Casualx Offers A Sex Positive Dating App

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Casualx Offers a Sex-Positive Dating App for Discreet Meetings & Flirtations

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The Short Version: Casualx is a fun hookup app where local singles can make instant connections. Free members can send an initial message to one blind date match per day, and a chat window will unlock if that new person sends a virtual hug or message in return. Plus, Casualx features a private photo gallery and a public chat room to help individuals get noticed while staying within their comfort zone. The Casualx team manually approves all dating profiles, and many sex-driven singles have praised the app for helping them meet and date real people. If you’re looking for a one-night stand or NSA relationship, download Casualx for free to make casual encounters in a private space.

Michelle Li is the Founder and CEO of Casualx, and her reason for starting the casual dating app is a personal one. 

Over the course of her 20s, she saw many of her friends struggling to find a hot match on Tinder. A lot of times they were on wildly different pages with their dates. Typically, one person wanted a short-term hookup and the other was looking for a wife or husband. It was a mismatched mess, and Michelle decided there had to be a better way. So she built the better way.

Screenshot of Casualx
A casual dating app can help singles gain confidence.

The goal of Casualx is to bring casual daters together and help them get results more quickly. That means no more wasting time on incompatible matches who want to be exclusive and get married. 

“Those who use Tinder to find partners for casual sex with no strings attached often find the experience confusing and frustrating,” Michelle said. “There should be a pure hookup app to weed out marriage-minded daters, which can save time for people seeking a simple hookup.”

Casualx is a flirtatious playground where users are mostly interested in having fun and getting laid. They’re typically not shy about discussing their desires and fetishes with someone new.

This sex-positive environment can be thrilling for young adults who have gotten burnt out by traditional swiping apps that feature a broad mix of users. By subscribing to a niche environment, online daters can go after what they truly want without apology or judgment.

As the team says, “Casualx only caters to the people who are looking for casual partners. Here you can meet couples and singles to have friends with benefits, romances and any other type of casual relationships without commitment.”

Making Casual Connections in the Hookup Scene

Casualx attracts single people who are open-minded, adventurous, and horny. Its user base ranges in age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, but they share similar dating appetites and objectives. They’re primarily interested in having sex with a new person and keeping the relationship casual. They’re not looking for pen pals, life partners, or best friends — unless it’s friends with benefits — and they are eager to skip the getting-to-know-you phase of dating.

“Our users are people who are not ready for marriage,” the Casualx team told us. “They are either looking for friends with benefits, one-night stands, casual dating, or hookups.”

Casualx logo
Casualx offers a flirtatious space to meet new people and arrange hookups.

Casualx effectively speeds up the online dating process by recommending a compatible dating profile every day. Today’s Blind Date uses a smart algorithm to analyze user preferences and identify mutual compatibility. It recommends the profile, but the app blurs the photo and details. Users will not be able to view the entire dating profile until they send an initial message. That’s why it’s called a blind date!

Free members can message their blind dates for free, while paid members have exclusive access to more profiles and swiping features.

The Casualx dating app has more than simple swiping to keep users occupied. It offers an Ideas Board where anyone can share their thoughts, post a personal ad, or ask dating or relationship questions. It’s a place for open communication and flirtation in a free-thinking community.

If you’re in a hurry to meet local hotties, Casualx employs some efficient tricks to hook people up. Users can select search criteria for age, gender identity, location, and physical characteristics and scan the database for a promising match. If they see someone they like, they can press the Hug button to show interest. Two hugs equate to a mutual match, which means a chat window will unlock and remain open as long as the users want.

Casualx is available to singles in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, the U.K., and Europe. It is free to download on any mobile device.

A Safe & Trustworthy Resource for Singles

Casualx has endeavored to carve a niche for itself as a safe and reliable wingman in the hookup scene. The team has promised to focus on fling dating and urges marriage-minded folks to look elsewhere.

“It’s a pure hookup and casual dating app where singles don’t have to think about a committed relationship,” a spokesperson for Casualx explained. “Singles will have less dating pressure if they join Casualx.”

Screenshot of Casualx
The team verifies profiles to ensure users stay safe.

Casualx has been featured by many big media sites, including Askmen, Metro, GQ, Mashable and Globo. It currently boasts a 4.5-star rating on Google Play and 4.3 stars on the App Store.

“A great place to meet nice guys,” one Casual user said in a review. “Thanks for making this happen — it is fun meeting new people, still looking forward to the right one.”

Online safety and privacy are chief concerns on Casualx. The database is full of authentic sex seekers, not fake profiles. Every profile on Casualx has been manually approved by a moderator. All users must sign up with an email address or Apple account, and they must follow the community rules.

What’s more, users can take advantage of the private photo album and keep their raunchy pics out of the public eye while having them handy for sharing with a new lover.

Joining Casualx can help singles find romance on their terms and maintain a certain level of anonymity in the online dating world. Whether they’re looking for a NSA relationship or a sexting chat, app users can certainly find many willing partners in this forum.

“It makes us feel accomplished to some extent by offering people access to more potential partners and more patterns of modern romance,” the team told us.

Casualx Promotes Kinky Profiles & Chat Opportunities

Michelle Li saw firsthand how frustrating the traditional swiping experience can be, and she decided to take action to give modern singles more date options that aligned with their desires. She envisioned Casualx as a safe and private place to hookup with a stranger, and the free chat tools have already won many single people over.

Today, Casualx is a leader in the trend toward honest sex talk and instant hookups. Its straightforward and sex-positive message has resonated with a generation of tech-savvy singles who are tired of Tinder swiping and want to be more direct with their potential matches.

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Casualx anticipates seeing more visitors looking to embrace the moment and find intimate connections wherever they can.

“The dating market itself will become bigger,” the Casualx team predicted. “More and more, people tend to start dating without thinking about long-term relationships and marriage. Casualx will have a growing market.”