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Personals Site Fling Connects Curious Adults for In-Person Fun

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: This personals site and its companion app connect millions of singles with similar interests for fun and connection. The site is free to join and browse profiles local to you or miles away. The site offers users as much anonymity as they prefer, along with the ability to search profiles by shared interests and tags. No matter what you’re into, you can probably find a great match on this platform.

Gone are the days of having to search far and wide to meet new people who have the same interests as you. The internet and social media make it easier than ever to connect with people who share similar interests. Whether you’re looking for connections in your area or across the globe, there are countless online avenues to meet new people and have exciting experiences.

Personals sites are one way to do this. This personals site and its accompanying app offer users verified profiles and as much anonymity as they please. People looking for any kind of experience can put themselves out there and browse other profiles to find compatible matches in their area.

The site and app feature exclusively verified profiles which users can search through according to their interests. The app welcomes over 49 million members from across the United States who want to meet new people and form connections. The site fosters an open and comfortable user experience.

The app has recently expanded its features to include international matching and increased access and visibility for basic users. The site and app offer paid memberships with a variety of features, including featured profiles. The team behind the site let me check out the platform’s features and profiles.

Browse Thousands of Profiles

It’s easy to create an account on the site. You register with an email address and password and then choose a username for the site. Some users choose to show their first name on their profile, while other users go by screen names.

As with on any other personals site, only do what you’re comfortable with. You only need one picture to create your profile, and it’s up to you if you want to add any other photos. The great thing about the platform is that a majority of users are looking for real-life connections.

fling.me app
The app is easy to use and has diverse features that make online dating fun.

Users have the option between the site and the app, but the same account is used on both platforms. The app is free to download and seamlessly brings the website’s desktop experience to smartphones. 

Just like on the site, users can browse verified profiles and play the app’s match game. The personals site is designed so users can browse for other users rather than swiping through one at a time. If a user does want to do some swiping, the match game offers an opportunity to quickly browse through pre-selected profiles. 

The matching game also helps the platform hone in on a user’s interests to suggest more compatible profiles. The game gives users the opportunity to connect with interesting people they may not have otherwise found on the app while also helping the algorithm make better suggestions.

Verified and Discreet Accounts Protect Users

An important aspect of the site and app is user privacy. If you’re serious about using the platform, you should verify your profile right away to have full access to the basic site features. While making your profile, be honest about your interests and only share the amount of information you want visible on the site.

The process for account verification is simple. Users get verified by verifying their identity through a webcam with a support agent. Once the process is complete, the verified user’s profile has a blue checkmark badge. The blue checkmark is easy to get and looks good on a profile.

couple holding hands
Make new connections using one of the most popular personals sites on the web.

The site also offers users the ability to have a discreet profile. Discreet profiles are for members who wish to remain fully anonymous online. A discreet profile allows a user to only reveal themselves to users they choose. They can send friend requests which signal they’re inviting other users to check out their profile.

If a user is interested in adding another user to their in-app contact list, they can send a friend request. If the request is accepted, each user is added to the other’s friend list, called My Friends. My Friends is an easy way to keep all your connections in one place. 

Users can send and receive messages on the site and app. Both platforms have built-in messaging systems. Messages can be found by clicking the Messages link in the navigation bar. To send a message, all you have to do is select a profile and click Send Message.

Personals Site Offers Singles Exciting Connections

As in any corner of the internet, it’s important to put safety first. While this personals site is a safe platform that prioritizes user verification, issues can arise every now and then. With the right online safety tools and awareness of common scams, everyone can avoid scams and dangerous situations.

The personals site takes extreme measures to prevent scammers and other bad actors on its platform. The site’s policy urges users to never send money to people online and to report the profiles of any users asking for money as soon as possible.

The site also has some features similar to those on social media. Members can post to the feeds of their Friends and Favs. They can post a photo and a message and mark their mood as either Chatting, Vid Chat, or Meet up. Posts let the user’s Friends and Favs know what the vibe is and if they’re looking to chat or hang out.

fling.me app logo
Join this personals site to connect with thousands of singles in your area.

In the Live tab in the navigation bar, users can find the Random Live Chat feature. This feature is an exciting way for members to spontaneously connect and chat with each other. Instead of swiping or scrolling through profiles, members can opt to meet for the first time face-to-face.

Users can also browse other members who are currently using the Live tab. This is a great way to find other members who may be available for a chat or video call right away. Oftentimes, when members of the personals site are online, they’re looking to chat and make connections.

The personals site and its app offer users a safe and welcoming environment to explore new things and meet different kinds of people. With tons of hybrid features that combine traditional personals sites with dating apps and social media functions, the site is a great choice for curious singles looking to discover their interests.