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9 Best Sugar Daddy Websites (Feb. 2024)

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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Finding sugar daddy websites that you can trust can be a major concern. After all, sugar dating can be a very vulnerable prospect, and you want to make sure that you’re connecting with the right men, who are willing to negotiate a mutually beneficial relationship — and not give you the runaround.

Sugar daddy dating can be rewarding for both partners involved. But if you’re new to sugar dating, it can seem like a daunting prospect to find a trustworthy dating website or app where you can safely connect with established men. 

We’ve scoured the internet for the best sugar dating platforms to help you find the right sugar daddy site for your desires. Here’s the list of the top 10 options we recommend.

1. Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement, also known simply as Seeking, has a trusted reputation for helping sugar babies connect with the eligible sugar daddy of their dreams. The site has been around for a long time (originally launched in 2006) and sets a standard for other sugar dating platforms. 

The service is free for sugar babies, and sugar daddies can join and send up to 10 messages for free. From that point forward, any would-be sugar daddy or sugar momma must pay for a premium membership for access to unlimited messaging and other benefits.
The Seeking site liberates wealthy and attractive singles to go after what they want.

Seeking has long set a high standard in the sugar dating world by offering layers of security and protection for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. The site provides deep filters on both sides of the search. Sugar babies can filter their results by geographic location, verified income, age range, membership type, budget, and so on. Sugar daddies have options to filter for height, age, hair color, education level, and so on.

The sugar dating site also takes things to another level when it comes to letting the “big fish” set themselves apart. Diamond members have verified income, and Seeking Arrangement performs a background check to confirm authenticity. Premium members also get greater visibility in search results, whether they are sugar babies or sugar daddies. All in all, it’s no surprise this site consistently ranks highly in sugar dating countdowns.

★★★★ 4/5.0

Our expert ratings are based on factors such as popularity, usability, value, and success rate of each site.


Relationships: Hookups, Casual Dates, Affairs

Match System: Search by age, location, appearance, and more

Our Experts Say: “With its massive user base and advanced privacy features, Ashley Madison is the #1 site for discreet hookups, dates, or relationships…” Full Review »

Browse Free: View Photos Now

If you’re less concerned about whether your sugar daddy is single, Ashley Madison could be a good resource for finding a low-key romance. The dating website and its companion dating app are geared to married people looking for affairs. Many established men are married but still interested in companionship outside of their marriage.

For a younger woman interested in finding a sugar daddy relationship, Ashley Madison makes for a happy hunting ground: the site’s membership skews heavily in favor of men, who make up almost 71% of the active users. The site is also 100% free for women, while men get free guest membership but must pay for premium membership to get full access. 

The major selling point for Ashley Madison is discretion. The site’s features include what it calls a panic button that brings the user immediately to a neutral, random site. Features also include selective permissions for who can view pictures, and contact details, among others. Ashley Madison also offers creative communication tools and full customer support, so you can feel comfortable and secure in your search.

★★★★★ 4.7/5.0

Our expert ratings are based on factors such as popularity, usability, value, and success rate of each site.


Relationships: Serious Relationships

Match System: Search, Receive Partner Suggestions

Our Experts Say: “EliteSingles is a leading dating site just for busy, single professionals. More than 80% of members have earned a college degree, and most are looking for a serious commitment…” Full Review »

Browse Free: View Photos Now

If your idea of top sugar daddy material includes highly educated men, Elite Singles may be one of the best options for starting your search. The user base at Elite Singles includes some of the most educated people in the world: 80% of the members have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and many have Masters’ and PhD degrees. Of course, the approval process is highly selective, so you’ll need to bring your A-game as a potential sugar baby, too.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, Elite Singles is geared toward long-term relationships, rather than flings or casual relationships. There are many sugar daddies that do want a long-term commitment; they want someone on call, so to speak, available throughout the year and not just randomly. Given the high calibre of professionals that Elite Singles boasts, you’ll have a lot of educated, successful, established men to choose from. Free membership gives access to most of the dating app, but for unlimited messaging and other features, you’ll have to pay for a premium membership subscription.

4. Sugar Daddy Meet

As sugar dating has become a mainstream phenomenon, more sites have cropped up to cater to wealthy men and beautiful younger women looking to connect. Sugar Daddy Meet is specifically for this demographic. You will find no gay sugar daddies, no sugar mommas, and no male sugar babies on this platform. The sugar daddy site is easy to navigate, and signup is simple. One key feature is that you have to live in one of the 20 countries of the world with the highest standard of living. To confirm this, you will need to provide your phone number.

As a result of some early issues with fake profiles and scammer profiles, the Sugar Daddy Meet team verifies profiles thoroughly before allowing you to use the site. The site also features in-depth FAQs and a robust customer service and help desk platform. Free members can browse profiles, leave comments, and send up to 50 winks per day. Paid membership gives you full access to messaging and advanced search filters, among other benefits. 

5. Established Men

While not all sugar daddies are older men, there is definitely a benefit to specifically seeking out older successful men when seeking a sugar dating relationship. Established Men connects older men with young, beautiful women for mutually beneficial connections, with a few standout features. For one, advanced search features include not just the standard age, ethnicity, and location but also some niche preferences like blood type. 

Screenshot of Established Men
Men who have an established career are often more desirable to young single women.

As with many sugar dating platforms, women on Established Men get free access to messaging services, but the gentlemen of the site must pay for premium membership to read messages and reply. Paid membership also provides access to “New Girl” alerts for prospective sugar daddies.

Every time a new young woman joins the site, her profile becomes more visible to premium members for the first six hours. This gives sugar babies the benefit of increasing the likelihood that you’ll meet a prospective sugar daddy who’s serious about connecting sooner, rather than later. Paid membership also allows you to unlock private photos, and grants access to other privileges.

6. Secret Benefits

As more sugar daddy websites enter the market, it can be difficult to see what sets one apart from another. Secret Benefits has been around for several years and has built up the trust of the sugar dating community over time by offering a sleek easy-to-use website with a secure platform. Another thing that sets Secret Benefits apart is the fact that the user base is on an even playing field. The membership is split just about evenly between men and women, which is fairly unusual for dating sites, in general.

Prospective sugar babies have free access to the site: as a sugar baby you can join, browse, search profiles, and even message for free. Would-be sugar daddies pay for credits to have access to their messages and to message their potential sugar babies to make a connection, though anyone can join for free at any level. To avoid fake profile woes, Secret Benefits members undergo a photo and video verification process, and the site also uses robust moderation as another layer of security against scammers. You can feel confident, welcomed, and secure in your sugar dating efforts on the platform.

7. SugarDaddyForMe

SugarDaddyForMe is an example of a site that puts its purpose right in its name: a site for wealthy people, maybe even millionaires, to connect with beautiful women. It’s free to sign up, and premium memberships come with solid perks. The sugar daddy website market is full of options, but SugarDaddyForMe sets itself apart by getting everything out in the open from the beginning: would-be sugar babies select the desired income range for their prospects at signup. The sugar daddy dating site verifies members, so you can be confident about who you’re talking to and what they have to offer.

Paid members get access to perks like boosted visibility, and on-site counseling. Another way that SugarDaddyForMe sets itself apart is with niche search filters that include celebrity status, reverse matches, and more. The niche dating platform also lets its key members show off their luxuries with a dedicated space, and private photo galleries. SugarDaddyForMe is a playground for millionaires and the people who admire them, and it ranks highly in any list of the best sugar daddy dating site options for good reason.


Although sugar dating continues to find more mainstream acceptance, there are still many people who look down on it. provides a judgment-free zone in the online dating world, where wealthy patrons can connect with attractive members for companionship. While many sugar daddy app and website options stick to New York or Los Angeles for their bases, launched in Denmark to fill the void its owners saw in the European sugar dating scene. offers two membership tiers: one for members who want to be generous partners with someone to spoil, and one for the members who want to be spoiled. Generally older, the pampering sugar daddies and sugar mommas pay for premium membership right away. Free membership as a prospective sugar baby includes up to five free messages a day, and unlimited free replies. sets itself apart not just with the European slant of its membership, but also with its dedication to customer service, security, and transparency. 

9. What’s Your Price

While some sugar dating apps and sites hedge around the nature of the sugar relationship, What’s Your Price puts things directly. The online dating platform is all about transparency, inviting wealthy men and women and beautiful but less-wealthy daters to negotiate from the start. The premise is simple: The users of the generous side of the membership fence propose a date and ask members of the beautiful side what they charge to attend. 

Screenshot of What's Your Price
What’s Your Price allows users to bid on first dates.

The sugar dating site leaned into the shutdowns and quarantines of the Covid-19 pandemic, offering virtual dating options that became extremely popular for socially-distanced singles. While What’s Your Price is all about the first date, many users have found satisfaction in the form of long-term relationships and arrangements with the members they find there. 

10. Sugar Matchmaking

While most of the options on this list include a sugar daddy website platform, or sugar dating app, Sugar Matchmaking takes things a step further: The service is not just online dating, but instead a fully-loaded matchmaking provider for elite singles. There’s no need to worry about fake profiles or scammers when a dedicated team does the heavy lifting of verification, coaching, and consultations.

Sugar Matchmaking is a luxury alternative to browsing apps in the Google Play Store or App Store because the experience is bespoke on both ends. Sugar babies get consultation, coaching, and counseling to help them navigate the world of sugar dating, while established men get the same one-on-one help in finding the right person to shower their fiscal attention on. 

FAQs: What Are the Expectations of Sugar Dating?

Sugar dating is a pretty direct prospect: the wealthy, generous partner pays for dates, experiences, and gifts in exchange for the company of their beautiful, youthful companion. The relationship setup is a way for wealthier people (often, but not always men) to benefit from the companionship of a youthful, beautiful person without the traditional associations of a romantic partnership.

Sugar daters
Sugar dating can open singles up to exciting experiences.

Everyone wins in proper sugar relationships. The sugar baby gets financial gifts and support, and the sugar daddy, momma, or patron gets companionship without the added stress of relationship maintenance in the traditional sense. Many wealthier people end up that way, in no small part, because their work life dominates their time, so finding someone to spend their free time with who doesn’t have outside expectations is a major convenience.

How Wealthy Is the Typical Sugar Daddy?

There is a big range of wealth in the sugar dating world, and not every sugar daddy is a millionaire or billionaire. Depending on your lifestyle preferences, a sugar daddy who makes six figures and is financially stable is sufficient to provide a steady stream of gifts and support.

Of course, your particular lifestyle preferences will play a big role in determining the average income you would seek out in a sugar daddy. Fortunately, many of the sugar dating websites in this list allow you to find out the income range a prospective match falls in before you make first contact. Some of the websites on our list even allow sugar daddies to verify their income, for an added layer of trust.

But you’ll find that a lot of sugar daddy prospects are simply men who are in a comfortable position, who are able to afford the financial support and gifts that come along with a sugar dating relationship. They may not be multimillionaires, but they can pay well for the privilege of your companionship.

Are Sugar Dating Sites Legit?

The sugar daddy websites on this list are all legitimate. Many other sites also serve the same purpose and are legit, but they have various issues that made us decide not to include them. That being said, it’s still important to do your due diligence.

While many of the sites on this list include income verification (optional in some cases), not all of them do. And fake profiles and catfishing are a risk on any dating platform, even with the most rigorous standards and security features. To stay safe, you should do a little research before you begin negotiations with your prospective sugar daddies to make sure you’re not wasting your time.

Photo of catfisher
Some catfishers try to pretend they are wealthy on dating sites and apps.

Check LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms to get a read on them and do some research into the person your sugar daddy prospect claims to be. Before you go on your first sugar dates, you should be fully comfortable with who you’re going to meet, and you should have at least an initial agreement in place for the trial run dates you plan.

Of course, you shouldn’t feel the need to grill your potential sugar daddy like a prosecutor, but a legitimate older man seeking a sugar relationship will do what he can to put you at ease that he is who he says he is and that his intentions are clear.

Is Sugar Dating the Same as Prostitution?

Sugar dating is not the same as prostitution. In sugar dating arrangements, sex is not the sole or even the main requirement; instead, the focus is on casual companionship. Sugar daddies in general are looking for a youthful, beautiful woman to spend time with in their off-hours or for major events (business dinners, conferences, trips abroad, and so on). 

As a sugar baby, you may receive an allowance in addition to gifts, dinners, and so on; but that allowance is payment for time spent with you, not specifically for sex. Other sugar dating relationships have terms that include the sugar daddy providing general financial support every month, regardless of whether you have a date during a given month. 

This isn’t to say that sex is off the table, of course. But wealthy sugar daddies are seeking primarily companionship. They want a beautiful woman to take to the country club dinner, or to spend the week with in Ibiza, or to get the most of their downtime during a business trip. It’s girlfriend-level perks without the constant relationship maintenance: somewhere between a casual fling and serious dating.

What are the Best Sites for Finding a Sugar Momma?

Many of the sites on this list are also venues for would-be sugar mommas to find the sugar babies of their choice (and vice-versa). But if you want to get more specific in your search, there are a few options specifically catering to older, established women and the younger people who want to date them.

★★★★ 3.5/5.0

Our expert ratings are based on factors such as popularity, usability, value, and success rate of each site.


Relationships: Hookups, Casual Dating, Chats

Match System: Search by age, location, gender, orientation, and other factors

Our Experts Say: “ frees singles to chat with attractive locals and pick up dates on the spot. This hookup site is always open to horny and sexy people seeking one-night stands, casual dating, threesomes, and other sexual encounters…”

Browse Free: View Photos Now is a top pick for anyone seeking a sugar momma. The site isn’t specifically for older women, but the casual, fun atmosphere and the slight female majority on mean that it’s easier to find a woman with a comfortable budget for the finer things in life, and the variety of filters make it easy to steer your search to eligible sugar momma prospects.

Cougar Life is another dating site for male sugar babies seeking out a quality sugar momma. While not every older woman on Cougar Life is wealthy, it’s still a good venue for finding established women who have money to provide financial support or gifts, and who are looking for a younger man. You can sign up for free, but messaging and some other site functions require premium membership. 

Where Can I Meet Sugar Daters for Free?

Most sugar daddy sites and sugar dating websites, in general, allow sugar babies to sign up and make contact for free. On some platforms, everyone can contact anyone without having to pay anything. In many cases, it’s the sugar daddy or sugar momma who pays to access profiles of eligible sugar babies.

The reasons for this are twofold. First, requiring payment from would-be sugar daddies makes it less likely for scammers to try and wiggle their way onto the platform. Of course, you should still practice caution and report any profiles that come across as being fake or scammy. But a paywall makes it less likely for people to pretend to be wealthy for the sake of scamming others.

Another reason that many sugar dating sites require prospective sugar daddies and sugar mommas to pay for access is that it encourages those members to actually use the service. After all, people are more likely to use something they’ve already paid for. Several dating platforms use paid accounts to encourage engagement from the user base.

But if you’re a sugar baby looking to connect with a sugar daddy, it’s easy to do so for free.

Sugar Daddy Websites Pave the Way to Rich Romances

Whether you’re looking for the best sugar daddy app or a bespoke experience with a matchmaker, the growth of the sugar dating world means you have a lot of options out there. 

The best sugar daddy websites help navigate wealthy and generous patrons and young and beautiful babies to the mutually-beneficial romances they seek. If you’re a wealthy man looking for a younger woman to spoil, or a young woman hoping for beautiful gifts and exotic trips, working through a sugar dating site will help you achieve your goals.

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