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RedHotPie Has Built a Sex-Positive Community That Stretches Worldwide

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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The Short Version: Tired of scrolling through the same dating app for the tenth time today? When it’s time to spice things up, you should ditch dating apps with the same boring cycle of aimless swiping. A sex-positive community like RedHotPie can offer so much more. This international dating service changes the dating game for those who want more spontaneity in their love life. RedHotPie is an open environment for positive relationships of all forms and expressions. 

Online dating is challenging because people have so many options to choose from, and not everybody on the mainstream dating apps is interested in the same type of relationship – or situationship.

People who are into casual dating can have a difficult time finding a match with the same intentions in the mainstream dating scene. That’s why casual dating platforms like RedHotPie have emerged to unite sex-loving kinksters of all stripes.

RedHotPie offers a sex-positive space for casual dating and chatting.

RedHotPie launched in 2002 to connect like-minded sex partners in a safe and convenient space.

“At RedHotPie we help our users achieve real and meaningful connections with people who are potentially aligned across dozens of data points,” explained a spokesperson for RedHotPie. “But whilst our matchmaking is at the cutting-edge of digital dating technology, it’s just one part of a feature-rich ecosystem that has set RedHotPie apart from its competitors for decades.

RedHotPie is an inclusive and sex-positive dating community that serves singles, couples, triads, queer folks, and everyone in between. No matter how kinky or spicy your dating preferences are, you can do some searching to find a match with similar interests.

As the team told us, “We welcome everyone and work hard to give them an experience that makes their tomorrow even better than today.”

The Dating Service Creates Meaningful Connections 

RedHotPie brings a breath of fresh air to the dating community. Its members can go onto the dating app or site and find a community of people from diverse backgrounds who want to change up their dating routine. This app allows users to be their authentic selves in a space where not only singles but couples are looking for people willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their sexuality. 

RedHotPie gives users a way to connect with each other in fun ways that go beyond simple text threads. The platform offers video chat features so users can meet each other virtually and set the tone before eventually meeting in person. 

Screenshots of RedHotPie
The platform’s social tools include video messaging and media sharing.

The matching algorithm takes a variety of personal factors into consideration to ensure people with similar interests and compatible personalities can meet and build on their chemistry.

Remember RedHotPie is a community as well, and a community wouldn’t be complete without PARTIES! That’s right, RedHotPie allows members to connect with multiple people at once, by alerting members of upcoming parties in their local area. Now you don’t have to stress about where to take them for the first date, let the app do it for you.

“More than a simple swipe and match app, RedHotPie is a dating and social resource featuring staples such as profile browsing and messaging along with a raft of other amazing in-app features such as video messaging, gifting, private galleries, media sharing, chat rooms and forums, parties and event listings, articles, travel listings, competitions and much, much more,” the RedHotPie team told us.

Many of RedHotPie’s features are available for free. The basic membership includes access to the platform’s forums, articles, profiles, public galleries, and comps. Users can remain free members and enjoy these perks as long as they like. Of course, the premium membership is an additional wingman that according to the team “unlocks the full power of the Pie.” RedHotPie’s goal is to give premium subscribers the most bang for their buck.

This dating service changes the swiping scene entirely. Instead of opening an app to look at potential dates, people can now connect with others over different discussion topics. One of the amazing features in RedHotPie are the chat rooms where users can create group chats with other members and discuss hot topics or anything that’s on their mind. The app even offers articles that focus on adult dating life and all sorts of topics that will have users typing away all day to get their opinion in!

Proactive Safety Measures to Protect User Privacy 

There’s always that dark side of dating apps, and it can be sad when you’re just looking for a good time, but others may not have positive intentions. The good news is RedHotPie developers are on top of this and enforce online security in the sex community.

RedHotPie requires users to authenticate themselves through the app and through other members. The last thing you need to think about is whether the person you’re so excited to meet is actually a robot or a scammer. With the validation system in place, you can find comfort in knowing there are real people out there who understand how you feel.

RedHotPie screenshots
Safety measures on RedHotPie keep users from falling for a fake profile.

“We work tirelessly on this front with a large team of moderation and support staff hunting down any fakes of flakes before they can reach our genuine users,” the spokesperson explained. “Not only are we proactive in detecting and removing any nefarious profiles, we also offer a verification service for members to prove their identity and receive a status badge on their profile.”

RedHotPie also offers member-to-member validation after two people have connected on the platform and met in real life. This organic system further ensures that real people win out on this dating platform.

The team told us the member-to-member validation has been a huge success so far, and the team has plans to refine and expand it to further bolster trust and security online.

“Beyond that we have easily accessible reporting and blocking features, along with a suite of interfaces that promote consent around messaging and media sharing for senders and recipients,” RedHotPie’s spokesperson said. “RedHotPie is a place where consenting members can express themselves fully, to achieve this we work hard to make our members feel safe and supported.” 

It’s a relief knowing that the team behind the RedHotPie site and app is dedicated to helping users feel safe. In a world where hate can become common and overwhelming, this app emphasizes love, choice, and freedom for all, no matter the connection. 

The RedHotPie team prioritizes making sure members are welcomed in a loving and positive environment free from judgment. The app is all-inclusive, ensuring that everyone, no matter how they identify, can find a space to be themselves and find a like-minded partner. 

The spokesperson told us RedHotPie has seen tons of success stories over the years, including numerous weddings. “We’re always thrilled to hear people have simply found something to make their life better, be it someone to chat to, a casual companion, someone to help them bring a fantasy to life, or indeed a life partner,” he said. “Whatever kind of connection you can think of, RedHotPie has helped make it happen for people.”

RedHotPie Pushes the Boundaries of Digital Dating 

RedHotPie is revolutionary in the dating world today, making a impact on online daters looking for sexual experiences that are genuine and fun. A person can break boundaries by downloading the app to explore diverse options without the pressures of fitting into society’s mold. The space and community RedHotPie offers is open to anything. Singles and couples can make of it whatever they want –  the choices are endless and the fun is waiting. 

“RHP has allowed me to meet with some amazing guys, couples and girls. The very best adult dating site I’ve used.” Said BlondeAmelia, RedHotPie user

Many members have given overwhelming positive reviews on how flexible this app is to its users and community. Now is the time where you can find your niche too. 

“If you’re not on RedHotPie already, then it’s the biggest party you’re missing out on! Our members are real, the connections are genuine, and there’s truly something for everyone,” said the RedHotPie team. “Come join the RedHotPie party!”