Blindlee Is A Friendly Environment For Blind Dating

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The Blindlee Dating App Creates a Safe and Friendly Environment for Blind Dating

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: Online dating apps have evolved tremendously, making it easier for singles all around the world to connect over the internet. Mimicking the dating style in the popular TV show “Love is Blind,” the app Blindlee is introducing a new version of blind dating for all the world to partake in. Blindlee is on a mission to help singles discover what they truly want out of a partner without the superficial aspects of dating. The app aims to create a safe space for singles to explore blind dating and create authentic relationships like never before. 

People often have a hard time finding their special someone on their own. They may rely on help from matchmakers, their desperate mothers, and even their friends who are eager to finally set them up on blind dates. As intimidating as that may sound, asking for help is a great way to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

Once upon a time, blind dating was a scary thought to even consider participating in. The thought of meeting someone you’ve never met before is a chance that many didn’t find worth taking until now. Blind dating has grown into a great way for someone to take a leap of faith on finding true love. Thanks to the dating app Blindlee, singles are able to facilitate real-life interactions in a safe and friendly environment. 

Picture of Blindlee's logo.
Since 2019, Blindlee has helped a lot of people with their love lives.

Blindlee members use cool features, such as texting, video calls, and matching based on interests, to connect with someone who uniquely reflects their personality. Blindlee creates a space where singles can drop the monotonous swiping and video chat with each other to create an immersive first impression. This feature enables singles to start with an exciting and engaging conversation outside of text that can help alleviate any worries that come with online dating

“Our app encourages real conversations as a way to match with others, mimicking the way people interact in the physical world,” said Glenn, one of Blindlee’s co-founders.

Catfishing poses more issues than ever for singles in today’s dating world. It has the potential to lead users to distrust others and cause individuals to fear opening up. Blindlee members don’t have to fear being bamboozled. 

Making Connections Over Blurred Video Calls

Blindlee was founded by Sacha Nasan and Glenn Keller in 2019 to make dating more fun and trusting. The idea of Blindlee came right after Sacha and Glenn’s cousin had met someone on a date, and he turned out to be the opposite of what was written in his profile. Sacha and Glenn wanted to change the way singles connect and date online. By breaking the texting barrier, Blindlee brings in a modern way for dates to become more real, fun, and trustworthy every step of the way.

Screenshot from website.
Blindlee members are in control of their dating lives.

First impressions are always important when dating. For some people, first impressions can make or break a date. Blindlee understands this aspect of dating and helps users create a fun first impression that will set them up for dating success. The go-to feature that most dating apps offer as a means of communication is online texting. But that can only go so far compared to talking and hearing someone’s voice.  

From the very beginning, Blindlee developers wanted users to experience the speed dating process so they can gauge whether their match is worth investing time in. They also identified that it’s more thrilling to get to know someone in a controlled setting.

Blindlee’s video chat feature is packed with engaging discussion guides to help users bond with each other. Initial conversations can be difficult, which is why Blindlee creates icebreakers for users so they have a way to keep the conversation going and never worry about it dying out!

“You go and have a video call with a stranger, but it’s blurred and adjustable – making it both fun and safe at the same time. This gamified uncertainty allows you to judge the personality rather than the profile,” said Glenn. 

Discovering That Love is Blind

The concept behind the phrase “love is blind” can be hard to put into practice. Oftentimes people can get so caught up in the physical aspect of dating that they can’t even imagine finding love without seeing the person they’re talking to. Since its launch, Blindlee has been changing society’s way of discovering love and proving that love can be blind. 

Blindlee focuses on creating a space for singles to explore each other through controlled video settings. Sacha and Glenn said they wanted to ensure that users focused more on the emotional connection of dating. 

Women in search of a match can control the blurriness of the three-minute video call to accommodate the safety of both parties. In the case of same-sex couples, the person who initiates the call controls the image blurriness. This allows users to focus more on the conversation during the call as opposed to just their appearance. 

Picture of Sacha Nasan and Glenn Keller.
Sacha Nasan and Glenn Keller continue to make a difference in online dating.

Getting set up on a date with a random person who shares your interests is a great way to truly find love based on what you want and ultimately need out of a partner. Once you start incorporating just the physical aspects of dating, you begin to focus less on what you truly want in a partner. That’s why Blindlee operates under a blurred-image concept in which randomness is considered to be a helpful tool to get the happy ending you always wanted. 

“Everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace,” said James Gleick. 

I like to think that the future of dating lies through the camera and not the DMs. To create a more organic relationship, it takes courage to appear on a screen and let your personality shine while meeting a new person of interest. Blindlee is all about helping you create your own perfect love story. And what’s a better love story to tell than a Blindlee one? 

Blindlee: Blind Dating to the Next Level

Blindlee is much more than a transactional dating app, it’s made to spark real emotions and allow users to manage their love lives in a healthy way. Many sites and apps have limited features for nonpaying members. Users have to pay more money to have more options and explore matches — but that’s not the case with Blindlee. The app allows users to call each other without having to purchase points or pay for a higher level of membership — which makes finding a partner more fluid and time on the app worthwhile.

Glenn told us that the core concept of Blindlee is free for users:  They can randomly call someone who matches their criteria. Additional features, including returning missed calls and calling people directly from the map feature, are only available for users who have a premium subscription. Regardless of which subscription users have, they still have the ability to make genuine connections. 

We can expect even more from the Blindlee team in the near future. Glenn told us that the dating app is creating more assets for users to find love on their app. It’s also digesting the reviews so it’s accessible to everyone. This is the perfect time to start branching out from your normal dating app niche and use Blindlee to advance your dating life.  

“We recently launched a brand-new version of the Blindlee app on iOS (Android will follow soon), with significant improvements to our matching algorithm and addressing issues reported by our users,” said Glenn “For the upcoming year, 2023, we plan to add more filter options such as height, languages, smoking, kids, etc.”

Blindlee proves daily that love truly is blind and has no barriers when everyone is treated with honesty and respect. Blindlee is the new wave for dating apps. Users can have the freedom to explore their matches without the fear of putting effort into a fake profile.

Users from all over give Blindlee praise for being an all-around dating app. People notice how easy it is to engage with one another and even easier to detect if they’re a match with someone or not. This saves people a lot of time and expedites the whole dating process altogether. 

“Amazing ice-breaker activity. Even though it’s blurred you see very quickly if the person’s character is one you like or not,” said an enthused Blindlee user in a review.