Matchmakers In The City Finds Love For Elites

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Matchmakers in the City Brings Love to Los Angeles Elites

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Dating as a successful single in Los Angeles can be challenging on your own, but the team members at Matchmakers in the City are doing their part in making the experience productive and pleasant for their clients. The firm offers a curated and discreet dating experience tailored to fit the needs of the elite and successful. Matchmakers in the City is the preferred firm for many of Los Angeles’s A-listers and celebrity singles.

When sisters Alessandra and Cristina Conti started their matchmaking firm, Matchmakers in the City, they knew they could dramatically improve the dating experience for Hollywood A-listers trying to find genuine romantic connections.

Since Matchmakers in the City’s inception in 2011, the Conti sisters have been featured in Forbes, CBS, The New York Times, NBC, The CW, Fox News, and more. Alessandra Conti served as a Matchmaker for MTV’s reality show “Are You The One?” and is the go-to Celebrity Matchmaker for “Access Hollywood” on NBC. Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger called the firm “the new generation of Matchmakers.”

Photo of Alessandra Conti
Alessandra Conti is a driven and experienced matchmaker.

To gain so much success among an elite clientele requires a lot of skill in the matchmaking business. The Matchmakers in the City team uses its talents to make sure every client has the confidential and positive experience they seek when working with a matchmaker. Clients get one-on-one sessions with matchmakers, their matches are personally interviewed, dates are planned and organized, and they have access to a pool of eligible and desirable singles. With Matchmakers in the City’s help, dating becomes fun and exciting.

Alessandra has found helping her clients through Matchmakers in the City to be an incredibly rewarding experience. “As a Celebrity Matchmaker, I have matched a bunch of public figures who are movers and shakers in their respective industries,” Alessandra told us. “Seeing their successes play out in the media is always such a thrill. I wish I could drop some names, but my lips have to be sealed because of our iron-clad NDAs!”

Dating as a celebrity, public figure, or even a wealthy or successful person comes with challenges that are non-factors for ordinary people. Media and industry attention can publicize relationships that are still in their infancy or even color your career. Bad breakups or casual encounters can be embarrassing for both parties when they’re made public. 

With Matchmakers in the City, the firm’s elite clientele can finally get the relationships they’ve always wanted. “Our Clients are incredible; I genuinely feel so lucky to get to work with them every day!” Alessandra said. “They are accomplished, inspiring, intelligent, and genuinely are looking for their life partner. They are at that chapter in their lives where they have accomplished a whole lot and want to share it with a wonderful person.”

Weeding Out the Riff-Raff and Finding the Right Matches

The rich and famous seldom have the time to scroll on apps and date casually. Going out with someone who beats around the bush and won’t commit simply isn’t an option. They need to figure out where a relationship is headed as soon as possible. 

“While dating apps are options for our clients, we tend to hear from the women that they are simply overwhelmed with matches, and they need someone to weed out the riff-raff,” Alessandra said. “They only want to meet prospects who are on the same page as they are with what they are looking for: usually dating with the intention of marriage or a long-term relationship.”

Photo of Matchmakers in the City team
The team at Matchmakers in the City understands what their clients want in a relationship.

Many women also find comfort in the extensive vetting process that Matchmakers in the City clients go through. They don’t need to worry about the safety of their date because every client has a full background check and one-on-one screening interview before the matchmakers take them on as a client. With the firm, many of the scary parts of dating fade away.

Men working with Matchmakers in the City run into many of the same issues, often finding themselves on dates with women who are inconsistent, flaky, or don’t show up at all. But they often have a more pressing concern: discretion. 

“The men we work with are also usually very private,” Alessandra told our team. “They don’t want it to be public information that they are single and looking for their partner, and with us, their entire experience is confidential.”

Old School With a Modern Mindset

Alessandra described her team’s matchmaking style as “old-school with a modern mindset.” They follow the traditional norms of matchmaking, avoiding computer algorithms and profiles in favor of a personal, human perspective. All matches are created thoughtfully based on the matchmakers’ knowledge of each client’s personality, goals, and preferences in a partner. When you work with Matchmakers in the City, you’re getting paired by someone who truly knows and understands you and has your best interests at heart.

Co-Founders and sisters Cristina Conti Pineda and Alessandra Conti.
Alessandra says compatible communication styles is important for a couple’s success

“We personally interview and get to know every bachelor and bachelorette who we are working with,” Alessandra told us. “We get to know a lot more about our members than what would just be on their dating profiles. Of course, the main deal breakers of being on the same page with wanting marriage, wanting children, and being compatible religiously are all essentials to have, but we also know that it takes a lot more than just the basic compatibility for a match to really connect.”

Alessandra places a premium on the importance of communication for a couple. When she’s interviewing her clients, she learns about their communication styles and how they would pair with others to ensure that they can understand each other and resolve conflict effectively. She has studied the psychological side of communication and learned how to glean a client’s communication habits, from body language to attachment styles.

Of course, some of the success of Matchmakers in the City comes down to the sheer talent of its matchmakers. After years in the industry, they understand the finer details of making a relationship work. “There is a sprinkle of intuition that I personally tap into when I am working with a client,” Alessandra said.

Love Connections Come Quickly With Matchmakers in the City

Online dating is a great option for some people. It’s a way to meet people you would never have known otherwise and who make their attraction to you clear from the start. But for public figures and Los Angeles elites, relying on dating apps and sites may not feel like a great option. From obsessed fans to simply wasted time, swiping for a partner isn’t necessarily the most foolproof path to love for successful LA singles.

Matchmakers in the City is keenly aware of the issues successful people face with dating and makes strides to nullify those problems for its clients. “We are getting to know so much more about our members than a few filtered photos and a few witty one-liners,” Alessandra told us. “Both our male and female members are also genuinely busy and truly value their time. They would all rather have quality over quantity.”

Romantic young couple spending time together and relaxing on yacht
Working with Matchmakers in the City makes dating a positive experience for successful singles.

While not every relationship needs to be a perfectly matched power couple, dating people who have a similar level of success as you comes with many benefits. You understand each other’s ambitions, time commitments, and priorities, as well as the pressure placed on you by your work or by the media. You never need to worry about your partner using you to achieve their financial or career goals. Your partner will respect your time, as they understand the value of it. 

“A lot of our members are successful, attractive, and lead incredibly busy and full lives,” Alessandra told us. With a dating pool like the clients of Matchmakers in the City,  you’re sure to find your ideal match in no time.