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A Dating App Designed for LGBTQ+ Users

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: LGBTQ+ dating apps should be designed with users’ unique needs in mind. A recent recipient of GLAAD’s statement of support, Taimi offers extensive inclusive profile personalization options, flexibility for non-monogamous daters, and freedom to explore new connections. 

When you sign up for a dating app, self-identification is the name of the game. Dating app profiles often come with plenty of room for customization, and users can use premade icons and responses to add that tell other users about them and what they’re looking for.

A big problem arises when premade self-identification choices are incomplete. This is especially important for identifiers related to gender, sexuality, and relationship type.

No one should use a dating app that doesn’t provide the tools to express themselves and their relationship desires authentically. 

Taimi is a dating app making sure LGBTQ+ daters have all the necessary tools at their fingertips.

Daria Marusyk, a representative for Taimi, and Roman Kalynchuk, the Senior Product Manager, talked to us about the importance of inclusivity in digital dating spaces and caught us up on a project they have in the works with GLAAD.

“GLAAD is going to review Taimi according to standards they’ve developed,” Roman said. “We went through a process with them, and they were very impressed with our product and how we’re thinking about and implementing inclusivity.”

Taimi Has Features That Make it Easy to Express Yourself

LGBTQ+ online daters have a variety of options. Many daters opt for dating apps popular among heterosexual daters, like Tinder and Bumble, while others stick to gay, lesbian, or LGBTQ+ specific sites and apps.

Roman said Taimi’s upcoming statement with GLAAD is a testament to the app’s LGBTQ-oriented design. “Taimi isn’t just inclusive, but it’s also flexible,” he told us. “If you experience it, you can express that experience in your profile. And you can change that information easily.”

Taimi has over 22 million users platform-wide and is available in 138 countries. It was designed to create a flexible yet robust online dating experience for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and other daters who don’t identify as cis-het.

Users can add a variety of interests and trait keywords to their profiles, including keywords about their relationship type and gender identity. They can also add information about their hobbies and sexual interests. 

taimi dating app
Taimi has features designed for queer daters.

Roman said the team is always working to expand and include the app’s premade selections. The app also has built-in features to protect users concerned about privacy. Stealth mode allows users to share personal information only with users they’ve liked.

Taimi does not allow users to screenshot other profiles, adding another layer of privacy and giving users more security to be authentic. Users can also opt not to show their gender or sexuality and save disclosing or explaining that information for the private chat.

Taimi has a proprietary algorithm that encourages mutual likes. Users engage with other profiles using a familiar swiping mechanism that allows them to swipe through photos and icebreakers. Most users use Taimi as a dating app, but Roman said it was also designed to be a social network.

“It’s free to register and try out Taimi,” Roman said. “I always encourage anyone who’s curious to try it out. It’s a different dating experience.”

GLAAD Teams Up With Taimi to Celebrate Pride

GLAAD is a non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy and cultural change. Founded in 1985, it focuses much of its efforts on improving fair and inclusive LGBTQ+ representation in media and culture.

Taimi has signed a statement of support with GLAAD. The organization developed the statement in 2023 after increased threats of violence against companies that participated in Pride.

Popular companies like Bud Light and Target’s Pride Month marketing campaigns created a social media frenzy in 2023, despite both companies engaging with Pride in previous years in similar ways.

The Pride Month marketing initiatives of these companies became the focus of vitriolic anti-LGBTQ+ incidents, social media posts, and statements from public figures. It’s a symptom of an alarming nationwide trend.

taimi GLAAD
Taimi teamed up with GLAAD to sign a statement of support.

The rise of backlash to corporate Pride engagement comes with a rise in anti-LGBTQ+, specifically anti-trans, incidents and rhetoric. In 2023, GLAAD documented a more than 300% increase in anti-LGBTQ+ incidents during Pride Month as compared to the previous year.

Corporate engagement with Pride is nothing new, and neither is the controversy that comes with it. GLAAD’s statement of support is issued to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to the inclusivity of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Roman said Taimi went through a process with GLAAD after signing the statement. A GLAAD representative reviewed the app’s onboarding process and profile options and gave some feedback.

“GLAAD was impressed by our decision to conduct a review of the entire app and happy to discover that we are totally open to changes and improvements,” Roman said. “However, they provided us with lots of valuable comments and showed us areas where we can further develop Taimi as a fully inclusive dating app in terms of our features.

Pride Month & Beyond, Taimi Serves Queer Daters

Pride Month is a busy time for many services and companies geared toward LGBTQ+ users and consumers, but support can’t end in July. Taimi’s support for the LGBTQ+ community, specifically daters, continues around the clock.

Roman said he’s excited about the upcoming engagements Taimi has planned for Pride Month.

“We are constantly developing our resources with useful information on how to date healthily and have a healthy sex life. Recently, we launched a safety section that includes lots of useful information about having a safe dating experience.”

Taimi is focusing on extending resources and support for trans users. “I think it’s important to express how much Taimi cares about and supports the transgender community during this time,” Roman said. 

He continued, “We’re working with different research and advocacy centers to help connect transgender people with support when they need it.”

taimi dating app
Taimi serves LGBTQ+ users during Pride Month and beyond.

Roman said the Taimi team works to improve the dating features on the app, but they’re also working to create a platform that serves the community in more ways than just dating. 

“We educate our users in different ways. We’ve partnered with nonprofit initiatives, queer artists and musicians, LGBTQ-owned brands, and we make sure to celebrate important days, like Lesbian Visibility Day,” Daria added.

Dating can come with a lot of labels. Taimi is creating a different experience for queer and non-conforming daters.

“I believe every day is Pride Day,” Daria said. “Our community is important to us year-round, and it’s nice to celebrate them.”