9 Facts to Know About eHarmony Founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren

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9 Facts to Know About eHarmony Founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren

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He’s the smiling man we see on the eHarmony homepage. He’s the kind adviser we see in the eHarmony commercials, telling singles why they should consider joining the site. He’s the authoritative voice we take advice from in numerous books and articles. He’s Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the man behind one of the most popular dating sites in the world.

But there’s more to know about Neil than what we’ve seen on TV or online, so we’ve compiled a list of nine other things you should know about the Founder of eHarmony.

1. Dr. Neil Clark Warren Was Born in Des Moines in 1934

Neil was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on Sept. 18, 1934 — a year when the Great Depression was at its worst, Bonnie and Clyde were shot and killed by the FBI, and Donald Duck appeared for the first time in a cartoon. Neil was raised on a farm, and his father once owned a Chevrolet agency, a John Deere store, and a grocery store. He also ran for supervisor of Polk County.

Neil became interested in compatibility as a young man while watching his parents interact. They were married for 70 years, but he saw how they struggled to communicate with each other. While his father talked about things like the conflict between Jews and Arabs, he said his mother “didn’t know where the Middle East was” and he spent his childhood “sitting there with two people who never talked. I was bored to death growing up.”

“They had a nice marriage, but they were not a very well-matched couple. My dad was just so stinking bright, and my mom was so sweet, but she was two standard deviations below him in intelligence,” he said in an interview with Salon.

2. He Has Degrees From Pepperdine University, Princeton, and the University of Chicago

The inner workings of intimate relationships was more than just a passion to Neil, and he went to the highest level to learn as much as he could about the topic.

Photo of Dr. Neil Clark Warren

Dr. Neil Clark Warren has three degrees from three well-respected universities.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University in 1956, a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1959, and a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Chicago in 1967.

After he finished school, Neil worked as a professor in Chicago, and then he moved to Pasadena, California, where he was dean of Fuller Theological Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology. He had a private practice where he counseled couples, many of whom were on the brink of divorce, and focused on their marriage compatibility.

3. He’s Been Married for Almost 60 Years

Neil married Marylyn Mann on March 22, 1959. Today, they have three daughters and nine grandchildren, and they live in Southern California.

Not only has Marylyn been by Neil’s side for almost 60 years, but, for more than 18 years, she’s also been one of the key people behind eHarmony. She’s the Vice President of Corporate Solutions, and she often works with the site’s PR team. When she’s not at eHarmony, Marylyn is a Regent at Pepperdine University.

Before taking on her role at eHarmony, Marylyn was Vice President and Chief Fundraiser of The Henry Huntington Library.

4. His Son-In-Law, Greg Forgatch, Helped Him Start Neil Clark Warren & Associates in 1995

Around 1995, Neil found that he wanted to help more people besides those he was seeing in his private practice, so he and Greg Forgatch, his son-in-law, started Neil Clark Warren & Associates. This company hosted seminars and offered relationship tools based on Neil’s 1993 book “Finding the Love of Your Life.” Seven years later, they decided to take the next step, and that’s where eHarmony’s story begins.

“We came to the conclusion that single people in America do not want more education about relationships,” Neil said in the Salon interview. “They’re sick of that. They want somebody.”

5. He Officially Launched eHarmony in 2000

Neil and Greg’s mission was to pair singles with their true lifelong partners and help prevent more breakups — as the divorce rate at the time was 4 per 1,000 of the population. They also saw the incredible potential of online dating, so, using Neil’s research, books, and life experiences, they started eHarmony in 2000. This was the first dating site that matched singles based on a number of compatibility factors.

Below are more details about the site’s features, pricing, and user base:


Relationships: Casual Dates, Deep Relationships

Match System: Personality test suggests matches

Our Experts Say: “Accounting for 2% of U.S. marriages, eharmony's compatibility-based system and commitment-minded user base are ideal for those seeking a serious relationship...” Full Review »

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Today, 71% of women and 69% of men meet their future spouses on eHarmony within a year, and the site has over 33 million members, creates over 15 million matches a day, and is responsible for approximately 4% of US marriages. For more information about eHarmony’s success rate, check out our article.

6. The Site’s 29 Dimensions of Compatibility Questionnaire Was Mostly Created By Neil

eHarmony has one of the most famous signup processes (if not the most famous signup process) of any dating site. It includes about 155 questions and takes about an hour to complete if you answer them all (which you should).

While the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility Questionnaire does ask for identifiers like gender, relationship status, location, ethnicity, religion, and income, it goes way beyond that. eHarmony also wants to know what you’re passionate about, how you would describe yourself, how you think friends and family would describe you, what your skills are, and how strongly you agree or disagree with certain statements, among other things. You can learn more about the specific questions eHarmony asks here.

7. Neil Helped Launch Compatible Partners for Gay Singles in 2009

Since its founding, eHarmony has been strictly for heterosexual men and women, which has caused some problems for the site over the years. The company was sued in 2005 for discrimination against same-sex couples. The team was able to settle the lawsuit by creating CompatiblePartners.net in 2009.

“We didn’t want to pretend to be experts on gay and lesbian couples,” Neil told CNN. “We’re not anti-gay at all… it’s a different match.”

Screenshot of the CompatiblePartners homepage

CompatiblePartners works exactly the same way as eHarmony, but it’s exclusively for single gay men and lesbian women.

Over the years, Compatible Partners has seen its own success independent of its sister site, receiving more than 370,000 visitors a month and facilitating “a number of same-sex marriages,” according to Neil.

8. In 2007, He Stepped Down as eHarmony CEO, Returned in 2012, and Stepped Down Again in 2016

After decades of counseling work and seven years with eHarmony, Neil retired in 2007, when he moved to Kennebunkport, Maine, with his wife. He returned in 2012 to help put some new life into the company.

Changes included hiring a new chief financial officer, chief technology officer, chief operating officer, and head of public relations, and switching advertising firms. But his main mission was to make eHarmony more of a general relationship site (instead of just a marriage site), helping people find love as well as make friends, find jobs, and improve their parenting skills.

“We’d gotten a bit lost,” he said during a Los Angeles Times interview. “Things were going backward, and we weren’t doing nearly as well as we were doing before.”

Neil stepped down again in 2016, and Vice President of Brand Marketing, Grant Langston, who’s been with the company since 2000, took over. Neil has always been and still remains Chairman of the Board of Directors.

9. He’s Written 10 Books & Has Been Interviewed 7,000 Times

In addition to hundreds of counseling sessions and the immeasurable work he’s done with eHarmony, Neil has authored more than 10 books, has been interviewed more than 7,000 times, and has written dozens of articles for publications like The Huffington Post.

Photo of Learning to Live with the Love of Your Life

“Learning to Live with the Love of Your Life” shares relationship secrets from numerous happy couples.

Some of his most best-known books include “Finding the Love of Your Life,” “Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons,” “Learning to Live with the Love of Your Life,” and “Finding Contentment When Momentary Happiness Just Isn’t Enough,” “The Triumphant Marriage.”

Neil’s writing and research has received mostly positive reviews over the past couple of decades, including one from Amazon user named Lindsey, who said: “Reading this for marriage guidance. So far it’s helped a lot! Eight years of marriage and we’ve not really had a common goal/vision to work toward/dream together about. This book has refreshed our communication!”

Dr. Neil Clark Warren — No Longer a Mystery!

While Dr. Neil Clark Warren has been out of the spotlight for a while, his impact remains. eHarmony is still beloved by millions of singles and couples, and the team continues to adapt the platform and its features as the needs and wants of users change. We hope we’ve given you some more insight into the past, present, and future of eHarmony and the people behind the site!

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