dating App Bindr Helps Bisexual, Queer & Curious People Meet Without Labels

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Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Bindr is an inclusive queer dating app that provides a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals, with a primary focus on bisexual individuals. With its label-free approach to online dating, Bindr has quickly become one of the fastest-growing queer platforms embracing diversity and boasting more than 100,000 users on both Android and iOS. The app is free to download and allows users to explore their sexuality in a welcoming space. Everyone is accepted regardless of how they choose to identify.

Dating is awkward for just about everyone, but for LGBTQIA+ singles, things can feel even more overwhelming – especially if you’re new to the dating world. Many bi singles struggle with dating online, although the dating pool for bisexuals may seem large due to the assumption that they have more options. It can be challenging to find an ideal match who’s open to the idea of dating someone attracted to multiple gender identities. 

Mary Richardson noticed a gap in the market for a bisexual dating app that would provide singles with a safe space to explore romantic relationships without having to enter their sexual orientation. 

After getting repeatedly banned on Tinder – something that happens frequently with bisexual women on the app – she met with co-founder Brandon Teller and decided it was time to go forward with an idea she’d had since 2018 for a bisexual dating app. Bindr disrupted the online dating industry in 2022 with a name reminiscent of a gender-affirming accessory ideal for the platform’s reach. 

The inclusive queer dating app is focused on what Mary describes as “label-free dating.” Although the app was initially created for bisexuals and bi-curious individuals, Mary explained that she and Brandon didn’t prioritize orientations for the app’s launch. “We didn’t have sexual orientations put on the app…we didn’t think it was the most important thing,” she said.

While growth was slow in the initial phases with an influx of support emails regarding bugs, the community grew organically from Pride events and word of mouth and now receives scores of glowing reviews. Users loved that labels weren’t emphasized and that they could embrace being label-free, especially if they are new to online dating and still figuring out how they want to identify. 

“I began using Bindr… and I found someone I bond with really quick,” another user said. “I had almost no troubles navigating the site. Great app!”

The app resonates with many queer singles, including non-binary, transgender, and pansexual individuals.

“People go back and forth on the difference between pansexual or bisexual, or they use bisexual as an umbrella term,” Mary explained. “Sexuality is OK to change, and people aren’t hyper-focused on it.” 

Love Without Limits in a Judgement-Free Zone 

Bindr’s approach to queer online dating makes it an ideal safe space without emphasizing labels and offering people the opportunity to explore their sexuality without being judged. Online dating can bring a lot of stress for those who are new to the dating game. The app has a diverse range of users, spanning from college age to those in their 50s, creating a vibrant and inclusive community for all age groups.

As an admin and avid app user, Mary was thrilled with the emails she could receive from new users and spoke about one in particular that stood out to her. “It was a man saying, I’m a widowed man; I was married to a woman. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with men, and I love your platform so much because I don’t feel like I fall in any specific category…I just want to meet people that accept me,” Mary said. 

Bisexuals are, unfortunately, often subjected to fetishization. Bisexual women, in particular, are frequently the targets of straight men, which can be pretty uncomfortable when it comes to dating.

Mary shared that from her personal experiences, and said it’s an issue that many in the community have also dealt with. 

bindr love doesn't have labels
Bindr was created to be a safe online space for bisexual & queer daters.

“I’ve seen a lot of hate for bisexual women and a lot of fetishization,” she stated. “Straight men will fetishize bisexual women…lesbians will steer away and not want to date them… they look at bisexual women as not really gay, which is definitely not true.” 

Bindr’s lack of label filters protects users from those with preconceived notions about the bisexual community. It’s also a safe place for gender non-conforming users to talk to and potentially meet other people. Users can rest assured that the app’s content is regulated and scammers are not taking advantage of them due to strict policies. 

For those more focused on making new friends, the app allows you to establish connections without swiping for a match. With the added resources posted on the Bindr website, there’s more opportunity to meet in person as a community for geolocated people. 

Users can find accepting churches and places offering gender-affirming care on the site. The site will also allow users to discover various in-person meetups that Bindr does not host.

A Safe Haven for Sexually Fluid Daters Near and Far

If you’re already in a relationship and eager to travel and explore new experiences as an ethically non-monogamous couple, you aren’t limited to meeting people in your city or state. Couples can reignite the spark and have new experiences together on Bindr. Your next partner might just be living across the pond or down under. 

Bindr uses latitude and longitude coordinates to connect users so you can love beyond state lines. Before undergoing a necessary update last year, the app required users to identify the state they lived in. 

Safety and privacy are at the forefront of Bindr’s features.

“We use lat/long to connect users,” a representative from the Bindr app explained while responding to a Google Play user unaware of the app’s improvements. “State is not specific or required to use the platform.”

Bindr was accepted into Innovation Work’s AlphaLab 2024 accelerator program this March. The external investment will give the start-up more opportunities for growth and expansion, including hosting in-person meet-ups and other exclusive events. 

Bindr will use the funding for paid marketing efforts, algorithm development, advancements with security features, and establishing a presence at Pride. 

If you plan to attend Pride this summer, look for the Bindr tent in Miami, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Columbus, Chicago, and New York City.

Bindr Offers Community and Affordable Extras for Queer Daters

Bindr accepts everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gives users the freedom to experience queer dating in a safe space without judgment.

Users can be themselves without fear and explore their sexuality on their own terms since there’s no pressure to self-identify. 

They can meet others who share similar interests, whether they’re from a small town, a big city, or in another country. 

It’s typical for dating apps to gain traction in big cities first. However, Mary noticed that the app had initially been getting users in rural communities. People who gravitated to the app were those who didn’t have an outlet like a local gay bar to meet others like them. 

bindr dating app
Bindr is empowering authentic connections for queer singles.

They had joined the app hoping to build a community, feel supported, and foster both romantic and platonic relationships.

The co-founders have also been working on offering chest binders since, at previous Pride events, many assumed they were being sold due to the company name. “I want to be able to provide people with either free or low-cost…affordable chest binders,” Mary said.

Dating can be a transformative journey of self-discovery, and the Bindr app allows users to feel a strong sense of community and support while connecting with people of all ages. Whether you are gay, bisexual, nonbinary, bi-curious, or open-minded when exploring relationships, the app is an ideal free resource for your dating journey. 

As the Bindr app continues to grow and evolve, the team remains committed to providing a supportive platform for LGBTQIA+ daters to experience genuine connections and a community that celebrates and encourages label-free love.